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Top Places To Visit In Thailand

so if you click this video I believe you,have a plan,having the vacation or somehow do the,getaway in Thailand so if you have a,plan to visit Thailand soon here is the,video for you do you want scenery like,this if you do krabi is the place to go,and we will show you what to do and,where to go and the top things to see in,Krabi Thailand crappy so crappy is one,of the most relaxing province in,Thailand that we really love it has one,of the most unforgettable limestone,mountains you will ever see and,especially in the morning when you go,out you see Vizcaya Ville it's amazing,then what we will cover though will be,categorized by two main things so,basically we will tell you where to go,what to see what to do in Krabi itself,and also another thing the second thing Thailand Packages ,is what you can do by doing island,hopping what is close to crappie that,you can access directly from karate,itself,and still is the island belongs to the,clong Tom hotsprings long Tom long,tongue Oh,Greek long basically mean canal okay,kinda is gorgeous,it is set directly inside this,rainforest setting
so the good part of,this hot spring is that it's set as the,good sheet is the jacuzzi type bath that,is perfect for sharing with a bunch of,people like me my dad and I went and it,is filled with fresh flowing water that,is so warm and so refreshing so,basically this fresh hot water is,actually not like a man-made thing or no,love from the trowel so basically it,come from the volcanic chambers and the,water is heated from the volcanic,chambers in the ground yes so the,temperature would be about 40 degrees,Celsius and actually is also contained,the mineral salt so it's really healthy,and good for your skin yeah a couple,things that is so beneficial from this,mineral size that it can help in your,heartbeat red and things as well there's,actually warning signs that if you have,heart problems and things like that,don't stay in the water too long and if,you do get too warm in the hot springs,right below the hot springs is a fresh,creek bed and river so you can just,climb
out of the hot springs at the,bottom and you can just jump and swim in,the super cool and refreshing room and,when you feel satisfied with the cold,water you get back in the hot springs,clump up to the hot springs but actually,surprisingly the water is actually so,clear the raft is so small so you don't,have to worry about wearing bringing the,water shoes because you are afraid of,the rocks that gonna cut you I would,actually read this one like 505 it's,really refreshing really nice so next,thing that we will recommend you to go,to see,do is actually not so far from the hot,spring at all we highly suggest hitting,both in one day so if you're gonna go to,the hot springs make sure you go to the,Emerald fool because they're equal,distance outside of krabi town just take,a day trip and have both of them so we,talked about the hot spring earlier this,is now we gonna talk about measure of,spring emerald so this one in time you,will hear tiny will call it's not,moderate or so stop I mean who America,mean emerald,so this one is standing because when the,Sun hover up the pond or the field when,the Sun is directly above the the water,it just gives the most beautiful colors,yes so the shape making no mean on that,color of the water change and is so,clear so blue like it's unreal you would,probably think somebody put some,chemical in it that it's not and because,the water is fresh from the limestone,mountains above it stays this perfect,warm temperature and you can actually,open your eyes underwater oh and see,directly through the water it doesn't,mean anything,oh you did that and also not only the,benefit from getting into the pool,itself but also along the way it needs,you to actually trekking through the,jungle so they have two paths they have,a bridge path that goes through the,jungle to the right which is a little,bit longer but more scenic and then they,have the stone road path which they use,for all the cars and stuff to go back,and forth for the Park Rangers and the,people running the heart oh so beautiful,as well yeah just as beautiful and along,the way,sound of the crickets yourself pretty,very more it's really crazy,the sound is to make the south it's,amazing our Long Beach so basically this,one is actually for me I would say it's,more for people who have like one day a,couple days very limited time in Krabi,Wow int I mean Bay so basically here is,right by the beach it's not actually,like one of the most beautiful beaches,but still you have everything you need,there yeah,so you can see the wheel of the longtail,boat it is so unique with the limestone,mountains in the background of course,and the color of the sea water is not,that bad actually it's the pool not the,bluest but it is still very but there,you can still feel the blue and also the,sand is actually twice out it's not -,why so actually as you can see in the,morning people are doing running doing,jumping along a beach here and there are,a lot of people a lot of local actually,love to grab some breakfast from the,street and then it brings it on the,beach yeah so now another reason why you,should definitely check out now is,because sometimes when you are in Russia,thinking where to buy the souvenir stuff,there are plenty plenty plenty of chops,I mean you could find anything you want,Thailand related souvenir,right next to the beach along with,Western restaurants Thai restaurants,Indian restaurants Italian restaurants,bars you can find everything you want,right across the street from the beach,if you have big fan of Phuket and you,come to crappy I would say this area our,malaria is actually give the similar,wipe of Phuket it doesn't it's more,packed with so active bars yeah so,there's so many kind of that yeah and,plus another thing that I love about,this area,not quite I