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Games to play with friends on a sleepover

Sleepovers are all about spilling secrets, dirty talks and comforting each other all night (and ofc booze and crying over ex’s) there are a number of games you can follow up to do all of that together:
#Game 1: Truth or Dare
Truth or dare is a game that requires two or more people and a bottle to spin, one side of the bottle stands for truth, the other for dare.
All the people form a circle and sit, the bottle is spun by any volunteer and wherever the bottle stops, pointing truth and dare respectively on two significant players are supposed to question and answer.

Questions that you can ask:
Q1. when was the last time you kissed?
Q2. do you have any grudges against me?

Dares you can give:
D1. do 20 pushups in a row.
D2. cut toenails of the player sitting next to you.

#Game 2: Twenty questions
How do you play 20 questions? There are 3 ways to play twenty questions.

The classic: any random player or a volunteer is chosen and all the other players ask 20 questions for that player, the player later nominates the next player to answer.

Ricochet: player 1 chooses to start the round and ask player 2 a question and the player 2 answers and questions player three and the process is continued.

Round and round: all the players sit in a circle and player 1 chooses a question, player 2 answers, then player three answers until the whole group does and the process continues.

#Game 3: Blind makeover game
Gather all the basic makeup products to get started.
One girl has to be blindfolded.
The blindfolded girl and player 2 has to sit across and the challenge is to apply makeup on her face.
Another girl does the same to the girl sitting across her and the chain goes on.
When everybody is done completing the process of ‘let’s make the other girl regret coming here tonight’ everybody takes their blindfolds off and regret for real but laugh it off.
Loads of pictures and selfies can be clicked to capture the disastrous highlight of the night.

This game is not a very adult-oriented game but reminds all the girls where they started from helping them move on from the terrors of a hectic day with the girlies!
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