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Poetry writing tips

Poetry Writing Tips
Here are a few tips that can help you with your poetry writing.
What do you want to accomplish from your writing?
Before starting anything, you should be aware of your end goal. This rule is not limited to just poetry writing. No matter what you are doing, you just be aware of your goal. That will help you develop a strategy and execute it in a specific manner. If you want to express your ideas and you are facing problems in writing, essay writing helps free service is very useful.
Before starting your poem, ask yourself, “what is the message you want to convey to your readers?” Once you know the answer to this question, you will know what to include in your poem.
Also, focus on your writing expression according to the topic. If you are discussing a social or political topic, the writing won’t be the same as you write about nature or physical objects.
Use Metaphors and Similes
Using Metaphors and similes help the readers understand your message by relating to other similar things. Metaphors and similes help bring visuals and imagery into your writing.
Avoid using Clichés in your writing
You can use metaphors, but it is better to avoid clichés in your writing.
Are you wondering what clichés are?
Any metaphor or simile that has been overused will be considered a cliché. A cliché won’t provide the freshness to your writing or strengthen it since a cliché does not have the same impact on your writing as of some new metaphors or similes.
Clichés can also be considered as overused themes or similar characters.
People will like your poetry more if they see some creative content used in it. They need some content that is above the mark. Clichés eliminate the originality in your writing since they sound so familiar to the audience.
Above mentioned all poetry writing tips are very important in poetry writing. If your writing skills are not good enough to produce quality content, free essays writer can help you in producing content. Free essay writing service plays an important role in writing.
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4 Free UML Tools to Decrease the Stress of Writing UML Assignments
Unified Modeling Language, or we can say UML is a structured software engineering modeling language. It is a general-purpose modeling language that is rich in diagrams & graphic notations. It is used to construct visual representations of object-oriented systems. Because of its importance, universities around the globe are offering major courses in UML, and UML assignments are given to students. These students sometimes find themselves in trouble when creating UML diagrams because of the vast number of concepts involved. This is where they get stuck and avail the best UML assignment help from the experts. So, to help those students, the Global Assignment Help experts have mentioned a list of 5 free UML tools that will help them lessen their stress of assignment writing. Let's have a look at those tools one by one… Tool 1 - Altova It is a useful UML tool that helps you create visual software design. These visual design applications can be generated using various languages such as Java, C, C++, or some basic ones. If you're assigned a UML assignment like this where you have to use a different language, then this tool is the right option for you. Its core characteristics are: l. You can add hyperlinks to any feature of your UML diagram using this method. 2. You can add an item to a specific layer of your diagram as well. Tool 2 - UML Designer Tool It is a graphical tool used for visualizing and editing the UML 2.5 models. If you don't have enough time to draw UML diagrams in your assignment, use this tool to draw various diagrams that are: 1. Deployment Diagram 2. Activity Diagram 3. Class Diagram 4. Use Case Diagram 5. Component Diagram Tool 3 - Draw.IO You can use this tool if you want to construct flowcharts, network diagrams, entity relationships, and much more besides the UML diagrams. Using this tool helps to save time by creating flowcharts and entity-relationship diagrams in your assignment given, and this is how you can submit your work within the deadline. Its basic features are: l. The number of sizes isn't limited. 2. The tool lets you save the layout in the desired location. Tool 4 - Umbrello This is a form of a UML modeling tool running under both Linux and KDE. It is one of the best tools to draw all types of UML diagrams. So, you can also try this tool to draw diagrams in your UML assignment. Its underlying features are:- l. It helps you draw diagrams in the default format. 2. It offers you a guide that helps to understand the umbrello's working. Conclusion… So, these are the 4 free UML tools that will surely help you lessen your stress of assignment writing and provide you the best UML assignment help. Now that you know about each tool, so its time to use them and start working on an assignment. If still, you need any help, then feel free to contact Global Assignment Help experts.
