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Rain made fans smile with an adorable selca with Choo Sung Hoon's lovable daughter Choo Sa Rang! Rain also seems to be a fan of 'Superman is Back' as he tweeted, "I got to meet the chic girl that I like so much~ Please look forward to my comeback show with this girl today keke She likes LAsong a lot hehe Today on 'M! Countdown' ~~." Rain and Choo Sa Rang looked like big brother and baby sister with their cute smiles and Rain's baby face in the selca made it hard to believe that he's in his thirties.
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im able to be, his baby feel really happy..
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look at the adorable smile on their facessss Choo Sarang is like the cutest baby EVER
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I though the baby was Rain's !!! Thank god!
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@mikyung0412 Actually I thought the same hahahaha
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