Đánh Giá Dòng Xe Tải Isuzu

Isuzu là thương hiệu xe tải nổi tiếng tại Nhật Bản được ra đời từ năm 1973. Hiện tại, thương hiệu này đã có mặt hơn 140 quốc gia trên thế giới.
Các sản phẩm xe tải Isuzu rất đa dạng từ dòng xe tải nhẹ dưới 5 tấn, cho đến xe tải cỡ trung dưới 15 tấn và xe tải hạng nặng, xe tải đầu kéo có tải trọng lên đến 40 tấn. Với nhiều kích thước và loại thùng đa dạng, vì vậy dòng xe tải Isuzu rất được sự quan tâm ủng hộ của các khách hàng.
Tuy nhiên, không phải ai cũng hiểu rõ về thông tin của dòng xe này. Ô tô Hoàng Long xe đưa ra những nhận xét ưu điểm, nhược điểm của xe tải Isuzu để khách hàng nắm hiểu rõ về dòng xe từ đó đưa ra những lựa chọn đúng đắn nhất.
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Air suspension on Volvo Truck FMX. Advantages and disadvantages.
Our focus was on the new rear air suspension. By itself, it is certainly not news, in this case it was specially adapted for the off-road cargo segment. We can see that all the vulnerable parts of the suspension, such as shock absorbers, stabilizers and air bellows are retracted inward and are located above the axle beam.  Ask why the garden was fenced? The answer is: increased ground clearance, clearance up to 300 mm and, as a result, increased cross-country ability - times. Provides excellent longitudinal and lateral stability of the truck both when driving and when unloading - two. Vibrations to the body are reduced, driving comfort is improved - three. Also, this suspension is very durable and rarely fails. According to tacomatruck.repair service specialists, the air suspension on these Volvo trucks is very rarely repaired at the service station. This is the strength of these trucks. Many drivers are skeptical about air suspension, but Volvo proves otherwise. The stabilizers are connected to the frame in the most rigid place, which gives the structure special rigidity and compactness. The lack of elements behind the bogie allowed for a shorter rear overhang and moved the tipper axle even closer to the rear bogie. The process of tipping the body is facilitated, the dump truck is more stable and stable when unloading. Four airbags per axle and powerful stabilizers, they can be seen in the picture, do not give a shadow of doubt in the calculations of Volvo Trucks engineers. Air suspension is available for 4 × 2, 6 × 4 and 8 × 4 trucks. In contrast to the traditional 4-axle 2 + 2 dump trucks, Volvo Trucks presented several new models with a 3-axle rear bogie for comparison. Option, as in the photo, when there are two driving axles behind, plus a third swivel and supporting one. The Swedes called this arrangement of the axes "tridem". To my surprise, even I noticed the pluses. A truck with a tridem between the first and fourth steering axles has a distance of about six meters - this is the minimum turning radius that the car is capable of. In this case, a truck with the traditional 2 + 2 formula will not be enough. It is important - with such an arrangement of the axes, the leaders will always be more loaded. With deteriorating road conditions, a tridem dump truck will always be in a better position. Climbing a steep climb, I noticed that the 2 + 2 walking in front of me was prone to frequent slipping on dry loose soil, at the same time, my three-axle cart did not give even a hint of slipping. The thing is that the air suspension has the ability to redistribute the load function along the axles and in this case it worked automatically. My rear axle just unloaded in favor of the driving axles, so that's it! Again, the economy on fuel and tires has not been canceled, because in the unloaded state the rear axle does not work. Volvo Trucks' designers are not trying to change the world, they are simply changing their trucks, and the new Volvo FMX is closer to the driver than ever. Read More: Review of Mercedes-Benz Antos of 2021 of release Thomas Stokes Advantages of the Renault Magnum 2021 truck The Story Of A Great Company That Disappeared Overview Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2013
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