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No room for the daily grind - but big enough for a colourful sit-in with friends. This oversized seat pouffe is the new darling of the love designs editorial team.
Windmill - from La Cividina and the pen of Constance Guisset - is a real cheerful nature among the seating landscapes.
The fresh combinations of brilliant colours or tone-in-tone variations underline the freedom of sitting. And with two different sizes, the right lounge feeling is also provided. How big can it be? XL with a diameter of 110cm and 12 colour facets or better XXL with 180cm diameter and 16colours?

In addition to its round shape, its sloping plane is particularly inviting - each colour segment has a different height so that you can lounge wonderfully in this rainbow. And also the small version - usable as a stool or side furniture - is with 60cm width and 8 colour nuances ideal for all who still lack a colour kick in the room. Built from a wooden frame and non-deformable PU foam, this series of round, curved and upholstered elements is a pure invitation to casual, dynamic sitting.
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Top 5 Benefits of Using Aeron Office Chair
Anyone who has endured sitting for long hours on an uncomfortable office chair will know the pain that a poorly designed seating can inflict on the back and in turn, the entire body. Therefore it is vital to invest in ergonomics, especially when work calls for long sitting hours in front of a desk or a computer. The Aeron Chair is regarded as one of the best office chair designs of all-time, offering many incredible benefits to users, not the least of which is comfort and safety. Here are the reasons why you should choose Aeron office chair as your go-to office seating: 1. Comfort – The first thing you want in an office furniture is comfort, especially when it is a chair, you’ll spend hours sitting on. Sitting upright all day can take a toll on your muscles and joints. Sitting can likewise affect the quality of your circulation, which can have detrimental effects on your overall health. It can cause fatigue and many other issues stemming from back strain and sedentary work. The Aeron Chair is designed to provide utmost comfort to the user, offering great ergonomics that alleviates the effects of back strain and provide ultimate comfort so you can stay relaxed even when working continuously. 2. Support – The Aeron office chair is a revolutionary design that ensures the perfect combination of comfort and support. It provides enough back, lumbar, and shoulder support, while evenly distributing your weight to take undue strain off the spine and the back muscles. 3. Overall look – The Aeron chair is also praised for its style and distinctive look. It has always been an interior design sensation, able to complement almost any office space, without compromising on comfort, function, and ergonomics. 4. Durability – When it comes to quality and durability, the Aeron office chair proves to be one of the most reliable and durable designs in the market, guaranteeing long-term stability even with daily wear and abuse. 5. Sustainability – Built by one of America’s eminent manufacturers of fine furniture, the Aeron chair also doesn’t compromise on environmental sustainability, being made out of materials that ensure little to no harm to the environment, while using techniques and processes that strive to leave as little carbon foot print as possible. Aeron office chairs are thriving in many workplace settings due to their ergonomic and stylish design as well as their commitment to health, safety, and environmental sustainability. About the Author: Herman Miller Furniture (India) Pvt Ltd is a furniture development company known for creating several award-winning designs and technologies for use in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and more. The company has an over 100-year track record of offering innovative and practical solutions to furnish living spaces with functional and chic furniture pieces that ooze of style. Herman Miller has also been named by Fortune as the ‘Most Admired’ enterprises in the industry in 2010, which is just one of the many feathers to its cap.