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Airline & Hotel Cancellation Policies
Today, planning for vacations and travelling to other countries for adventures is the last thing on an individual's mind. As the COVID-19 has already claimed more than 274,000 lives around the world, nations are afraid to allow foreigners into their land. There are strict travel bans both inside and outside the state to prevent further outbreak. Citizens who are away from home are advised to stay abroad and return only if the flights are available. Moreover, doctors and medical experts are continuously advising to stay indoors and practise coronavirus preventive measures. Roughly, around 10 million people have cancelled or are in a state of cancelling their travel bookings due to the rising pandemic. On the other hand, airlines and hotels do understand their concerns and are ready to cater to their requests. COVID-19 and Air Travel One of the worst hits by the recent worldwide outbreak is the travel and tourism industry. There was a drop in airline bookings when a hundred cases evolved to thousands in just a few weeks. Experts and online essay writers UK - assembling data on travels - have marked air travel at the most risk due to the low rate of air circulation on the plane with no openings to filter the space. Even though many airlines have taken effective cleansing actions, still the turnout is seemed to be very low. This being one of the reasons several airlines cancelled their flights or rescheduled them to a later date, operating as per the government orders. However, the flyers must bear extra charges for rebooking the same flights along with other policies that have tight deadlines. Below are some of the world’s top airlines and their revised cancellation policies for COVID-19. · British Airways British Airways is offering free change vouchers for those who had bookings through May 31, 2020, with a departure date before the end of the year. Applicants can submit their requests and receive an email within 7 days with a digital voucher valid till April 30, 2022. · Qatar Airways Travellers can either request for a refund or receive a voucher in case there is a change in plan. The voucher is valid until a year from the date of issuance with an addition of 10% charges exclusive of taxes. Otherwise, there is an option to change the booking dates, free of cost. All this is applicable only if the booked tickets are valid for travel up to September 30, 2020. · Singaporean Airlines Tickets can be cancelled without any charges if it were refundable. In case of a non-refundable ticket, only taxes will be credited back to the debit/credit card that was used for purchase. In some cases, cancellation fees may also apply. · Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific has waived the cancellation fees in light of COVID-19. Flights that were booked before/on March 23, 2020, with the travel period between March 17, 2020, to June 30, 2020, are eligible to ask for a refund/change. However, it may take 45 days for the refund to get processed. · American Airlines For bookings made March 1, 2020, to May 31, 2020, American Airlines waived off the change fees for all future travels. But the wager is the traveller has to begin the journey within one year of the original ticket. Moreover, this is only applicable on non-refundable tickets. COVID-19 and Hotels Just like airlines are waiving cancellation and change fees, hotels around the world are also trying their best to accommodate their customers. Here are the world’s best hotels with their revised policies. · Alila Fort Bishangarh Reservations that are made on/before April 1, 2020, with the arrival date any time before/on June 30, 2020, can be cancelled/changed. This is only applicable if the request is placed prior to the arriving date. · Marriot Hotel All existing reservation holders can request for change/cancellation of their bookings through June 30, 2020. They do not need to pay the change/cancellation fee as well. · Rosewood San Miguel de Allende If the cancellation/change of a reservation is informed 24 hours before the arrival date, no fee will be charged. This is only applicable for bookings made between March 13, 2020, to September 30, 2020. However, for reservations made before March 13, 2020, can rebook without a fee up to 12 months from the original booking. · Aranwa Cusco Boutique The hotel allows full changes and cancellation of reservations if the arrival is before/on June 30, 2020. To be eligible for the free of cost cancellation/change, one needs to inform 24 hours prior to their arriving date. If you still wish to travel around or already have a booking that needs cancellation or change, heads towards your company for better insights. We wish you good health during this pandemic and a save to travel to/from your destination. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the article about: Your Phone And Covid-19: How To Clean Your Phone The Right Way
What are the Components of Good UX and UI Design?
