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10 Things To Do When It is Too Cold To Go Outside

Winters can be brutal when the temperatures plummet, and the winds whip up ice sculptures using the falling sleet. During those days, you may feel as if you are stuck inside, and you may be. However, even on the most bitterly cold day of the year due to the biggest snowstorm of the century, you don’t have to feel down or blue. Instead, why not think beyond your regular daily activities and create some unusual and fun things to accomplish. Here are the 10 things you can do when you get to spend time inside for the whole day.

Splurge on Breakfast
Why not treat yourself to a wonderful breakfast with all your favorite things. Fix pancakes, French toast, fresh fruit, or even crepes. Don’t forget your favorite style of eggs and warm toppings to finish off the perfect meal.

Make Cookies
If you love eating cookies but never get the time to make them, why not take an hour to bake at least one type of the special treats. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from, and some are so simple and delicious that they don’t require any special ingredients. If you choose to make more than one type of cookie, why not share them with a neighbor or friend when the weather clears. Otherwise, you can choose to freeze the extra cookies for up to six months of deliciousness.

Plan a Vacation
Want to take an extra special vacation? Plan it now – just because you have the time. Where do you want to go and for how long? Will you go with someone or join friends there? If you don’t have concrete plans yet, at least take the time to jot down a list of ideas about what type of vacation you want to take.

Go Shopping
Give yourself an hour and shop online until you find everything you love. Make sure you set a timer, though, or you may find yourself sinking into a rabbit hole of shopping madness that cause your bank account to rebel.

Redecorate a Room
Take the opportunity to move your furniture around. If you have one of the newest fireplace inserts in your home, make sure to slide the seating arrangement close enough so everyone can feel the heat. Don’t forget to add a few blankets to the room for extra warmth on a chilly night.

Take a Bath
Taking a long hot bath can be such a guilty pleasure that you probably don’t do it often enough, so why not take the time to slip into the water while you are stuck indoors!

Wear Pajamas All Day
Give yourself permission to spend all day in your pajamas with a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and a good book as you curl in front of the fireplace. What a great day!

Read a Blog
If you have a favorite blogger, why not take a couple of hours to catch up on his or her latest adventures. If you blog, you can also use the time to write about your accomplishments on your winter, homebound day.

Win A Game
If you are not stuck at home alone, why not have a game day. Whether you choose a board game, cards, or a computer game, you can do a triumphant dance for everyone once you win the game.

Binge a Show
The blistery weather can’t keep you from enjoying your favorite show or movie, so why not give yourself permission to binge watch a couple of episodes!

You don’t have to be stuck inside on a blustery day; you can get the benefit of time inside in front of an amazing fire for some “me time.” It’s all about the attitude, so kick your feet up and enjoy yourself for the entire day. You may be surprised at how much you can get done when you are forced to stay inside by the outside forces.
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Get the Best Fold out Chair Bed for your Family and Guest
If you are looking for a fold-out chair bed, then you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of collection of fold out chair bed to choose from. Simply browse our site and choose according to your style and budget. We’ve all experienced the predicament of trying to find space for our visitors to rest. Not every person lives in a house with huge amounts of space and many are scaling back their lives to clear the messiness. The most practical piece of household item you can own is a fold-out chair bed. It’s a living room staple that has numerous capacities, from theater seating to the ‘dog house’. No house is finished without a sofa. There’s just something about it that unites the room. To the extent styles go, a typical fold out chair bed is offered in contemporary, traditional, and the center ground, transitional style. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be uniquely requested in various selections of fabrics and leathers. In any case, given the ongoing popularity of fold out chair beds, the market is loaded with this furniture in a wide range scope of sizes, shapes, materials, plans. So for a new purchaser, picking the top sofa bed could be a tough task. If you are thinking of buying a sofa bed for your home which has unimportant space to save, look at our rundown of best fold out chair beds to limit your search for the best style to suit your limited space. Reasons You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Fold out Chair Bed Investing in a fold-out chair bed would enable your visitors to look forward to visiting you and you never need to stress over where to accommodate them at your place. While the choice to buy a fold-out chair bed is an easy decision, examine the features before finding a comfortable one that fits your space and budget to ease out your choice. Type & Size of Fold out Chair Bed Before picking the sofa bed type, think if there are any warnings that assign the item you’re going to buy is a proper fit for you. You can go with a standard fold-out, power-open, or keep it simple with a miniature futon. Select your sleeping cushion as a standard twin, full, king, or queen, you’re ensured to reach a decent choice. Go for the innerspring mattress or rich flexible foam, whichever fits well. Choosing a fold-out chair bed with the correct size such a king-size mattress can give you enough space to move around when you are sleeping. But if you have limited space in your room, a queen size mattress might be increasingly suitable in satisfying your sleeping needs. Simply contact us at 800-707-0754 and get the best fold out chair bed as per your need.
