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Episode 8 might just be the best one yet … well, in terms of OTP interaction and pop culture reference ;) There’s no preview for episode 9 of You Came From The Stars, and again, a tantalizing cliffhanger has been dangled in our faces! Grrrr! This one outdoes the last 7 cliffhangers, and after Min Joon’s Superman heroics yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show’s ratings ticked up today. I’d say there were two major highlights today. One is the cliffhanger scene (see video clip below) and two would be ET wasted out of his mind, riding a horse in the moonlit sky :D Alcohol is his kryptonite, but he doesn’t need to be drunk for a kiss! Because Song Yi’s home has been ransacked, Min Joon lets her stay at his apartment. She tries to be a good guest, offering to clean, but ends up breaking a few of his antiques, much to his frustration. He’ll wind up killing her before Jae Kyung does. Heh. But then, I guess the kiss in the end makes up for everything ;) Suddenly, their living situation has become more interesting … Will there be awkwardness afterwards or can we have our (salacious) couple moments? The preview can’t come soon enough!
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I hope Min Joon doesn't do a "freeze time" and rewind the clock to make the kiss like it didn't happen.