love it but I think this is,one of the most advantageous part of,these area is that due to the reason,that there are so many shops so many,tour agency you get a chance to back and,even better like people try to like come,compete for the good deals yes so you,can go from one place like when we went,shopping for the day but trips you can,go to one place they give you too high,of a plate a price and you believe it's,too high you can go to the next one and,just try and see if you can get them a,little lower and then you go to the next,one,try and see if you can get them a little,lower and then by the end of it you know,what the good price is I like to go to a,la to purchase the portrait and the,ticket or any means of transportation,because you walk a little bit further,there another sellers actually offer,cheaper price of course my dad yeah,roped into getting on the staff as we,walk down the street and literally right,there,so here we are I would highly recommend,you go to travel time unlike any other,places in crabbie crabbie I'll still,have the local feel why things even,though there's tourists they really do a,very good job maintaining the culture an,original feel to Thailand and krabi,itself so my actually told me that she,has been too crappy several times like,during the past like 20 years 30 years,she said she didn't really see the,change in Travie to pamper tourists,feeling so in crappy town you can have,the chance to actually enjoy going to,the local restaurant local bars and I,show you a couple interesting landmark,interesting attraction that you can go,and see in krabi town crowds of fires,krabi town like many other places in,Thailand has a night market and we,highly suggest you going it is only open,three days a week Monday through Sunday,in the evening specifically there are,over 70 food stands so there's no,shortage of trying the delicious local,cuisines there's so many colorful you,can fly either Thai food like authentic,Thai food Japanese food there are so,many colorful for you to pick my fusion,food with some food we can't even buy,cocktail there coconut so if you want to,go there and you do go there you might,have the amazing opportunity to see the,local kids dancing in traditional,outfits trying to raise money for their,schools and it is just amazing to see,all the activities and dances and how,they dress so it's like experiencing the,culture as well that yeah next thing,that I highly recommend you to go and,see in order to explain the Thai culture,is to go to what gal Cora where I'm so,here what yeah I believe you can see,this what I'm,many occasions in many places what,entire main temple so you know the,reason why I recommend this place is,because most of the time the temple that,you see either in Bangkok or Chiang Mai,like top city in Thailand us is kind of,like very similar yeah very similar it,has the feature of goal mainly old and,red mainly yeah golden right,okay but here unlike those kind of,majority of Thai temple here in what gal,for our half I would quite from now,white temple because that is the other,way that you can call this temple for,English yeah so you can say why temple,so here at white temple as the name,stare it is why so the way it looks is,like this now another good point of this,temple is that it sits on the top of the,hill so with the large area over 2,500,square meter and sitting at the top of,the hill you can overlook the whole,crappy town as well so it's a truly,unforgettable view to be able to see all,of crabby tongue to the top of this at,all,yeah inside you can also see the,decoration on the wall and makes really,authentic relics inside the temple,[Music],next one is something I have the,love-hate relationship with it was one,of my favorite things to do in krabi,town itself even that to me that doesn't,want to go there the whole trip is like,I'm not going I'm not going,do not even try bringing me here but,that is because of the 1237 steps up,that you have to go up Thai people call,that as a stack has to Haven you could,look at it either way because I thought,she was gonna kill me oh yes literally,what would 1237 static heads-up so it's,not a small pass but what you get is to,be like this which is like 360 degrees,will over the Andaman Sea and the Tao of,crappie when we said you can see all,krabi town in the earlier attractions,you can see everything as far as the eye,can see there is mountains and beautiful,countryside mm-hmm and also at the top,that is the state of Buddha so you can,also see the culture up there also,now these place is called Tiger temple,the reason why they call it Tiger temple,is not because they are Tigers there at,all but it's because in the past way,we're way back there are Tigers in front,of this temple like living around this,temple so that's why I people crow a,tiger temple now instead of seeing,Tigers you will see monkey a lot of,monkeys they are everywhere at the base,of this temple so at the best of this,temple is covered the area that you can,feed some food or some fruits to the,monkey and also it's the area that you,probably think it's a monkey breaker,playground because there's so many,monkeys they are very naughty they steal,your sunglasses they still like the,shops picture frames and food the locals,around that actually told us that the,monkeys actually they feel attracted to,something shiny like sunglasses,cellphones almost like that so make sure,you keep your valuables close and make,sure you keep them zipped up in your,pockets or backpacks,so the next line I have trouble,pronouncing will go to the local so,basically this place called Panem benta,culpa Nevada National Park Ooty an,accompaniment,so basically cow let's focus on this one,it's me mouth and so as the name says it,has one of the highest mountains in,Krabi and it is thirteen hundred and,fifty meters tall but not only is the,park gorgeous but the ride there is so,beautiful the park is really well known,for its