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WTF happened to the little girl next door ... Guess she not "Eun-Sang" in real life ... LOL n she's trying to shed a "goody-two-shoes" image n pronto!!
Too revealing is whay American actresses wear. I think she looks beautiful and womanly.
Park Shin Hye has the right to dress how ever she wants. It might not even be her picking out what she wears it's probably her cordinator or the company she's signed under. She works hard enough. Everyone has the right to dress however. Leave her alone.
i think the dress is pretty but maybe it is a bit too revealing~ and def agree with @proatbeingninja
I don't like her stylist don't know what fit her well coz she has a feminine body better than other Korean actress but her stylist don't show that well. But I don't like this dress only focusing to show one thing
Oh okay c:
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