Home Office Nook Layout
I am trying to redecorate my home office nook but I can't decide what kind of setting I want. I do know I want to sit by a corner with natural light. Here are the samples I found online. Since they all look pretty nice to me I have a hard time deciding. So, I'm asking you guys for help! 1. Back facing the wall and window on the left side. Why I like this setup: I get to see who's enter the room without turning around and the wall shelving will serve as a pretty background when I video chat with my family. 2. Facing the window with an open back. Why I like this setup: Summer is going to be hot but staring outside the window with keep me from feeling congested. The greens will also help comfort my tired eyes from staring at the computer screen for too long. In addition, I can possible turn my wall into a big cork board. 3. Facing the wall and window on the side. Why I like this setup. The front view wall space will offer plenty of room to serve as mood board. I can also extend the table create 2nd workspace for my husband. Well, he never brings his work home but he could accompany me when I am doing my own thing. And finally I have the biggest crush with this layout. Unfortunately, my room is not suitable for this type of styling. I will just leave it here because the interior design is cozy. Since I can't makeup my mind. Let me know what you guys think is practical. @waanderer @jordanhamilton @TessStevens @Jaileejailee @NaraA @stephosorio @MyAffairWith @adelinlin @primodiva93 @petname83 @mscocoasupreme @AlexiaSmith @Scheherashared
20 Technical Architecture Drawing Tips
The architecture of the building design is as important as the building itself is. There are a lot of complexities in architecture and design. There needs meticulous care and attention while drawn an architecture because technical negligence may lead to cause a big blunder in the project. So, therefore it is recommended that you keep your tools sharp and up to date so that you can match your pace with the challenging tasks of the society. Being an architect is not hard but being a professional architect is what really matters. Thus, learning in this perspective comes first and never stops in life. Some tools and techniques can sharpen your skills and expertise. Following, we will be discussing some important technicalities as 20 Technical Architecture Drawing Tips. The only thing which can help to boost your Architectural Drawing Services in the market in your skills and passions. These tips were evolved after interviewing some of the veteran architects so that we could bring you beneficial tips to learn. We hope that these tips will help you learn the internal technical labyrinths which definitely master you in learning the new aspects of drawing architecture. Let’s discuss what tips you should follow and keep in mind while drawing your architecture design. 1. Start Observing Technical Designs As a fresher or newbie first thing starts with observation. Because an observation leads you to be ready to grab a practical ball in hand. Your seeing and noticing the technical designs of the architecture are really helpful for grooming your mind in context with design. Keep in mind be You should have your own updated planning checklist. It helps a lot to keep yours on track. However, If you really want to complete the project on the time and under the budget then you should follow the house planning checklist. 2. Keep Your Drawing Board and Tools Clean Always make a neat and clean environment around you because a dusty drawing board can shake your hand pencils which can spoil your design. Similarly, triangle and scales should also be kept clean. 3. Cover Your Triangle With Wrapper Covering your triangle and tools with wrapping papers can keep it safe from dust particles and that definitely enhances their workability. 4. Draw Your Design Using an HB Pencil HB pencil gives enough clarity while keeping smudging to a minimum level. Use that to your advantage! You can thicken the construction lines later using a softer pencil (2B+). 5. See the Design With Interest Whether the design is bad or good always accept it as your job. Be like a doctor who sees every patient and can’t refuse to anyone. 