Furniture Styles: The Most Important Furniture Styles At A Glance
Every detail of an apartment should be right, so the furniture styles should be coordinated with accessories and vice versa. The following overview will help you to find your individual style of living. . Furniture Styles For Connoisseurs: That's Why Style Is Important Many people like a chest of drawers in one style, the wardrobe in another furniture style. The armchair and table are once again from a different epoch and the living room (or any other room) looks as if it has been thrown together freely. This may seem as if the owner of the apartment had bought something at the flea market or wanted to accommodate various pieces of furniture from inheritances. The whole thing has neither hand nor foot and no concrete style can be recognized. What a pity, because most furniture only really comes into its own when it is among its peers. Farmer's furniture in the kitchen should also be accompanied by a showcase or sideboard, while furniture from the Wilhelminian period, on the other hand, other pieces of furniture of this style want to know next to themselves. Only pieces of furniture that are coordinated with each other have a harmonious effect and create a pleasant overall impression. It is, of course, possible to deliberately break with the style and use furniture from a completely different epoch. Here, however, it must become clear that this one piece of furniture was deliberately chosen in such a way as to prevent the impression of wildly composed furniture. A distinction must be made between wonderful furniture styles for each apartment and different surface structures. There is furniture whose surface has been treated so that a modern sideboard becomes a vintage or shabby chic chest of drawers. Almost all pieces of furniture can be treated in this way, but they still originate from a certain period. The exact time of origin can be determined on the basis of various criteria. It can be that the fittings and ornaments are specially designed, carvings or inlays can be found. It is not always possible to assign styles one hundred per cent, because furniture designers have also developed further within an epoch and transferred their own preferences to their pieces of furniture. The furniture styles presented in the following are therefore only rough clues or styles that have turned out to be generally valid. In between there are overlaps of styles and the pieces of furniture are provided with elements from other epochs. Furniture Styles: Short Overview Of The Most Important Styles At this point you will find a selection of furniture styles as they are known today and are still used primarily for the interior design of houses and apartments: Gothic Pieces of furniture in Gothic style date from the years 1140 to 1500, the parts were less massive and much finer than in the previous Romanesque period. They have carved, painted and pierced surfaces that are reminiscent of Gothic architecture with its various pillars and vaults. At the same time, Gothic furniture is quite comfortable and even has several functions: Tables have folding tops and can, therefore, be used as desks. At the time, cupboards had drawers and chairs with backrests for the back and arms. Renaissance The Renaissance came from Italy and followed the Gothic period. These pieces of furniture reveal the search for beautiful and artistic forms, which can also be found in the architecture of this period and in sculpture. Beds and chests with pedestals, reliefs and carved figures are only a few of the features of the furniture of this period. All in all, the furniture from the Renaissance is rather classic and clear, the proportions are balanced. Baroque The Baroque period began around 1575 when the first sofas and chests of drawers were put up, together with pillar mirrors and sideboards. The typically curved lines, extensive gilding and carvings are typical of the Baroque period, in addition, there were various decorative elements such as putti, fruit, flowers and garlands. Furniture for everyday use was rather reserved, luxury furniture for the high rulers was ostentatiously to splendidly designed. Even today they are known as "Louis IV furniture". Rococo In the late Baroque period, the Rococo was created as a furniture style by Louis XV. Shell ornaments, gilded and carved, as well as ornaments and lines, which were characterized above all by their asymmetries, were common practice. The legs of tables and chairs present themselves with the typical S lines, sometimes C lines are also common. The secretaries and desks, which are still widely used today, originate from this period and appear massive and elegant at the same time. Biedermeier Era Furniture styles such as the Biedermeier are still widespread today and enjoy great popularity even in modern times. They are characterised by their clear forms, which are based on classicism. The wood speaks literally, my admirers of this style. It shows a typical grain, is provided with special joints and presents itself in the shellac treatment with high gloss. Wilhelminian Period The Gründerzeit is set from 1860 to 1895, so this epoch is not really long. The pieces of furniture from this period are presented in various forms, including neo-Gothic and neo-Baroque styles. In this time different styles were combined with each other with pleasure. Art Nouveau At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, Art Nouveau was established, characterised by its curvilinear lines and asymmetrical ornaments. Various motifs adorn the furniture, especially tendrils and flowers. Art and craftsmanship were combined and the Art Nouveau furnishing became a contrast to the Art Deco, which was also widespread and was characterised by industrial production processes. The individual furniture styles intertwine and become blurred. Modern manufacturers