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Add some bling to those party heels of yours for that extra spark! Theres no need to shop for new pairs, here's an easy way to add those jewel stones to your heels.

You’ll need:

A pair of High Heels 40-50 large and medium multi-shaped rhinestones 30-40 small round rhinestones Super Glue Tweezers Small dish or container Toothpicks

Step 1:

Squeeze some glue into a small dish or container. Pick up one of the larger rhinestones with the tweezers, dip the backside into the glue.

Step 2:

Press the stone into the top of the center of the heel. Add several other large stones around the top, gradually working your way down to the middle of the heel with smaller stones.

Step 3:

Lastly, go back and add small round stones in bare spots.

Tip: the smaller round stones will require the tiniest bit of glue. Dip a toothpick into the glue, dab it onto the backside of the stone and apply to the shoe.
This is really easy to put together! All I need is pick up some jewels from Michaels.
@stargaze thrift shop or flea market also have unique jewels.
I never gave so much attention to the hind side decoration of heels. This card opened my eyes to know how it could make your heels look so awesome. Thanks!