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Taehyung Lotte Family Concert Pictures!!šŸ˜µšŸ˜šŸ’œ
Can we talk about Taehyung's black hair?!?! I love when his hair is black! He looks so freaking good with black hair!ā¤ *credit to the owner's of the pics & gif* in case you missed the other memebers pictures here are the links to those cardsā¤µļø RMā¤µļø Jinā¤µļø Sugaā¤µļø J-Hopeā¤µļø Jiminā¤µļø Jungkookā¤µļø ā¤ARMY TAGLISTā¤: @amandamuska @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul @gabstar143 @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraleteciaĀ  @HomegirlG @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @jiminiebae @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929 @krissynormam @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @Starbell808 @Taekookimonster @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokieĀ Ā Ā  *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTopĀ  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicacloveĀ  @olive07354Ā  @YungStatinĀ  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*
[1ģ¼1ė©¤ė•] ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Ø ė¹Œė³“ė“œ 2ź“€ģ™• ģ¶•ķ•˜ķ•“ + ģ—„ģ²­ė‚œ źø°ģØģ— ėŖøģ„œė¦¬ģ¹˜ėŠ” ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆź°€ ė„ˆė¬“ źø°ė»ģ„œ ė‚“ėŠ” ģ“ė²¤ķŠø
ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ ģ•ˆė…•ķ•˜ģ„øģš”! ė¬“ė ¤ 2ģ£¼ė§Œģ— (2ģ£¼ėŠ” ė§žėŠ”ģ§€ źø°ģ–µė„ ė‚˜ģ§€ ģ•Šģ§€ė§Œ...) ėŖØė“  ķ˜„ģƒź³¼ ģ•„ķ””ģ„ ė”›ź³  ėŒģ•„ģ˜Ø ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆėžė‹ˆė‹¤....慠慠慠慠慠 ė„ˆė¬“ė„ˆė¬“ ģ˜¤ėž˜ źø°ė‹¤ė¦¬ź²Œ ķ–ˆģ£  ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„?? ė„ˆė¬“ ģš”ģ¦˜ ģ§€ģ³ģ„œ ģ¢€ė” ģ‰¬ź³  ė³µź·€ķ• ź¹Œķ–ˆėŠ”ė°, ģ„øģƒģ—...ģ„øģƒģ—///// ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„ģ•™ģ•„ģ•„ģ•™ć„±!