6. Start Seeing Beauty in Constructive Geometry Shapes Geometry and trigonometry are the most interesting branches of mathematics so indulge your interest in observing the designs and shapes of them. 7. Try to Copy Others’ Designs Do not feel low on copying other architects’ designs rather adopt them open-heartedly and copy them to practice. 8. Use a Proper A2-A1-A0 Drafting Board Instead of improvising on an ordinary board, try to use the above-mentioned board so that your hand should be used-to broader paper. 9. Accept a Thirty-Day Challenge Accept the thirty-day challenge to make a drawing and get it checked from a sincere senior. 10. Mark Dotted Line to Show Back Edges of Your Design You should use a dotted line to show different angles of the drawing of back edges. 11. Follow Principles Follow the principles and rules of the architecture and design study so that you could elaborate it easily. 12. Know At Least Three Types of Axonometric Although there are various types of axonometric drawings out there that depict the same volume at slightly different angles. 13. Learn what A Dodecahedron Is And How To Draw It In Triple Projection And Axonometric. The dodecahedron is the most important area to be learned and drawing. Learn them and then start using them with axonometric. 14. Master the Triple-Projection Learn and utilize the triple-projection to use in your design. 15. Learn 100 Geometry Problems Geometry lies in the problems so learning them as Pythagorean theorem is really helpful to be the master. 16. Comport Your Behavior Towards Follow-up Don’t assume yourself an independent try to follow others’ ideas and learn from seniors. 17. Know to Draw Custom Ellipses in All Types Axonometric Learning just axonometric is good but adding it with ellipses drawing is far better. 18. Enthuse Your Spunk to Solve Any Geometry Problem Develop a passion to solve the geometry problems you come across. 19. Learn To Draw All The Standard Primitives Learn how to draw the standard factors of the geometry such as a cube, pyramid, cylinder, cone, tetrahedron, etc. 20. Start Learning Drawing Standard Geometry Shapes As soon as you involve in learning architecture design start learning the standard geometry shapes such as square, circle, pentagon, hexagon, etc.
Ace Divino
Ace Divino is a project established for “making house to homes” situated at Sec-1 Greater Noida West offering a problem free network to every single place of Delhi/NCR. Also, the plan allows to increase the reach of modern homes to them with a larger number of amenities by which they can make their financial plan and can pay us unproblematically So Why Wait, start your journey with Ace Group and Buy a Flat in Ace Divino. It is apparently associated with NH24, Greater Noida Expressway, DND flyway and FNG Expressway which make it epitome property for exposure. Its closeness to metro makes it more heart relieving. These stress-free homes guarantee you an ultra-luxury living and feel of modern stay. So, your dream has fulfilled by us through our project “Ace Divino”. So, if you allow us to make your dream home yours, here we introduced an Ace Divino 2/3 BHK Apartment Mission IMPossible, 20,40,40 Plan can be booked in an amazing cost you can’t expect at any place in Noida Extension, Subvention Plan offer of ownership presented alongside sharing of EMI for next a year. There are no hidden charges. The BSP set to Rs. 3699 for every sq. Ft (All Inclusive), but indeed you don’t want to pay the entire amount at the time of booking which fully abolish a financial issue that do not allow you to pay all amount at a time. In our 20,40,40 Plan, you can pay 20% as your first instalment and then 40% for the next two instalments. In this way you can make your dream may come true burden free and hassle free too. Our main agenda is to serve and take care of common people needs and aspirations. Also, the plan allows to increase the reach of modern homes to them with a larger number of amenities by which they can make their financial plan and can pay us unproblematically So Why Wait, start your journey with Ace Group and Buy a Flat in Ace Divino.
