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Tinder Clone For X App Script

The digital world has been playing an essential role in our life. The technology around makes our life more simplified than before. Dating industry users technology and reaches people all around. On that Tinder goes popular because of its gamification swiping functionality and grab the People's attention.

You may have thought to do popular business like Tinder? For your immediate startup get a clone script from expert. It is better than to develop a product from underneath is a massive process. So move forward with Tinder clone.

What is Tinder clone?

Tinder clone is build up with the resemblance of Tinder functions, features and design The clone product working process is exactly like Tinder. Let's move on to it,

The first process multiple signup/login with Facebook account or phone number.

The login code is generated to enter the app.

The user need to fill the profile details and can set the app setting for their convenient.

After that app display the folks around user surrounding will displayed.

If the user likes the displayed profile then swipe right.

If the user dislikes the displayed pic then swipe left namely “nope” then the profile will never shown to the user.

If both users swipe right then potential match is made.

Suppose the profile is more attractive the displayed picture is likes so much by the user then the user can give “super like” by tapping blue star icon or swiping up their profile.

Extra features for generating revenue:-

If the user unfortunately swipe left (i.e “Nope”) but the user get attractive to their profile then use rewind option to see the swiped profile.

The boost option is introduced to place the profile at the top for 30 minutes in their surrounding area.

Some functionality like boost, rewind, location change, block ads are comes under subscription plans.

Business owners can use this work flow in various business models. Our Tinder clone script can be easily customisable, that it adapt your business idea.
Our team structure the app based on comfort zone and fit for on-demand business. Some of the services like

Tinder clone for X app script:-

Tinder clone for Event management
Tinder clone for Beauty parlour
Tinder clone for Boutique
Tinder clone for Real Estate
Tinder clone for Job search
Tinder clone for Pet adaptation or pet sales
Tinder clone for House rent

Our Tinder clone exists in web, iOS & Android apps. We will make the same things for Tinder clone X app script also. our developer expert customize as per clients wish also. Hopefully, I believe this blog is informative.

Thanks for reading this blog. Meet you soon as our client.

For any queries feel free to contact us: or tap on
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