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In the climatic end of Episode 7, Min Joon stretches his powers to the max in order to rescue Song Yi from an immediate death. Be sure to add stopping a car with his bare hands to the list of awesome things Min Joon can do. Song Yi Car Cliff When Jae Kyung’s henchmen drugged Song Yi and put her in a car set to drive off a cliff, all seemed lost. Good thing Min Joon has super sensitive hearing and the ability to teleport, otherwise Song Yi would have been a goner! Fish Bowl Let’s also not forget about Song Yi’s preceding brush with death, this time in the form of a falling fish bowl. While not nearly as dramatic as the runaway car setup, I still jumped for joy when Min Joon instantly appeared at her side. Our reluctant hero sure is good at saving Song Yi. He better continue his track record- I don’t think my heart could handle Song Yi’s actual death.