Benefits of Buying A Luminous Solar Battery
A solar battery is a battery that can be charged with the help of sunlight. They do not require any electric charging and can function efficiently during its run. The luminous solar battery is built with perfection and is a complete synonym of innovation. They are produced to give a large benefit to customers and are highly used all around the world. They can generate power throughout the day by getting once completely charged. They are produced by keeping all the needs of the customers in mind and to save energy bills due to its solar design. The idea of making a luminous battery originates after much research and development. Read More: Tips for the Maintenance of the Luminous Solar Battery Benefits of Buying A Luminous Solar Battery: Luminous solar batteries are sold in many parts of the world due to its amazing features and qualities. The solar battery from luminous is completely reliable and keeps you stress-free. Minute calculations and specifications are discussed and solved before bringing the product into the market for use. Following are some good reasons to buy a solar battery for luminous. Low Maintenance: As this battery's source point is from the Sun, it requires low maintenance cost. Once charged, it can function throughout the day. The battery needs a periodic fill of water which increases its working efficiency. Long lasting: Luminous solar batteries have a long life. The batteries are robust and made with the latest design and technology. This helps in keeping them functional for a long period of time. Their long lastingnes introduces more and more customers to the market of luminous batteries. Environment-Friendly: Luminous solar batteries are environment-friendly as they do not emit any harmful chemical into the environment. These are easy to use and are completely safe. Quick Charge: These batteries are charged quickly and can start working automatically when there is a power cut. There is no need to wait even when there is a power cut for longer duration as more than twenty four hours. High Capacity: Luminous solar battery comes in various sizes but all its batteries have high capacity. There is no need to fill them up or get them charged in short intervals. These batteries are highly effective and work efficiently in case of power cuts. Also, Read More: Benefits of Installing Luminous Solar Panel
Discuss some salient features of Blue world city
Pakistan has progressed a lot in the real estate infrastructure, and one of the main reasons for it is the development of multiple new housing societies. These housing societies provide the latest trends in the field of real estate. With marvelous roads, captivating views, entertainment attractions, and all the necessities of a lifestyle, these societies are changing the view of the whole of Pakistan. These housing societies have updated the real estate infrastructure of Pakistan as they provide the latest services to anyone willing to invest in them. The societies provide the inhabitants with a city inside a city as these have all the necessities that one may need to have to lead a good life Islamabad, which is the capital city of Pakistan, is a major sight for all societies. It is due to the fact that the capital city is always considered as the hub of special facilities in every country of the world. Bahria Town, DHA, Safari Villas, and many other societies are concentrated in the region of Islamabad. One of the new societies that are ready to compete with all the other famous ones is Blue World City (BWC). It is a society that is going to be a major step forward within Pakistan, especially in the real estate sector. It would give Pakistan a new image Some of the major characteristics of this society are as follows: BWC is intended to be the business center among the new societies of Islamabad. It is a depiction of the brotherhood between the Chinese and Pakistanis as this is a joint project. It would be the first-ever housing project where the two countries join hands. It would give the people an opportunity at employment. By doing so, BWC would be contributing towards the economy of the country as well by providing more and more job opportunities to the local people as well as our friends from China. BWC is at a strategic location where it is situated near the new airport, as well as the Lahore-Islamabad motorway. Bahria Town phase 8 is also situated close to this society as well as the CPEC route. This allows the residents that are present locally or the tourists from foreign countries an ideal place to live in. The people would have easy access to all the major parts of the city. One of the main reasons for the establishment of BWC is to accommodate the Chinese residents that would be making their way into our country due to the CPEC project. The location of BWC that is close to the airport, as well as the CPEC route, provides the Chinese residents ease access. It would be an important step in the progression of the Pakistani wholesale market as I would be designed to become the commercial hub where manufacturers from both countries will be taking part. BWC would feature residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouse plots, houses, apartments, and a special overseas block that would be totally dedicated to the overseas Pakistanis that are traveling to Pakistan. BWC also features easy installment plans for anyone willing to contribute to this society. It would provide the people with options to carefully select the desired property that would suit their needs. Parks, hospitals, educational institutions, power grid, etc. are among the major facilities that would be provided by the BWC. If you want further details regarding the BWC, then do not forget to visit the website gharbaar.com. Gharbaar is home to online services related to real estate and with a 24 hour round the clock support. Just visit the portal and explore the possibilities.