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are two key parameters that play a key role in any design process. UX design is almost always followed by UI design. The right combination of user experience and user interface marks the success of any product or service. The following are the key components of any UX/UI design. Strategy Strategy pertains to analyzing various parameters related to a particular product or service. These factors include business objectives like why the product or service is needed and who the user is. To get in depth knowledge on UI, enrich your skills on  ui online training Course Scope Scope takes into consideration both the functional and content requirements of the product or service. Functional requirements deal with the functions and features. They specify how the various functions and/or features work independently and with each other. Content requirements relate to the information required for proper functioning. These include details like videos, audios, images, text and more. Utility Utility focuses on building the right product for the right users. The factors analyzed above in Strategy are implemented in developing the product or service. Usability Usability aims at making the product or service easy to use for the customer. It deals with identifying the problems faced in using the same and correcting them. This helps the customer accomplish his/her task effortlessly. This component also deals with how the system addresses errors and the instructions were given to a user if he encounters the same. Structure The structure is based on two features – Interaction Design and Information Architecture. Functional requirements serve as the input for Interaction Design. It highlights how the user interacts with a product or service and the return response. Content requirements form the inputs for Information Architecture. It helps to determine how the various content elements must be placed and/or organized for better human understanding. Skeleton Skeleton deals with the visual or sensory design of the product or service. It focuses on the appearance of content and controls like the correct layout, typography and such aspects. This guides the user on what he can do with the product. Learn more ui design course  Prototyping Prototyping involves testing the look, interactive elements and usability of various elements of the product or service using multiple scenarios. This process is carried out before the actual development phase begins. Desirability Desirability focuses on retaining the customer’s engagement with a product or service. The aim is to make his/her experience enjoyable and delightful each time the product is used. Credibility Credibility assesses the user’s trust in the product or service offered. The user must have the assurance that the information rendered is accurate. He/she should also be convinced that the product does what it is expected to do. The performance will be steady for a considerate period of time. Accessibility Accessibility ensures that the product or service can be used by people with varying abilities. The ideal offering must be easily usable by both normal and differently-abled people alike. Surface The surface is the implementation of all the factors decided upon in Structure and Skeleton in the final product or service. In general, User Experience highlights the attitudes and emotions of a person regarding the use of a product or service. User Interface focuses on the look and feels aspects while acting as the medium of interaction between humans and machines. Get more skills from online ui training
How to Improve Scores on Cisco 350-501 Exam for CCNP Service Provider?
Cisco CCNP Service Provider certification is quite important to open up new vistas of opportunities in your professional career. It all begins with credibility. The moment your prospective employer will see your resume, Cisco 350-501 certification on Service Provider status will grab his eyeballs, without any doubt. Cisco CCNP Service Provider certification helps win better job prospects in the industry and even makes you comparatively superior to other candidates. Besides, you might even grab higher salaries to those who are not certified. So, what are you waiting for? Make up your mind for an Cisco certification and move further in your career. Here are some things that you should know before you begin the preparation: Before the 350-501 Preparation begins ● Keep in mind that the preparation for Cisco Exam is a little confusing, irrespective of the fact that you are an experienced Cisco professional. ● Through regular study and training, the journey to give the Cisco exam helps improve the programming skills to a great extent. ● It is required that both the training and test are attempted in nothing but the English language. The resources available in this language are very vast and of high quality. ● Please do not care about the score. Just prepare by giving your best, and the results will follow. Service Provider Certification is the key to success of your professional career. Candidates armed with Cisco certification go a long way in their career and stand out in the average crowd. Here is a comprehensive guideline that will help you score better in the CCNP Service Provider exam. Know the Complete Details About 350-501 Exam Learn and explore everything about the Service Provider exam that you are going to appear for. Things that you should be aware of 350-501 SPCOR: ● Exam details: ○ Duration of the exam: 120 minutes ○ Number of questions in real exam: 90-110 ○ Passing score on 350-501 exam: Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.) ○ Sample questions that are available ○ Topics of the subjects: Click Here ● Get complete syllabus detail on Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider certification ● Get complete detail on 350-501 exam on Service Provider What to Study for the Cisco 350-501 Exam Firstly, go through the Exam Topics of 350-50 certification. These exam topics prove to be very helpful in the preparation. They act as the blueprint for the exam. This is because the questions asked in the exam are sourced from these topics itself. Every candidate will need to know ‘how to do’ the questions rather than just answer them theoretically. 