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Don’t let all these serious plot developments fool you into thinking this show is anything less than hilarious. I find my cheeks hurting by the end of each episode, proving that the majority of time I am kept laughing at Song Yi and Min Joon’s antics. This show really does a remarkable job pulling off both silly and serious. My Favorite Moments Include Song Yi’s Cleaning Fiasco Pottery “Oops, sawry” is of course the only proper why to respond to breaking priceless pottery. Min Joon Reaction Min Joon’s painful reaction is also priceless. Song Yi Sincerely Apologizing for Her Irresistibility While Wearing Min Joon’s Clothes Song Yi Towel Hat No man can resist the the towel turban. Song Yi Finding Her Shoes at Min Joon’s House Song Yi's Shoes I have one word for you, Min Joon: BUSTED. It looks like you will forever be remembered by Song Yi for your shoe fetish. Lawyer Jang’s Slight Jealousy of Song Yi’s Influence on Min Joon Jealous Friend It’s a bit of a sore spot with Lawyer Jang that Min Joon has only made changes now that Song Yi is in his life. He’s been telling Min Joon for years to get a cell phone, but his pleas fell on Min Joon’s stubborn ears. I’m actually a bit surprised that Min Joon shunned technology for so long. I guess when you have superpowers, your need for technology just isn’t that great. Song Yi Playing with the (evil) Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Play This is exactly how I would expect Song Yi to act when she is home alone. Min Joon’s Reactions to Song Yi’s Alien References Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 7.20.00 PM These little references to alien language and alien-like behavior always make me giggle. I hope they keep coming! Song Yi’s Home Shopping Adventures Home Shopping Receiving home shopping purchases is one of my favorite “Manager Do” responsibilities. It’s the perfect opportunity for comedic gold. I can’t help but praise “Man from the Stars” for it’s excellent set up and captivating execution. I love how the events will often backtrack to revel more elements in the story. The interviews, flashbacks, and epilogues continue to add an important and engaging feature and I find myself greatly looking forward to these segments. I must say, I felt Song Yi’s reaction to her near death experiences was not fully developed. You would think that two near misses would be cause for more reflection and terror, but I guess Song Yi’s too busy trying to figure out her hallucinations of Min Joon to really care about her own life. I am also a bit confused about the whole “Min Joon isn’t supposed to mix salvia with humans”. How come sharing a meal and kissing haven’t shown any consequences? Is it because his body is slowly changing before his departure? I’m still waiting for a good answer to this puzzle! Regardless, romance is blooming in all the right ways against a backdrop of danger and deadlines. The two month countdown has begun and Min Joon appears to want to make the most of his last days on earth by doing very “earth-like” things. I can’t wait to see how this fated relationship will continue to play out.
Its An awesome drama,first time watching both actors
me too haha ^_^
at first I didn't think I would enjoy it that much but omg after a couple of episodes i am so glued to it
exactly!! it's not too romantic because there's always hilarious scenes XD perfect! i love it more and more; i wonder if he does stay on earth how he will do so, because it seems he doesn't have a choice in leaving or not. (Did he even have a choice when he first came on earth?) so many questions!!
@MoonMinYeon it has such an awesome balance of romance, suspense n comedy :D
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