Tủ dụng cụ là gì? Nên chọn loại tủ đồ nghề nào ?
Giới thiệu về Tủ đồ nghề ( Tủ dụng cụ) Với tính tiện lợi và đa dụng của tủ đựng đồ nghề đã giúp vật dụng này trở thành bộ phận hữu ích trong lĩnh vực sửa chữa máy móc, công cụ.Chúng ta thử tưởng tượng, khi đang sửa chữa một thiết bị mà cùng lúc cần đến nhiều dụng cụ, chi tiết như tuốc nơ vít, búa, kìm, ốc vít, cờ lê… nhưng cứ phải mất công đi lấy từng thứ một. Chưa kể đến thời gian tìm xem nó ở đâu? Liệu bạn có đủ kiên nhẫn không? Chắc chắn là rất khó. Chính vì thế, bạn cần đến một bộ tủ đồ nghề thông minh vừa giúp đựng và sắp xếp các dụng cụ sửa chữa một cách khoa học vừa di chuyển một cách dễ dàng. Vậy mua tủ đồ nghề là gì?, nên mua tủ đồ nghề nào tốt và ở đâu? Hãy cùng Thiết bị trạm Gara tìm hiểu cho rõ nhé! Tủ dụng cụ (Tủ đồ nghề) là gì? Tủ dụng cụ hay còn gọi là Tủ đồ nghề (Tiếng Anh gọi là tool cabinet) là một trong những vật dụng quen thuộc trong các xưởng sửa chữa và sản xuất, nhất là các cơ sở chuyên nghiệp. Tủ dụng cụ giúp tăng năng suất lao động và chuyên môn hóa quy trình làm việc, ngoài ra còn giúp tăng đáng kể tính thẩm mỹ của xưởng. Nếu không có tủ đựng chuyên dụng, thì việc đồ nghề và dụng cụ bị vứt lung tung, vừa dễ thất lạc vừa gây mất thời gian trong khi làm việc, là chuyện thường xảy ra. Vì vậy, một trong những đầu việc được quan tâm khi thiết kế xưởng mới là chọn vị trí đặt và chọn loại tủ đựng dụng cụ đồ nghề phù hợp với nhu cầu và cách hoạt động của xưởng. Bài viết này sẽ cung cấp thông tin tổng thể để giúp bạn đưa ra lựa chọn sáng suốt nhất! Có những loại tủ đồ nghề nào? Có nhiều cách phân loại tủ dụng cụ như dựa theo cấu tạo, theo ngành nghề - mục đích sử dụng, theo chất liệu… Nhưng phổ biến nhất vẫn là phân loại theo cấu tạo của tủ đồ nghề đó. Theo đó, có những loại tủ đồ nghề cơ bản sau đây: Tủ ngăn kéo - Drawer Cabinets Tủ ngăn kéo di động – Mobile Cabinet Tủ kết hợp - Combination Cabinets Bàn làm việc - Workbench Tủ xe đẩy - Plaform Trolley Giá dụng cụ - Tools Storage Rack Tủ lưu trữ - Storage Cabinets Các loại tủ dụng cụ đều có rất nhiều kiểu dáng và ngăn để dụng cụ tùy theo kiểu dáng riêng. Vinaseen Miền Trung là một trong những nhà phân phối chính hãng (Không qua trung gian) Chuyên sản xuất và phân phối với giá cả hợp lý nhất hiện nay. Các sản phẩm được làm từ vật liệu thép, sơn tĩnh điện chống ôxi hóa với màu sắc đa dạng theo yêu cầu của thị trường Nên chọn loại tủ dụng cụ nào ? Vì nhiều mẫu mã nên chọn Tủ dụng cụ đồ nghề cũng phụ thuộc vào tính chất công việc của quý khách. Nên tham khảo về hình dáng, kích thước và số lượng ngăn, thiết kế của tủ để chọn loại tủ đồ nghề phù hợp nhất. #1. Tủ dụng cụ gia đình - MOBILE CABINET Tủ dụng cụ gia đình hay còn gọi là MOBILE CABINET là dạng tủ thiết kế nhỏ gọn, nhiều mẫu mã và hình dáng trang nhã, thiết kế đẹp đáp ứng như cầu thẩm mỹ và tiện dụng. Tham khảo thêm: tủ ngăn kéo di động (mobile-cabinet) Thông số Tủ dụng cụ gia đình Kích thước tủ (WxDxH): 550 x 350 x 600 mm Số lượng ngăn nhỏ: 03 ngăn đến 10 ngăn Kích thước ngăn nhỏ: W431 x D283 x H60 mm Số lượng ngăn trung bình: 01 ngăn Kích thước ngăn trung bình: W431 x D283 x H130 mm Ngăn kéo mở 100% Độ dầy thân