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 慁慊 ģš°ė¦¬ ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ ķ• ģ‹œģ™€ģ˜ ģ½œė¼ė³“ė¬“ėŒ€ėž‘ ķƒ‘ģ†Œģ…œģ•„ķ‹°ģŠ¤ķŠø ģƒė„ 3ė…„ ģ—°ģ† ė°›ģ•˜ėŠ”ė° ģ„øģƒģ— ė³øģƒģ„ ģˆ˜ģƒķ–ˆģ–“ģš”!!!! ė¬“ė ¤ TOP DUO / GROUP ģƒģ“ė¼źµ¬ģš” ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„!!!!!!!ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„ź°€ ėˆ„ź°€ ģƒ ķ•˜ė‚˜ ė°›ģ•˜ė‹¤ź³  ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ģ˜¤ė°”ķ•˜ėŠ”ź±°ėƒ ķ• ģˆ˜ė„ģžˆėŠ”ė°, ģ“ź±“ ź·øėƒ„ ģƒģ“ ģ•„ė‹ˆė¼ė‹ˆź¹Œ?? ė¬“ė ¤ ėÆøźµ­ ė³øķ† ģ—ģ„œ ģ—“ė¦¬ėŠ” ė¹Œė³“ė“œė®¤ģ§ģ–“ģ›Œė“œģ—ģ„œ ģ£¼ėŠ” ė³øģƒģ“ė¼źµ¬ģš”!!! ė§ˆė£¬ķŒŒģ“ėøŒ ė¶„ė“¤ė„ 5ė…„ģ—°ģ† ķ›„ė³“ģ—ė§Œ ģ˜¤ė„“ź³  ė°›ģ§€ ėŖ»ķ–ˆė˜ ź·ø ģƒģ„ ģš°ė¦¬ ģ• ė“¤ģ“ ė¹„ģ˜ģ–“ź¶Œ ģ•„ķ‹°ģŠ¤ķŠø ģµœģ“ˆė”œ ė°›ģ•˜ė‹¤źµ¬ģš” 慠慠慠慠慠 ģ“ź±° ģ§„ģ§œ ėŒ€ė‹Øķ•œģ¼ģ“ė¼ź³  慠慠慠慠慠 ź·øėž˜ģ„œ ė¹Œė³“ė“œģ— ź“€ė Øėœ źø€ģ„ ģ“°źø°ģ „ģ—, ģ¼ė‹Ø ė§ˆģŒģ„ ģ§„ģ •ģ‹œķ‚¤ź³ ...ķ›„ķ•˜ (ģ™œėƒė©“ ģ œź°€ źø€ģ„ ģ“°ė‹¤ź°€ ķ­ģ£¼ķ• ź²ƒź°™ģ•„ģ„œ ģ“ė²¤ķŠøģ— ėŒ€ķ•“ģ„œ ėŖ»ģ“øź²ƒź°™ģ•„ģ„œ 慠慠慠) ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ 2ź“€ģ™•ģ„ ķƒ€ģ„œ, ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ ķ• ģ‹œėž‘ ė¹Œė³“ė“œ ģ”¹ģ–“ėعź³ ģ™€ģ„œ, ź·øėƒ„ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ ģ£¼ėŠ” Euphoriaģ— ė„ģ·Øė˜ģ„œ, ź·øė¦¬ź³  ķŒ”ė”œģ›Œź°€ 500ėŖ…ģ„ ė„˜ģ–“ģ„œģ„œ ėÆøģ³ė²„ė¦° ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆź°€ ģ—¬ėŠ” ģ“ė²¤ķˆ¬ģš°ģš°ģš°ģš°ģš°ģš°!!!! ģ“ė²¤ķŠø ģ“ė²¤ķŠøė¼ė‹ˆģ“ģ“ģ“ģ“ģ“ģ“ģ“!!!!! ģ„øģƒģ— 慠慠ģ œź°€ ģ—†ėŠ” 2ģ£¼ė™ģ•ˆ ė¬“ģŠØģ¼ģ“ ģ¼ģ–“ė‚œź±°ģ£  慠慠慠慠慠 ķŒ”ė”œģ›Œź°€ 500ėŖ…ģ“ ź·øģƒˆ ė„˜ģ—ˆė‹¤ė‹ˆ!!! ģ €ė„¼ ģ˜ˆė»ķ•“ģ£¼ģ‹œź³  ģš°ė¦¬ ķƒ€ė‹ˆė“¤ ģ•„ź»“ģ£¼ģ‹œėŠ” ėŖØė“  ė¶„ė“¤ģ˜ ģ‚¬ėž‘ģ“ė¼ ģƒź°ķ•˜ź³  ź°ģ‚¬ķ•œ ė§ˆģŒģœ¼ė”œ ė” ģ—“ģ‹¬ķžˆ ģ¼ķ•“ģ•¼ź² ė‹¤ ķ•˜ėŠ” ė§ˆģŒģœ¼ė”œ!!! ģ“ė²¤ķŠø ģ¤€ė¹„ķ–ˆģŠµė‹ˆė‹¤!!!!! ģ“ė¦„ķ•˜ģ—¬, 1ģ¼ 1 ė°©ķƒ„ė©¤ė²„ ģ¹“ė“œė”œ ė•ģ§ˆķ•˜źø°ģ“ģ“ģ“ģ“!!! ģ¹“ė“œģ“°ėŠ”ź±° ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ ģ–“ė µģ§€ ģ•Šģ•„ģš”! ģ˜ˆė„¼ ė“¤ģ–“ė³“ģžė©“: ģ˜¤ėŠ˜ģ€ ėŖ©ģš”ģ¼, ģ™ ģ§€ ėƼķŠøėƼķŠø ģŠˆź°€ź°€ ģƒź°ė‚˜ėŠ” ė‚ ģ“ė‹¤. ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„ģ•™ć„± ėƼķŠøėƼģœ¤źø° ė‹¤ģ‹œ ėŒģ•„ģ™€ģ£¼ģ–“ģ–“ģ–“ģ–“ģ–“ 慠慠慠慠慠慠慠慠慠慠慠 ģ‚¬ėž‘ķ•©ė‹ˆė‹¤ ėƼģœ¤źø° ź·øź²ƒė„ ģ•„ģ£¼ģ•„ģ£¼ ė§Žģ“ģš” <3 <3 ģ œź°€ ģ¹“ė“œė„¼ źøøź²Œ ģ“°ź³  ģ“ėÆøģ§€ė„ ė§Žģ“ ė„£ź³  ķ•˜ė‹ˆź¹Œ ģ—„ģ²­ ķž˜ė“¤ģ–“ė³“ģ“ģ§€ė§Œ ģ‚¬ģ‹¤ ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ė„ ģ“ė ‡ź²Œė‚˜ ź°„ė‹Øķ•œ ė‚“ģš©ģœ¼ė”œ ģ¹“ė“œė„¼ ģ“ø ģˆ˜ ģžˆė‹µė‹ˆė‹¤!! ė¹™źø€ģ“ ģ‰½ź²Œ źø€ ģ˜¬ė¦“ģˆ˜ģžˆėŠ”ź±° ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ė“¤ģ“ ģ•Œģ•˜ģœ¼ė©“ ģ¢‹ź² ź³ , ė™ģ‹œģ— ģš°ė¦¬ ķƒ€ė‹ˆė“¤ė„ ź²¹ź²½ģ‚¬ ė‚¬ģœ¼ė‹ˆ ģ“ė²¤ķŠøė„¼ ģ—“ź³ ģž....ķ›„ķ›„ķ›„ ź·øėž˜ģ„œ ģƒķ’ˆģ“ ė­”ģ§€ ź¶źøˆķ•˜ģ…Øģ£  ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„? ė°”ė”œ Map of the Soul : Persona ģ•Øė²” ģ„øķŠø 1ź°œ + ė‹Øģ¼ ģ•Øė²” 2ź°œ ė¬“ė ¤...!!! ė‚“ ģ‚¬ė¹„ė”œ ź²°ģ œķ–ˆė‹¤!!!! ģš°ė¦¬ ģ»¤ė®¤ė‹ˆķ‹°ė„¼ ģœ„ķ•“ģ„œ!!!!!! ė‚œ ė‚“ź°€ ėÆøģ³¤ė‹¤ź³  ģƒź°ķ•˜ģ§€ ģ•ŠėŠ”ė‹¤ ģš°ģ–“ģ–“ģ–“!!!!! ģ„øģƒģ— ė©°ģ¹ ģ „ģ— ģ•„ķ”„ė©“ģ„œ ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ė“¤ģ“ ģ—“ģ‹¬ķžˆ ķ™œė™ķ•˜ģ‹œėŠ”ź±°ė³“ź³  ģ“ė²¤ķŠøė‚˜ ģ¤€ė¹„ķ•“ė³¼ź¹Œķ•“ģ„œ ģ œź°€ ģ•¼ź·¼ģˆ˜ė‹¹ź¹Œģ§€ ė°›ģ•„ź°€ė©° (ģ €ėŠ” ģ„±ģøģž…ė‹ˆė‹¤) ģ•Œė¼ė”˜ģ—ģ„œ ģ£¼ė¬øķ–ˆėŠ”ė° ģ„øģƒģ—ė‚˜ ģ™”ģ–“ ģ™”ė‹¤ź³  ģ“ ķƒ€ģ“ė°ģ— ė§žģ¶°ģ„œ ģ™”ė‹¤ź³  慠慠慠慠 ź·øėž˜ģ„œ ģ“ ģ•Øė²”ģ„ ģ–“ģ¼€ķ•“ģ„œ ė°›ģ„ģˆ˜ģžˆėƒ: 1. ģœ„ģ— ė§ķ¬ė„¼ ķƒ€ź³  ė“¤ģ–“ź°€ģ„œ ģ•„ėÆøė°°ģ§€ė„¼ ģˆ˜ė ¹ķ•œė‹¤!! 