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Parisian Arcade Cafe
Wouldn't you love to have coffee in one of these beautiful Parisian arcades? The cafe situates at the inner courtyard covered by a greenhouse roof, creating an imposing two-story atrium. The sunlight passing through greenhouse roof lits up the whole place warmly and it lets you dine whether its rain or shine. I must agree that even though it might be pricy, it's definitely worth experiencing.
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yep, me too....ill join you ladies, just let me know when and save me a spot, lolz
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@cheerfulcallie LOL it'll be perfect if u bring your delicious treats along!! we can all sip tea at this parisian arcade and enjoy ur truffles!
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Dream Come true!
3 years ago·Reply
to be able to travel the world and go to places like this wud be awesome
3 years ago·Reply
Been there last winter apart from the beautiful café there there were lots of interesting shops throughout the place, a must visit!
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