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The challenge : Add a word to a movie title and make something completely different! ex: Lord of the Onion Rings. Men in Black Lingerie The Sound of Elevator Music
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@onesmile well u can always just take a serious movie's title and then with one word try to make it as inappropriate as possible lol like hmmm... "Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Yay!" lol
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I was gonna use a serious movie but then i thought hmm lets not become that jerk that soon lol
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@goyo This is so much harder for me than it should be @.@ ummm I really can't even think of anything else lol
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@onesmile well give it some time lol i have another one... Titanic Fail lol
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@goyo you are so much better at this than me, haha! ummm.... I guess to go with Lord of the Onion Rings: Return of the Burger King hehe
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