350-501 Exam Guide - How to Begin Preparation? Chart out a path for the preparation of Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider. Make sure that you stick to this road to score well in the exam. Here are the steps that will help you: ● Go through the syllabus of the 350-501 exam. Prepare a study plan based on the time duration that you have till the actual exam date. ● You need to study every topic of 350-501 from the study guide, in detail. ● Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider exams are known for asking scenario-based questions. Hence, while you are preparing, try to relate every concept with the real-time business scenario. This will not only help you in answering the question better but will also help you expand your knowledge. ● To get a better grip on the topics, you need to perform the exercises for all the topics with the system. ● Solving exam-oriented CCNP Service Provider sample questions helps a lot. They are readily available on the internet. ● Subscribe for premium practice tests for 350-501. These tests have questions close to the actual exams and an ambiance that makes you feel that you are giving the real exam. ● To ace the exam, identify your weak areas at the end of every practice test. Refer 350-501 study material for respective topics. ● Attempting 350-501 practice tests time and again helps you score better than every previous attempt. ● Every attempt at 350-501 practice test is learning for you. Try to score better every time. This will lead you to your desired target in Service Provider. ● Our practice tests are the online 350-501 simulator. These tests are far better than holding 350-501 dumps of the VCE software available online. Resources Available for Cisco CCNP Service Provider Certification Preparation There are several resources available online and offline to prepare for Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider 350-501 certification examination. The ones that help you prepare better for the exam are: Self-study Guide The candidates for Cisco CCNP Service Provider certification can opt for self-study resource. The site has 350-501 questions and online practice exams that are very close to the actual test. The practice tests on the site are simulated. Giving these tests helps a candidate prepare for the real exams in an organized manner. Books Books are still the most loved resource for studying for any exam. You can get hold of good books for preparation of 350-501 certification exam. Practical Programming Service Provider Certification exam is practical oriented, and the theory questions are limited. To answer such questions quickly and correctly, functional programming helps a lot. Training The topics in the Cisco exam often correspond to the training courses that a candidate takes. Candidates can either opt for instructor-led training or even virtual delivery online training. ● Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR) Reasons to Choose to crack 350-501 exam has a credible history of 11 years. The site has repeatedly been recommended by many of the top MNCs including Cisco, Accenture, IBM, Atos, TCS, HP, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Capgemini and others. 92% of the Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies stated that they are confident of their ability to explain the exam, thanks to online practice exams on Service Provider. More than 53 experts in our team of 80 professionals are actively engaged in quality improvements and overall satisfaction with the 350-501 online simulator. 98% of our candidates have been recommended by their project manager, team leaders, and colleagues in their organizations. Things to Remember ● If you desire to score well in the Service Provider exam, you need to have sufficient time for preparation. ● You need to improve your category-wise skills for answering tricky, faulty and non-practical questions. ● You need to select the language of the exam based on the resources available in that language. ● You should focus on the preparation and cover the syllabus rather than the score in the beginning. Before You Give the Exam 350-501 ● Source information about the Prometric Test Center. ● You should select the date, time and place of the exam, based on your convenience as there are several Prometric test centers around the world. ● Visit the Prometric test center before registering for the exam. There is no quality assurance for minor technical issues with used hardware and ambiance of the test center. ● You need to clarify the invoice details if you desire to have it in the name of your company. 350-501 Exam Registration: ● Get exam registration details from the official page. ○ PEARSON VUE At the End Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider 350-501 certification exam will become a cakewalk for you if you keep the above-mentioned things in mind. Remember time is money and the earlier you begin, the better it will be for you.