use several different styles and at the same time come up with their own creations that are based on earlier models. One example of this is farm furniture, which should always have a slightly antique look. They are made of solid wood, appear rather massive and large. They are suitable for high and large rooms and can have different decorations. At the same time, some farm furniture stands on pedestals and thus also incorporates elements from the Renaissance style. They can be found in apartments and houses, which are furnished in the current modern country house style. Different Furniture Styles: Antique Or Not Antique, That's The Question Here. It is hardly possible to define the furniture styles of the different epochs so concretely that no overlaps are possible and that there can be no confusion. However, the criteria mentioned above provide an approximate guide for the classification. Rather, the question today is whether the pieces of furniture are antique or whether they are just "made old". Some may say that this makes no difference, as long as the pieces of furniture look like antique objects. Real connoisseurs naturally protest here and only want real antiques. Unfortunately, the counterfeits on the market are now so good that they are difficult to distinguish from real antique furniture. From a legal point of view, pieces of furniture that are at least 100 years old are considered antique objects. However, not all pieces with this age have a real collector's value. They must be well preserved or well restorable and above all rare. Today, many furniture styles are copied by machine, with antiques at the top of the list of counterfeiters. Modern techniques and technologies make this possible, but much to the chagrin of collectors and antique dealers. Some characteristics, however, allow even a layman to conclude whether it is a genuine antique or an object that was not made purely by hand at least 100 years ago: - sharp corners and edges: More recently, since antique furniture is soft and rounded, edges are individually finished and not uniform. - smooth saw surfaces: Mostly by using a circular saw, piece of furniture must have been made after 1840. - Smooth edges: Also caused by the use of an electric saw. - thin veneer: modern piece of furniture, earlier veneers were much thicker than today's - smooth cones, decorations and dovetails: modern piece of furniture, antique decorations are far more uneven and rougher - "new look": pieces of furniture without signs of wear mostly originate from more recent times Of course, all these points can only be an indication of possible modern manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, contemporary apartments also like to have Shabby Chic furniture, which was subsequently patinated and wormed to create an antique impression. But such furnishing styles differ from antique furniture styles and can easily be seen through by a connoisseur. In general, it is advisable to rely on the expertise of an expert when buying antiques. If you are looking for antiques yourself, you will be able to find advice and assistance in the relevant books, but this is no substitute for the expert knowledge gained during the inspection. In addition, knowledge of different furniture styles is a prerequisite, so counterfeits are also easier to detect. Read more: How To Choose Bathroom Furniture Upgrading Storage And Furniture Cabinet Hardware Convert An Antique Piece Of Furniture Into A Bathroom Vanity Masterpiece Wooden Furniture Four Ways To Maximise Your Storage
All You Need to Know About Custom Exterior Wood Doors
There may be a lot of options for exterior doors these days, but nothing beats the beauty and elegance of custom wood exterior doors. Beautifully made exterior wood doors are timeless and can be tailored to suit any home. When you have them customized by seasoned craftspeople, you can be sure that they will be durable and made of only the best materials that will last for generations. Here are some of the other things you must know about these custom wood entry doors: Only high-quality wood is used – Custom wood exterior doors are typically made of cherry, red oak, quarter sawed white oak, and mahogany, but some specialists can go beyond those materials if you want your door to have a more unique character. Only solid wood is used by seasoned craftspeople to ensure the highest-quality and durability for generations. Engineered wood or solid wood panels are avoided to ensure a genuine look and feel to the product. Fully customizable – Customizations are not limited to the size, design, and type of wood. They encompass the square corner hinges, which can be finished in brass, black, satin nickel, or ORB. Exterior pre-hung wood doors have an adjustable mahogany threshold. You can have your door made with a jamb width and swing function, too. Reasonably priced – Custom wood entry doors may be tailored carefully to your requirements and preferred style, and built with genuine solid wood, but when you work with the right craftspeople, they are assured to be reasonably priced. They can be cost-effective in the long run, too, as they are durable and will require minimal maintenance or servicing on your part, so you can save time, money, and effort. High-quality exterior wood doors should increase the value of your home, and when finished properly, they should last for a lifetime. Handcrafted – High-quality custom wood exterior doors are handcrafted by talented Americans. Skilled craftspeople carefully handpick the right pieces of wood to create the best product. The doors are a natural insulator – Exterior wood doors, wood exterior doors work like natural insulators, making them suitable for green homes. This means that they can contribute to an energy efficient household, too, as they may help curb your cooling and heating expenses.
A Blissful Place for Manga Lovers!
