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Romanian cafe with a unique mood! Here's an urban cultural cafe created by a group of architecture students. The cozy space of L'Atelier Cafe is work of Marius Bocan, Vlad Paul, George Mosoia, Dan Paul, Bogdan Goția and Tiberiu Bucur . The aim of this cafe was to create "a link between space and personality, fed with cardboard inspiration and good coffee" From the developer: “The idea of planning was initiated by a simple thing – that need for a space meant to influence the mood at a subtle level of perception, that kind of perception which only culture might develop. Therefore this was a call for a room where to foremost promote and maintain culture."
what does l'atelier mean
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l'atelier is french and it means "the workshop" :) @joebiden
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this is great design!
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i really want to go here now
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