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Who hasn't dreamed of it: just put all your clothes, shoes and small stuff in a cupboard, close the door and everything is wonderfully tidy. The clever designer Hosun Ching brings us a big step closer to this dream with his "Walk-in Closet". And when you take a closer look at this closet, you immediately think why you didn't come up with it yourself. Which, in turn, is always the formula for timeless good design.
But let's take a closer look at the closet. If it is closed, one does not yet suspect what a sophisticated interior this piece of furniture hides. And yet the simple oak cabinet with its brass handles is already an eye-catcher. Especially the angled foundation of the cupboard and the two wheels on the doors that help to open this magic cupboard.
When you open one of the doors, you realize what a jewel this wardrobe is. Hosun Ching integrates everything that other shelves, clothes rails and chests of drawers need into a single piece of furniture. At the centre of the cupboard, there are poles for hanging clothes, generous shelves, also for bags and boots, as well as practical drawers. The top drawer again shows love for detail. Its glass lid makes it a showcase for accessories such as watches, glasses and jewellery.
The left and right-wing doors then contain the shoe compartments and even more space for folded items. The wardrobe becomes a miniature dressing room thanks to the two mirrors integrated into the doors.

Last but not least, there are two beautiful design details: on the one hand, the coloured hem along the edges and the halogen lighting, which sets discreet but effective highlights. As the wardrobe is custom-made, it is precisely with these details that you can express your wishes. As you can see in the pictures, the cabinet has a completely different look simply by choosing the colour on the edges.

The Italian production of the cabinet can be ordered from Interior Design Studio Leclettico and Bathroom Easy.

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