vỏ: 1.0-2.0 mm Hãng sản xuất: Vinaseen Miền Trung Nơi sản xuất: Việt Nam Chi tiết Tủ dụng cụ gia đình Sản phẩm được sản xuất 100% tại Việt Nam trên dây chuyền công nghệ hiện đại theo tiêu chuẩn hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao xuất khẩu. Sản phẩm được làm từ vật liệu thép, sơn tĩnh điện chống ôxi hóa với màu sắc đa dạng theo yêu cầu của thị trường Được gắn 4 bánh xe xoay gồm có 2 bánh khóa, 4 bánh xe chịu tải cao, dễ dàng di chuyển. Các phụ kiện lắp tủ như ổ khóa, bánh xe, ray trượt ngăn kéo được nhập khẩu đảm bảo bền đẹp, chắc chắn, chịu tải trọng lớn, êm ái và ổn định khi hoạt động. Khả năng chịu tải mỗi ngăn kéo loại bé từ 15kg - 20kg, Khả năng chịu tải mỗi ngăn kéo loại trung bình và lớn từ 30kg - 40kg Tủ được thiết kế chế tạo đảm bảo chắc khỏe, bền đẹp về màu sắc và kiểu dáng, tiện lợi để sử dụng, độ bền 10 – 15 năm. Ghi chú: Tay cầm âm, có khóa, có tay xách Màu cơ bản: Đen | Trắng | Vàng | Đỏ | Xanh ghi #2. Tủ lưu trữ - STORAGE CABINET Là dạng tủ để dụng cụ lớn tiếng anh gọi là Storage Cabinets được sử dụng nhiều tại các trạm Garage, trạm HEAD lớn. tủ có kích thước lớn và nhiều ngăn để đồ.  Sản phẩm Tủ dụng cụ đồ nghề dạng Storage Cabinets thường được sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn hãng Honda, yamaha, hiện đang được cung cấp cho các HEAD trên toàn quốc. gồm 5 ngăn chính để đồ. 2 cánh mở 2 bên được thiết kế vững chắc vào tiện dụng. đồng thời có khóa an toàn. Thông số Tủ lưu trữ Kích thước tủ (WxDxH): 550 x 550 x 1030 mm Số lượng ngăn: 05 ngăn Tủ dụng cụ đồ nghề với thiết kế 5 ngăn chính, 2 cánh mở có giá treo và hộc phụ, có khóa Lỗ đột vuông trên cánh tủ được thực hiện bằng máy CNC, cho độ thẩm mỹ và cứng cáp hơn nhiều so với kiểu đột lỗ tròn thủ công Nóc tủ được thiết kế dạng cánh mở lên gắn bàn lề giữa để dễ dàng lấy và xếp đồ và cũng có thể sử dụng như 1 ngăn để đồ khi mở. Hãng sản xuất: Vinaseen Miền Trung Nơi sản xuất: Việt Nam Độ dầy thân vỏ: 1.2-2.0 mm Chi tiết Tủ lưu trữ Sản phẩm được sản xuất 100% tại Việt Nam trên dây chuyền công nghệ hiện đại theo tiêu chuẩn hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao Sản phẩm được làm từ vật liệu thép, sơn tĩnh điện chống ôxi hóa với màu sắc đa dạng theo yêu cầu của thị trường Tủ dụng cụ Được gắn 4 bánh xe xoay gồm có 2 bánh khóa, 4 bánh xe chịu tải cao, dễ dàng di chuyển. Các phụ kiện lắp tủ như ổ khóa, bánh xe, ray trượt ngăn kéo được nhập khẩu đảm bảo bền đẹp, chắc chắn, chịu tải trọng lớn, êm ái và ổn định khi hoạt động. Khả năng chịu tải mỗi ngăn kéo loại bé từ 15kg - 20kg, Khả năng chịu tải mỗi ngăn kéo kéo loại trung bình và lớn từ 30kg - 40kg Tủ dụng cụ đồ nghề được thiết kế chế tạo đảm bảo chắc khỏe, bền đẹp về màu sắc và kiểu dáng, tiện lợi để sử dụng, độ bền 10 – 15 năm. Ghi chú: Tay cầm chìm ở hai cánh dễ dàng đóng mở, có khóa Màu cơ bản: Đen | Trắng | Vàng | Đỏ | Xanh ghi #3. Tủ xe đẩy - PLATFORM TROLLEY Tủ xe đẩy hay còn gọi là Plaform Trolley là dạng tủ sản phẩm chuyên dùng trong việc đựng dụng cụ đồ nghề khi gia công, sửa chữa trong các nhà máy xí nghiệp sản xuất công nghiệp, trong các gara sửa chữa ô tô xe máy, đựng và di chuyển các chi tiết sản