For the longest time I only have one reason for visiting Japan. Nope, it's not for food. Nope, it's not for fashion. Yes. It's for hot spring! I may look an average 20 something gal but I'm a grandma at heart. I've been told that many times because of my peculiar lifestyle. I love jacuzzi and hot spring is one of the thing I've always wanted to try after watching dramas that features this fabulous chamber. Even though I really wanted to visit Japan I didn't think hot spring would justify the trip because Taiwan also have hot spring. The ticket and accommodation in Taiwan is more budget-friendly than Japan. It was not until today I found another reason to go visit Japan. Books & Bed This concept is really intriguing. Though, I don't openly express it, I'm a manga girl at heart. Throw me in a room with a bunch of manga and I will be more than happy to read them. This is place is truly a gem for book lovers and someone who appreciates minimal architect. At Book and Bed Hostel you get a beautiful view of the city at night and get unlimited access to book in their library until your eyes become drowsy. The industrial interior design is filled with cement walls, wooden bookshelves and wooden single beds. Obviously, it's not a place for you to get a comfy pillow and cozy bed. If you are solo or duo traveler, this is the type of place that will bring you a blissful evening. What more do you want from a short vacation getaway than a place to sleep and get inspired? Anyone else feel the same way?
Numerous Advantages of Modular Office Furniture
An excellent way to customize spaces, investing in modular office furniture is also a practical means to take care of your office’s workspace requirements. Businesses gearing up for expansion or those looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity can take advantage of modular workspaces that offer extreme flexibility in terms of features and configurations. Updating your office space is a key to encouraging drive among employees while maintaining their health and safety in the workplace. If you are looking for workspace furniture options for your growing business, companies offering office furniture online can help you find the perfect units you can invest in. If you are still not convinced about the value of these office additions, below are even more advantages to choosing office furniture online for some low-cost workplace remodeling: • Low cost – Perhaps budget is a great place to start when it comes to the best benefits of modular office furniture. These office furnishing options check the affordability box, which is often a critical concern for small businesses trying to expand operations. While customizing an ergonomic design and contracting furniture modular office units will not only be cheaper, but will save you a great deal of time and effort, as these furniture units cost less to manufacture and require less time to produce, assemble and set up. • Flexible – The modular nature of these office furniture pieces makes them extremely flexible, especially for dynamic industries where workstations require versatility. Modular office furniture allows infinite possibilities when it comes to planning workspaces as well as changing office layouts and maximizing the available floor space. They come with detachable components and add-on features, which help users transform units into more functional or perhaps a more flexible workspace. • Portable – Modular furniture pieces designed for office use are also designed for easy dismantling and transport. This portability gives way to easier business expansion, if your business need to move bases or you require additional workstations for incoming employees. Piecing components together is just as easy as taking them down, as these furniture pieces are designed for DIY ease and flexibility. • Replaceable – Modular office furniture is also designed for durability. Just the same, it will not be difficult to find replacement components for worn out or missing parts due to constant moving around, transport, and disassembly.
