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All her time spent with Min Joon and subconsciously experiencing his life saving actions are causing Song Yi some confusion. She swears she saw him for a split second when he stopped her car on the cliff, but like a flash of lightening, he was suddenly gone. The kiss on the boat and his sudden appearance at the fish bowl incident don’t add up to any reasonable explanation. She even goes to see a doctor to get an opinion on her supposed insanity. I, for one, am counting down to the big reveal about Min Joon’s powers. I’m dying to see how she will react! Min Joon is becoming more and more human in the way he interacts with the world around him. He’s discovered that eating with people really isn’t that bad and a cell phone might actually be a helpful tool to have. He may only have a limited amount of time left on Earth, but I guess these changes are better late than never! During the epilogue of Episode 8, Min Joon expresses his regret about never living like a normal human. His previous scorn for all things petty like relationships and love is quickly evaporating now that Song Yi is by his side. “What should he do?” he asks. I think we all have a good idea of what we want to see happen.