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Lee Yeon Hee made a guest appearance on the January 8 installment of MBC's 'Radio Star' and talked about dating. As an actress signed under SM Entertainment, she talked about the company's viewpoint when it comes to celebrities dating. Lee Yeon Hee said, "The company has a lot of complaints. They allow dating, but they tell us cryptically not to be discovered." MC Kyuhyun, also under SM Entertainment, jokingly added, "They're telling us that if we were to date, we should not meet up." The MCs then asked the actress whether she felt any envy towards YoonA for her recently publicized relationship with Lee Seung Gi. Lee Yeon Hee responded, "It's not like they revealed their relationship because they wanted to, right? I think it's cool. I even feel like the trend is now changing." Most likely, she is talking about the trend in which celebrities try their best to hide and deny relationships and/or the fans are more accepting. Kyuhyun said, "This is because Lee Yeon Hee is not dating," to which she replied informally, "How do you know?" to everyone's amusement.