phẩm có kích thước nhỏ trong các nhà máy gia công CNC, nhà máy sản xuất linh kiện nhựa, linh kiện điện tử,  xe đẩy thực phẩm - thức ăn trong nhà hàng... Thông số xe để dụng cụ - PLATFORM TROLLEY Kích thước xe (WxDxH): 700 x 400 x 880 mm Số lượng ngăn để đồ: 04 ngăn Độ sâu khay trên cùng: 70 mm Độ sâu các khay còn lại: 50 mm Hãng sản xuất: Vinaseen Miền Trung Nơi sản xuất: Việt Nam Độ dầy thân vỏ: 1.2-2.0 mm Hoàn thiện: Sơn tĩnh điện chống rỉ với màu đỏ Chi tiết sản phẩm xe để dụng cụ Sản phẩm được sản xuất 100% tại Việt Nam trên dây chuyền công nghệ hiện đại theo tiêu chuẩn hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao xuất khẩu. Sản phẩm được làm từ vật liệu thép, sơn tĩnh điện chống ôxi hóa với màu sắc đa dạng theo yêu cầu của thị trường Được gắn 4 bánh xe xoay gồm có 2 bánh khóa, 4 bánh xe chịu tải cao, dễ dàng di chuyển. Phụ kiện bánh xe nhập khẩu đảm bảo bền đẹp, chắc chắn, chịu tải trọng lớn, êm ái và ổn định khi hoạt động. Khả năng chịu tải mỗi ngăn từ 15kg - 30 kg Xe dụng cụ được thiết kế chế tạo đảm bảo chắc khỏe, bền đẹp về màu sắc và kiểu dáng, tiện lợi để sử dụng, độ bền 10 - 15 năm. Màu cơ bản: Đen | Vàng | Đỏ | Nhũ bạc| Ghi Xem thêm: tủ dụng cụ gia đinh
Blue World City: A Pak-China Living Community
The Blue World City is a luxury-borne residential community that has been exclusively funded by the Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China. The investors of the housing society signed an MOU earlier this year with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China for the construction and development of this housing society. The purpose is to make the project a huge real estate initiative that will result in a fascinating Pak-China friendly community. With its impressive range of facilities and amenities for residents, the blue world city plans to become one of the finest residential hubs in the area. The lavish housing community also includes a splendid overseas block for foreigners, especially Chinese who wish to stay in Pakistan and prefer luxury accommodation. The Blue Group Of Companies (BGC) The Blue group of companies began operations around 1989 in Lahore by providing state-of-the-art construction and architectural design services to its clients. This firm is actually the Blue World City developer which quickly gathered a positive reputation of being a professional and reliable firm, offering quality customer services. With it’s innovative and high-tech construction services, it soon became hugely popular among its customers. The company is considered a diverse commercial hub for the following services: · Development · Marketing · Architectural design · Construction & Real estate · Commercial printing · IT support and a range of other high-tech services With an employee base of 300, it’s one of the most diverse real estate firms in the market. Quick Access To CPEC Route The Blue World City Rawalpindi provides quick access to the CPEC route because it’s situated near the Chinese route. The CPEC route has been specifically constructed by the Chinese professionals to enhance trade ties for the two countries. The housing project will