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Writing a document with an appropriate sentence structure and grammar was a real task in the previous days. Students used to revise their grammatical rules before doing any assignment or essay. However, nowadays people are not making this effort due to the various software and applications for spellcheck and grammar. In the past days, the only and authentic way to review the overall document was through the Microsoft Word feature of reviewing the document by spelling & grammar.

Since the birth of Grammarly things took a complete turn in the field of writing. People are now careless about their work as they know that this software will discard all the errors and grammatical mistakes. Although it makes the necessary corrections, along with that it makes a lot of other alterations that completely changes the meaning and purpose of the document. The errors pointed out by Grammarly are mostly irrelevant as its a software that only judges a document according to what it was designed. Specifically, in the field of content writing and academic writing, this software is nothing but a key to spoil the document and disappoint the reader or the client.

When a writer uses the SEO keyword often in the document, it changes it as according to this software frequently used words must be changed in order to provide diversity to the document. People are actually blindfolded by this software as they use it to check the documents provided by the online writing service companies. They point out mistakes that are not even errors according to the rules of grammar and the client without even revising, complains the company about the writer. This software directly attacks the reputation of an individual as well as the writer; many academic and content writers lost their jobs just because of Grammarly.

People depict the sense of an illiterate when they completely rely on this software. They place an order of their assignment or essay and provide a clear description that write my essay and send it along with the Grammarly proofread file. Hence in order to avoid all the hassle, it's better to disregard Grammarly and make the appropriate changes after proofreading on your own.
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