Lazy Day Hammock Chair - DIY
There is nothing like sitting around on a lazy day doing nothing--in a cozy hammock chair! I love this idea from A Beautiful Mess which shows how to make this thing in one lazy afternoon. Supplies Needed: -1 1/4" x 3' oak dowel (oak is a hard wood and considered safer than poplar for supporting weight. Also, I had mine cut to 3') -3/8" x 16' braided polypropylene (get this by the foot) -2 yards of plain canvas -80mm stainless steel spring snap link (holds up to 220 lbs) -3/16" stainless steel quick link (holds up to 660 lbs) -black fabric paint (my acrylic paint is fabric friendly) -paint brush Tools: -drill and 3/8" drill bit -sewing machine -iron and ironing board -shears -ruler -lighter Step One: Fold your two yards of canvas in half and lay flat with the fold on the left as shown. Measure in about 7" from the top right edge and mark. I cut mine about 12" in, and it was a bit too much, so I'm suggesting 7". Using a yard stick or ruler, draw a line from that top mark to the bottom right corner, and cut through both pieces. Open your canvas. Step Two: Fold your top edge down 1/2" and iron flat. Then fold it in again 1/2" and iron flat. Pin and stitch the bottom of the fold as shown above. Repeat with the long bottom edge. Step Three: Flip your canvas 90 degrees to the left so that the longest edge is on the right. You're going to create pockets for the rope to slide through on each side. Fold each corner in about 1 1/2" and iron flat. Then fold the unhemmed top edge in 1/2" and iron flat. Step Four: Fold again 1 1/2" and iron flat. Step Five: Stitch two lines along the bottom folded edge as shown. Reinforce your beginning and ending with back stitches. Repeat with other side. Step Six: Make a mark 2" and 4" in from both ends of your dowel, and drill through. Sand your rough edges and stain if you'd like. I chose to leave mine natural. Step Seven: Place your canvas on a large sheet of cardboard, and paint your design on one side. Let it dry, and then paint a design on the other side (optional). If you're using printed fabric, be sure it's upholstery weight or outdoor fabric to ensure its strength. Step Eight: Tie a knot at one end of your 16' rope so that there is about 3" of a tail. Melt the end so it won't fray. Thread it down through the outer hole of your oak dowel and up from the widest corner of one side of your canvas seat to the narrow corner of the top. Then tie a knot about 3' from your first knot, and thread it up into the oak dowel. Continue to thread it down into the hole 4" from the other edge, and measure 3' from the loose end, and tie a loose knot. Thread it down through the other canvas pocket and back up through the last hole before tying a knot with a 3" tail. If your two sides aren't even, adjust your knots before pulling them tight. Step Nine: Find the center of the rope above your dowel, and tie a knot with about 8"-10" of room above it. Attach your spring link, and then your quick link, and finally hang it on a hook screwed safely into a ceiling beam or large tree branch. Be sure to adjust all of your knots to make sure the seat sits evenly. Test it out by hanging on it before sitting in it to make sure everything is secure. For more lazy 'round the house ideas to do now and during the Fall season, click here!
Buy High Quality Custom Screen Doors to Make Your Home More Beautiful and Functional
Changing weathers make screen doors practical investments. You can order custom screen doors with removable screen inserts that are easy to replace with Plexiglas storm inserts to make your home ready for both the hot and cold months. These doors are not only practical—they can also be beautiful. Vintage-looking custom screen doors, screen door with pet door that are made of solid wood are some of the best choices out there, as they can give your home an inimitable warmth and elegance that comes from genuine wood. Use screens for the summer Having a custom screen door can help you save money on your cooling bills when temperatures rise. It’s a great way to keep your home cooler and consistently cut costs. With a solid wood screen door, you can allow air to circulate around your living space while maintaining your home’s privacy. Switch to a snow insert for the colder months As temperatures dip and snow starts to fall, it’s important to make sure that your home can properly protect you and your family from the harsh elements. Switching from a screen to a Plexiglass storm insert is one way to do this, turning your screen door into a snow door instantly. Your snow door can protect your exterior entry door while increasing the energy efficiency of your home by serving as a buffer or barrier between the cold outside and your space. Enjoy the many benefits of custom screen doors Aside from helping regulate the temperature of your home throughout the year, screen/storm doors also add an additional level of security to your property. These extra barriers often discourage thieves from breaking and entering. A custom screen/snow door can also be made with its own locks, so you can lock it and your main entry door for additional safety. What’s more, a beautiful custom snow door made of solid wood can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal. Be sure to order your door from a trusted maker that is known for its incredible craftsmanship. The best ones pride themselves on using traditional mortise and tenon joinery. They offer many different vintage-inspired designs, so you will surely find a door that complements your home’s architectural style and overall look. Almost every aspect of the door can be customized to your preferences and requirements. About the Author: This article was written by Ryan Demick associated with YesterYear’s Vintage Doors, LLC is a trustable name in door and porch manufacturers. They are providing their services since 1990 and making the finest quality door’s like screen doors, porch panels, wood doors, panel doors, pet gates, dutch doors etc the company prefers historical accuracy and craftsmanship over mass production.
