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I don’t know if it was the regret associated with his impending departure or if 15 seconds of Song Yi really is extremely intoxicating, but Min Joon finally caves to his feelings and purposely kisses Song Yi. 15 Seconds- Test In this scene, Song Yi takes offense to Min Joon’s earlier comment that in his eyes she is no different than a tree or a dog. To test him, she gives him 15 seconds to admire her natural charms. Just how exactly will she react to Min Joon’s sudden display of affection? I’m certainly waiting with bated breath! Back Hug The chemistry between these two just keeps getting better and better!
ok @ameliasantos i hope too
@annbhoi hahahahhaha well lets hope that SBS won't let us down :D
me @ameliasantos10 form the begining...ep1 until ep8 ...now im so much excited for the nx ep...hihihi...
@annbhoi i still can't believe how glued I am to this drama like the first episode I didn't think I would be this addicted~ which scenes are your favourite so far??? ahah mine was the part when she started breaking his stuff when she cleaned
ur ryt @ameliasantos ...hihihi...
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