Học Tư Duy Toán Gia Sư Lớp 1 Hà Nội
A. HỌC TƯ DUY TOÁN CÙNG GIA SƯ LỚP 1 TẠI HÀ NỘI Học sinh lớp 1 là độ tuổi mới bắt đầu làm quen Môn Toán nên việc hình thành cho Học sinh những thói quen, phản xạ cũng như kích thích trí tò mò về tiếng Anh của Học sinh rất quan trọng. Bên cạnh đó, cần tạo cho Học sinh một môi trường học tập phù hợp để Học sinh có được sự yêu thích và hứng thú với Môn Toán. 1. Dạy môn Toán cho các Học sinh theo các bước: – Mua sách, đĩa, truyện tranh, ảnh học Môn Toán lớp 1 để Học sinh làm quen. – Gia Sư Môn Toán cho Học sinh thông qua các bài hát, bộ phim hoạt hình, trò chơi, thơ ca, đôi khi chẳng cần phải liên quan đến môn học. – Mỗi buổi học ở nhà không nên đưa quá nhiều kiến thức mới vào môn học, chủ đề cần cụ thể, không lan man và chỉ dạy khoảng 5 từ mới trong thời lượng từ 45-60 phút. – Không nên dạy Học sinh học kiểu “học dịch”. Ví dụ như bắt Học sinh phải dịch câu: “Hôm nay em đi học…”. Với cách dạy Môn Toán này, Học sinh có thể thuộc nhiều từ nhưng lại thiếu tư duy logic và kết nối. – Xây dựng tình huống bằng cách tích sử dụng màu sắc, hình ảnh sinh động qua các tình huống cụ thể. Đặc biệt, đưa Học sinh đến tham gia các hoạt động tập thể, câu lạc bộ Môn Toán với tần suất lớn sẽ giúp Học sinh cải thiện trình độ đáng kể. – Không nên dùng điểm số để đánh giá, chấm điểm và phê phán, chê bai, so sánh Học sinh với Học sinh khác. 2. Thuê gia sư dạy Môn Toán tại nhà? – Nếu phụ huynh không có vốn môn Toán tốt hay không chuẩn thì vẫn có một số gia đình cho con mình đến các trung tâm Môn Toán hay thuê gia sư lớp 1 tại nhà, giảng dạy trực tiếp cho các em. – Việc thuê gia sư tại nhà sẽ giúp các Học sinh dễ dàng tiếp thu bài học hơn. – Tạo cho Học sinh không gian thoải mái nói chuyện, giao tiếp với gia sư chuẩn nhất. – Gia sư sẽ có những kế hoạch, những chương trình vừa học, vừa chơi tạo được cảm hứng học tập cho Học sinh, đó là điều mà đa phần các bậc phụ huynh không làm được. 3. Nên tìm gia sư tại nhà ở đâu? Nhu cầu tìm gia sư tại nhà đang được rất nhiều gia đình lựa chọn nhất là ở các thành phố lớn. Bởi việc này đem lại nhiều thuận lợi cho các bậc phụ huynh. Vậy nên tìm gia sư Hà Nội ở đâu uy tín? Gia Sư Dân Trí chúng tôi chuyên cung cấp các dịch vụ về gia sư tại nhà về tất cả các môn học chính và các môn năng khiếu từ lớp 1 đến lớp 12, cao đẳng đại học. Với kinh nghiệm nhiều năm trong nghề cùng với đội ngũ gia sư nhiệt tình giàu kinh nghiệm, chúng tôi hứa hẹn sẽ đem lại cho bạn các dịch vụ gia sư chất lượng, uy tín nhất tại TP Hà Nội. Liên hệ với Gia sư Dân Trí theo thông tin bên dưới để được giải đáp, tư vấn tận tình chi tiết nhất. TRUNG TÂM GIA SƯ DÂN TRÍ Nhận gia sư tại nhà tất cả các quận huyện THỦ ĐÔ - HÀ NỘI ☎ Hotline: 0974.85.9119 - 0908.15.9119 Ms Thảo Hương (Giờ Làm Việc: 8h - 18h) 🏠 Địa chỉ: Số 25, ngõ 125 Trung Kính, Hà Nội B. GIA SƯ TOP 1 HÀ NỘI HÀ NỘI - GIA SƯ UY TÍN & CHẤT LƯỢNG Chúng tôi luôn đồng hành và hỗ trợ trong suốt quá trình học tập của bạn CÁC LỚP GIA SƯ TIẾNG HÀN + TIẾNG PHÁP + TIẾNG ANH 0907ĐM GIA SƯ DÂN TRÍ cập nhật lớp mới ngày 9 - 7 - 2020 Comment MÔN + KHU VỰC dạy trung tâm sẽ CARE lớp cho bạn nhé!!! <3 1. DANH SÁCH LỚP GIA SƯ TOÁN - LÝ - HÓA - VĂN ♦ Mã 8.7.09 Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 lên lớp 9 học cơ bản - 150k 1 buổi - số buổi sắp xếp - Định Công - Hoàng Mai - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nữ - Ưu tiên Gs Nữ ♦ Mã 8.7.082 Văn Lớp 6 lên lớp 7 - 150k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần có thể học ban ngày - Phú Xuyên - Gần Cầu Rẽ - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nam ♦ Mã 8.7.081 Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 lên lớp 7 - 150k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần có thể học ban ngày - Phú Xuyên - Gần Cầu Rẽ - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nam ♦ Mã 8.7.08 Toán Lớp 6 lên lớp 7 - 150k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần có thể học ban ngày - Phú Xuyên - Gần Cầu Rẽ - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nam ♦ Mã 7.7.04 Toán Lớp 11 lên lớp 12 - 150k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần có thể học tối T2 T5 hoặc T4 và CN - Nguyễn Đình Hoàng - Cầu Giấy - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nữ - ưu tiên Gs Nữ ♦ Mã 7.7.02 Lý Lớp 12 ôn thi đại học - 200k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần có thể học tối T4, CN học lúc 19h30 - Tân Mai - Hoàng Mai - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nam ♦ Mã 6.7.17 Toán Lớp 12 - muốn đến trung tâm học - Khu Đô Thị Đại Thanh - Hoàng Mai - YC: GV kinh nghiệm - hs Nam ♦ Mã 6.7.19 Toán Lớp 11 lên lớp 12 học cơ bản - 180k 1 buổi học T7 và CN - Nguyễn Sơn - Long Biên - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nữ - ưu tiên Gs Nữ có thể học 24 - 7 bắt đầu ♦ Mã 4.7.01 Toán Lớp 8 lên lớp 9 học lâu dài - 250k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần - Mỗ Lao - Hà Đông - YC: GV nữ - HS nữ ♦ Mã 20.6.011 Văn lớp 8 lên lớp 9 - 150k - 250k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần học chiều 15h trừ t2 t6 HS bận hoặc tối 19h30 - KĐT Resco gần CV Hòa Bình - YC: SV - GV kinh nghiệm - Hs nam ♦ Mã 1.7.18 Toán Lớp 8 lên lớp 9 - 120k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần - Kim Mã - Ba Đình - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nữ - ưu tiên Gs Nữ ♦ Mã 1.7.08 Văn lớp 6 - 120k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần - Minh Khai - Hai Bà Trưng - YC: HS Nam - SV kinh nghiệm ♦ Mã 29.6.091 Văn lớp 5 lên lớp 6 - 250k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần có thể học T2 T4 T5 và T6 hoặc CN - Thanh Xuân - YC: HS Nữ - GV kinh nghiệm - ưu tiên Gv Nữ ♦ Mã 29.6.091 Văn lớp 5 lên lớp 6 học online qua skype hoặc facetime - 250k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần - Nghệ An - YC: HS nam - GV kinh nghiệm ♦ Mã 27.6.09 Toán Lớp 6 lên 7 - 200k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần học CN và sắp xếp - Mễ Trì - Nam Từ Liêm - YC: SV nam chuyên Toán - Hs nam học chuyên Amsterdam ♦ Mã 27.6.04 Toán Lớp 11 lên 12 - 300k 1 buổi - 2 buổi 1 tuần - Sài Đồng - Long Biên - YC: GV nữ - HS nữ ♦ Mã 27.6.01 Văn Lớp 9 lên 10 - 150k - 300k 1 buổi - 4 buổi 1 tuần học chiều T2 T4 T5 T7 Cn - Hồng Mai - Hai Bà Trưng - YC: SV - GV kinh nghiệm - hs Nam ♦ Mã 24.6.03 Toán Lớp lớp 10 học lâu dài - 200k 1 buổi học tối T2 và T4 - 2 buổi 1 tuần - Hữu Hòa - Thanh Trì - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nam ♦ Mã 22.6.09 Toán Lớp 12 học cơ bản - tốt nghiệp - 180k 1 buổi - số buổi sắp xếp có thể học tối - Phúc Xá - Ba Đình - YC: SV kinh nghiệm - hs Nữ ưu tiên Gs Nữ ☎ Các thầy cô và các bạn gia sư muốn nhận lớp liên hệ vào số 0974.85.9119 - 0908.15.9119 Ms Thảo Hương để nhận lớp! 🏠 Địa chỉ trung tâm: Số 25, ngõ 125 Trung Kính, Hà Nội 👉 Thời gian làm việc tại trung tâm là sáng 8h30 - 12h00. Chiều từ 1h30 - 18h00 làm từ thứ 2 - thứ 7 nhé Xem thêm: