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PERFECTION. How else do you describe this???
@cheerfulcallie me too I will just continually stalk him online although he is absence on the big screen :( I hope he is coming out on something else soon though!! so I can see him on the big screen again hahaha @mrjockX you sir! need to watch Avenger and Thor hahahahahah to understand our obsession ;)
@mrjockX ahh humm...whateverrrr!!! You can't function a day without me and if so, you'll be sooo bored!! You're gonna be wondering what's Callie doing or watching?! Hahahaha!!
@ameliasantos lol and I haven't seen avengers either @cheerfulcallie I'm not your friend anymore cus you're mean ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
@ameliasantos10 yeah I did, I have been proudly stalking him on YT, looking at his interviews and whatnot...truly sad he won't be on it but we've had our moments together, of me staring at him online and hitting the replay button just to hear his voice, hahahaha!!!
@mrjockX get on the INTERNET and please start watching it now!!!!!!!!!! @cheerfulcallie did you hear??? Tom is not going to be in Avengers 2! T___T I am so sad and angry erghhh
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