help in the influx of traders and investors to the route and the city. This will eventually lead to higher business and residential opportunities for the community and CPEC. Blue World City-Overseas Block A significant reason why the community will enhance friendship ties between Pakistan and China is the development of the Overseas Block. This has been recently launched and has been exclusively designed to offer lavish facilities to overseas Pakistanis especially Chinese workers for the CPEC. It’s fast becoming a dominant feature of the Blue World City and a safe investment opportunity for Pakistanis residing abroad. Ideal Location Of The Overseas Block In Blue World City The Blue World City has an ideal location that will provide a direct connection with the Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city through the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The link will be constructed within two years’ time providing easy commute for the community. The Overseas block specifically has direct link from Chakri Road and will have it’s own designated gate. This will be connected to the main gate of the community which is almost nearing completion. It will offer easy access to the Chinese residents for CPEC routes and links within the Islamabad City. From a residential and economical perspective, the Blue World City plans to be a real Pak-China friendly hub. It’s the first new housing project in Pakistan that aims at bringing the two countries closer.
Cập nhật tiến độ mới nhất dự án Rose Town Ngọc Hồi
Là một trong những dự án được quan tâm nhất trên thị trường bất động sản phía Nam, dự án Rose Town Ngọc Hồi hiện đang được triển khai xây dựng đúng theo tiến độ đề ra, dần thành hình ngay giữa trung tâm quận Hoàng Mai. Cập nhật tiến độ dự án Rose Town tháng 9/2019 Dự án chung cư cao cấp và liền kề, biệt thự thấp tầng Rose Town 79 Ngọc Hồi được đầu tư và trực tiếp thi công bởi Tập đoàn Xuân Mai. Dự án được phát triển dựa trên những tiêu chuẩn chất lượng xứng tầm quốc tế với quy mô 4 tòa chung cư, 1 tòa văn phòng cùng 43 lô biệt thự liền kề. Được khởi công từ cuối năm 2017, đến nay sau 1 năm rưỡi thi công xây dựng hiện dự án Rose Town vẫn đang giữ vững tiến độ thi công đạt đúng dự kiến đã đề ra. Cập nhật tình hình thi công tại công trường dự án vào tháng 9 năm 2019, khu biệt thự liền kề thấp tầng đã hoàn tất xây dựng phần thô và đang trong quá trình sơn trát, hoàn thiện mặt ngoài. Cùng với đó, khu vực tòa căn hộ cao tầng cũng đang gấp rút triển khai thi công, hiện đang xây dựng đến tầng 8. Dự kiến chung cư 79 Ngọc Hồi sẽ hoàn thiện và bàn giao cho khách hàng vào quý IV năm 2020. Các dự án của Tập đoàn Xuân Mai hầu hết đều do tập đoàn tự tay chỉ đạo xây dựng. Luôn hướng tới những sản phẩm chất lượng, đẳng cấp, nâng tầm cuộc sống cư dân Việt Nam, do vậy khách hàng hoàn toàn có thể yên tâm về chất lượng công trình cũng mọi chi tiết hoàn toàn giống với bản thiết kế đã công bố. Ngay bây giờ, quý khách hàng có thể liên hệ với chúng tôi để sở hữu cho mình căn hộ cao cấp này. chung cư Rose Town Ngọc Hồi đích thực chính là sự lựa chọn hàng đầu của mọi khách hàng thông thái.