waterfalls and its natural pools,so there's two options there's a bunch,of trails to hide and then there's two,main waterfalls and there's one to the,left which is more of a not maintained,deep in the jungle and then there's one,to the right which is a more maintained,and more trekked that's where you'll see,like Thai families hanging out and the,kids swimming in the natural pools and,by the basis of the waterfall but we,really enjoy both and the one to the,left you kind of got to be careful,because there are a lot of wildlife,inside these jungles so if you're not,familiar and really good at trekking,they actually suggest you to get a park,ranger to go with you just to make sure,you're safe,so actually the part I love the most is,that the other the big one the big,waterfall actually it's not only one,level down there it's more yeah but you,can also walk up a little bit to the top,part and it will be around white 11 May,third staircase out the side of the main,and then you are on the top of the,sauces of the waterfall so really,beautiful yes so that is actually the,place that is really famous among Tyrol,calls to go there have a picnic have a,family time so if you go there on Sunday,especially it would be a great time for,you to notice locals seeing local,hanging out so next we would say take a,boat tour from either krabi or Oneg,there are over 200 islands off the coast,of krabi and they're just so much to see,so many beautiful tropical islands but,make sure you come between November and,April because that's the best time,weather permitting,so you have less likely to run into,unpredictable weather so basically when,you take the boat tour from crappy,itself you have a chance so it's like,crappy is on the undermanned coastline,yeah so all the islands you experience,is on the underman seaside underman,since I actually and PPI line is one of,them and that is where we went with Jim,is that we purchase the ticket for 300,bucks a person which is about $10 she's,a really good deal it's about 45 minutes,from owning Beach and it's a quick boat,ride so basically there are several,islands actually and you could go to at,Carlotta there Riley Riley it's like not,react not the island actually but it's,more like a beach then you have to take,a boat to go there there's no road,access there but the one that is really,really famous really well-known really,popular is PT Island and it's mainly,because Leonardo DiCaprio was in the,movie the beach which was actually,filmed,there yeah so basically is actually phim,on Maya Bay but the boat trip from PP to,Maya Bay to bamboo island this one is,really sheep when you take a boat from,Kiki so what people normally do is go,from crappie to PP 309 then purchase the,boat trip take a day trip yeah,another you can purchase from 395 which,is a half day two of it you can go to,where the or do not or D crap p.m. the,Capra film,oh but included in that is one of my,favorite island in Thailand and it's,bamboo island and the reason it's one of,my favorite is because it is just white,sand beaches with the most beautiful,water I have ever seen in Thailand it's,just gorgeous,so taking a boat from crappy itself to,the island nearby crappy which is,actually the island belongs to copy,yourself it just like experiencing on,the land on the land in crabbing,mainland you see the limestone wheel in,the ocean when you take the port trip to,acero Island you also see the same thing,but instead of seeing the row at the,ground third path you see the white,earth under way the beautiful blue water,is unreal blue and it looked like this,so this is the reason why you should,definitely take a boat from crabby to,the island nearby definitely worth it,we love waking up early in the morning,like probably around 5 a.m. and actually,Jimmy experience a really cool cultural,experience when he wake up at 5 a.m. in,the morning in crabby it's after 2 days,of no sleep we went to bed pretty early,around 8:00,nine o'clock and it's currently 5:20 in,the morning and I don't know what chant,this is something I'm in the Middle East,right now though,[Music],good morning - way to wake up,so because krabi is the southern part of,Thailand and it has a very large Muslim,population you can actually hear the,prayer coming from the mosque across the,street from where we were staying so,it's really really beautiful to see,crappie is actually in the southern part,of Thailand close to Malaysia that's why,you can see a couple of Muslim,population in crappie actually another,thing that we love doing when we wake up,early in amongst that we love going out,and see the wheel so along the way as,you can see when the Sun Rise up and,touch the limestone mountain colorful,shine off of it and our long beach as,well early in the morning is amazing and,also you can see the culture of Thai,people in the morning because you can,see along the way they are a straight,food and also to sit up restaurant like,a pop-up restaurant that right on the,sidewalks so these are our top locations,and attractions that we believe that you,should see if you have the opportunity,to visit krabi in Thailand so we hope,this video really helpful for you to,plan your trip in Krabi so if you guys,have yet head over to divert,you can check out the merchandise we,have a lot of stuff coming up that we'll,be posting on divert like,blogs tips on traveling tips on,accommodations transportation and we'll,also be coming out with an e-book to,tell you the best ways to make money,online and be able to truly live the,life that you want the next things that,we plan to do decide we plan to have the,trip in Mexico we plan to have a trip in,South Asia and plenty plenty miles,coming so if you are not yet make sure,you subscribe to follow along our,Astra panko American travel couple and,we don't plan on stopping traveling,anytime soon,[Music],thanks for watching guys thank you guys,[Music]
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