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On the January 9th installment of Mnet's 'Rain Effect,' singer Rain touched his fans' hearts by opening up about his feelings during his visit to his mother's final resting place. He said, "I call on my mother whenever I release an album. I think I need to give her my greetings and pray a lot, asking her to make this album another success." Rain went to a nearby florist to purchase lovely flowers for his mother, and then visited his mother's resting place to express how much he missed her and to tell her about new things that have happened since his last visit. Rain revealed, "I asked her to never let me get tired of it all. I asked her to help me do my best, so I would never get tired of everything... After earning money, I wanted to do something like buy her a meal or clothes at least once. I still regret that I did not get to do that... The people I most envy are those who still have a mother."
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Ah didnt know that him even more now
I love him , after this moment, more than before..