Hướng dẫn cơ bản về các loại gỗ khác nhau cho nội thất
Đồ nội thất bằng gỗ tự nhiên luôn được xem là điển hình của sự sang trọng và giản dị. Nhiều người thích đồ nội thất gỗ tự nhiên làm cho toàn bộ ngôi nhà trở nên sang trọng hơn, nhưng hầu hết mọi người không chắc chắn loại gỗ nào là tốt nhất cho đồ nội thất. Gỗ tự nhiên được chia thành 2 loại: gỗ mềm như gỗ thông và gỗ cứng như gỗ sồi và gỗ óc chó. Những loại gỗ này được phân biệt bởi màu sắc và các đường vân đặc biệt của chúng, trong khi một số có nút gỗ làm cho chúng độc đáo. Gỗ mềm có màu nhạt hơn trong khi gỗ cứng thường tối hơn và có giá cao hơn. Tuy nhiên, cả 2 loại gỗ đều phổ biến như nhau cho đồ nội thất. Có rất nhiều loại gỗ khác nhau cho đồ nội thất chúng ta sẽ khám phá những loại gỗ phổ biến nhất được sử dụng cho đồ nội thất. 1. Gỗ óc chó Gỗ óc chó là một loại gỗ cứng có sức mạnh tốt và độ bền cao. Màu sắc của nó từ màu nâu phong phú, màu nâu sô cô la đến màu nâu nhạt hơn vì chúng chỉ có thể được lấy từ phần bên ngoài của cây. Gỗ cứng thẳng, rất tốt để chạm khắc và thường được sử dụng để làm bàn, ghế chắc chắn, và đồ nội thất trang trí công phu. Nó cũng dễ dàng để đánh bóng và chống mối mọt, cong vênh. Xem thêm: Sofa gỗ hiện đại 2. Gỗ cao su Gỗ cao su là một mặt hàng chủ lực cho tất cả các nhà sản xuất đồ nội thất. Gỗ được xử lý bằng hóa chất bảo quản gỗ trước khi sử dụng. Kết quả là, nó tồn tại lâu hơn rất nhiều so với các loại gỗ cứng khác, gần như miễn nhiễm với các cuộc tấn công của nấm. Gỗ cao su không thích hợp để sử dụng ngoài trời vì mưa làm mất tác dụng của các hóa chất bảo vệ, nó hoàn hảo cho đồ nội thất trong nhà! 3. Gỗ sồi Gỗ sồi là một loại gỗ cứng nặng được biết đến với các dấu gỗ nổi bật và các vòng đặc biệt, cũng như độ bền và sức mạnh của nó. Đồ nội thất gỗ sồi có hai màu: gỗ sồi đỏ có màu nâu nhạt với tông màu đỏ và gỗ sồi trắng có màu nâu nhạt với các hạt màu vàng. Xem thêm: Sofa gỗ sồi Nga Gỗ sồi thường được biết đến với bề mặt cực kỳ sạch sẽ, có khả năng chống sốc tốt. Gỗ sồi là một lựa chọn gỗ phổ biến cho đồ nội thất cỡ nhỏ đến trung bình như bàn ghế. Với sự bảo trì thích hợp, đồ nội thất gỗ sồi có thể tồn tại cho ngôi nhà của bạn trong nhiều thế hệ. 4. Gỗ Tro Gỗ tro có khá nhiều loài, trong đó hai loại phổ biến nhất là trắng và đen. Hầu hết mọi người coi gỗ tro là một thay thế giá cả phải chăng hơn so với gỗ sồi vì chất lượng thẩm mỹ của nó gần như giống hệt nhau. Nếu bạn thích đồ nội thất có màu sắc mạnh mẽ, đồ nội thất bằng gỗ tro là hoàn hảo vì nó có thể có màu sắc đẹp trong khi vẫn duy trì vẻ ngoài của hạt, gỗ. Đồ nội thất gỗ tự nhiên luôn được ưa chuộng vì sự sang trọng và vẻ đẹp của nó. Mỗi loại mang những đặc điểm riêng biệt có thể bổ sung cho bất kỳ thiết kế nhà. Đầu tư vào đồ nội thất gỗ chất lượng cao có thể giúp bạn sử dụng được qua nhiều thế hệ.