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This evil mastermind’s plans keep getting foiled thanks to Min Joon quick actions and out-of-this-world powers. Needless to say, Jae Kyung is not happy with the current state of affairs and I can guarantee next week’s episodes will bring increasingly drastic actions to finish off Song Yi once and for all. Jae Kyung will stop at nothing to ensure no one knows of his sinister plots. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if his henchmen also suddenly need to “take care of their health”. Jae Kyung sure loves killing people! Jae Kyung On the “bright” side, Jae Kyung did manage to eliminate Yoo Ra’s stalker and witness to his relationship with Yoo Ra. Hopefully this latest killing will help satisfy his murderous appetite for the time being.
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the actor who plays jae kyung looks so evil... he must be a really amazing actor or ,,, hahaha