200ėŖ…ģ“ė‚˜ ė°›ģ•˜ź³ , ė‚“ ķ”„ė”œķ•„ģ— ģ•„ėÆøė°°ģ§€ė„ ė°•ģ„ģˆ˜ģžˆėŠ” ģ ˆķ˜øģ˜ źø°ķšŒ! ģ“ ė°°ģ§€ėŠ” ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆė”œ ķ•˜ģ—¬źøˆ ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ģ“ ģ•„ėÆøģž„ģ„ ģ•Œģˆ˜ģžˆėŠ” ģ‹¬ė³¼ģ“źø°ė„ ķ•˜ė‹µė‹ˆė‹¤! ģ–“ė–»ź²Œ ė°›ėŠ”ģ§€ ėŖØė„“ź² ė‹¤ ķ•˜ģ‹œėŠ” ė¶„ė“¤ģ€ ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆź°€ ģ˜ˆģ—ģ „ģ— ģ““ ģ¹“ė“œ ģ°øź³ ķ•˜ģ‹œź³  ź·øėž˜ė„ ģ • ėŖØė„“ģ‹œź² ė‹¤ė©“ ėŒ“źø€ģ— ė¬øģ˜ ė‚Øź²Øģ£¼ģ…”ģš©!! :) 2. 1ģ¼ 1ė©¤ė²„ ė•ģ§ˆķ•˜ėŠ” ģ¹“ė“œė„¼ ė§¤ģ¼ ģž‘ģ„±ķ•œė‹¤ (ė‹Ø ź°™ģ€ ģœ ģ €ź°€ ģ¼ģ£¼ģ¼ģ•ˆģ— ė©¤ė²„ź°€ ź²¹ģ¹˜ģ§€ ģ•Šė„ė” ķ•“ģ•¼ķ•©ė‹ˆė‹¤!) ė„¤ ź·øėŸ¬ķ•©ė‹ˆė‹¤. ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ 7ėŖ…ģø ģ“ģœ ėŠ” ķ•˜ė£Øė§ˆė‹¤ ėŒģ•„ź°€ė©“ģ„œ ė©¤ė²„ ė•ģ§ˆķ•˜ė¼ėŠ” ė°©ģ‹œķ˜ė‹˜ģ˜ ķ°ź·øė¦¼...! ģ• ė“¤ ė„ˆė¬“ ź·€ģ—½ź³  ė‹¤ģ±„ė”œģ™€ģ„œ ģ¼ģ£¼ģ¼ģ— ķ•˜ė£Øģ”© ė•ģ§ˆė§Œķ•“ė„ ź·ø ģ£¼ź°€ ķ–‰ė³µķ•“ģ§€ėŠ” ė§ˆė²•, ėŖØė‘ ź²½ķ—˜ķ•“ ė³“ģ…Øģ„¬? ģ œź°€ ģœ„ģ— ģ ģ€ ź²ƒģ²˜ėŸ¼ ė§Žģ€ ė‚“ģš©ģ“ ė“¤ģ–“ź°€ģžˆģ§€ ģ•Šģ•„ė„, ģ €ė ‡ź²Œ ė©¤ė²„ ķ•œėŖ…ģ„ ė•ģ§ˆķ•˜ėŠ” ģ¹“ė“œė„¼ ķ•˜ė£Øģ— ķ•œė²ˆģ”© ź¾øģ¤€ķžˆ ģ“°ė©“ ģƒķ’ˆģ— ė”ģš± ź°€ź¹Œģ›Œģ§€ź² ģ£ ? ź·øė¦¬ź³  ź¼­! ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Ø ģ»¤ė®¤ė‹ˆķ‹°ģ— ė°œķ–‰ķ•“ģ£¼ģ…”ģ•¼ ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆź°€ ė³¼ ģˆ˜ ģžˆė‹µė‹ˆė‹¤!! ķ˜¹ģ‹œ ėŖ°ė¼ģ„œ ģ¹“ė“œ ģž‘ģ„±ķ•˜ėŠ” ė°©ė²•ģ„ ģ•Œė ¤ģ£¼ėŠ” ė¹™źø€ ź³µź³„ ģ¹“ė“œė„ ź°€ģ øģ˜µė‹ˆė‹¤! ģ—¬źø°ģ„œ ģž ź¹!! [1ģ¼1ė©¤ė•] ģ“ė¼ėŠ” ė§ģ„ ģ œź°€ ģ““ź²ƒģ²˜ėŸ¼ ģ œėŖ©ģ•žģ— ģØģ£¼ģ…”ģ•¼ ģ“ė²¤ķŠøģ— ģ ‘ģˆ˜ź°€ ėœė‹µė‹ˆė‹¤! ź¼­ ģœ ģ˜ķ•“ģ£¼ģ…”ģš”!! :) ģ¹“ė“œė„¼ ź°„ė‹Øķ•˜ź²Œ ģØģ£¼ģ…”ė„ ė˜ģ§€ė§Œ ė‹¤ģ±„ė”œģš“ ėÆøė””ģ–“ (ģ‚¬ģ§„, ģ›€ģ§¤, ė™ģ˜ģƒ ė“±ė“±) ė‚˜ ė§ķ¬ė„¼ ģ“ģš©ķ•“ģ„œ ģ¹“ė“œė„¼ ģ—„ģ²­ ķ™”ė ¤ķ•˜ź²Œ ź¾øėÆøė©“...ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆģ˜ ėˆˆģ„ ė”ė”ģš± ģ‚¬ė”œ ģž”ģ„ģ§€ė„...ķ˜¹ģ‹œėŖ°ė¼?! ģ •ė¦¬ķ•˜ģžė©“! 1. ķ¬ė¦½ķ† ė°°ģ§€ ģ‚¬ģ“ķŠøģ—ģ„œ ģ•„ėÆø ė°°ģ§€ė„¼ ė°›ėŠ”ė‹¤. 2. ģ¼ģ£¼ģ¼ź°„ ź¾øģ¤€ķžˆ ė§¤ģ¼ė§¤ģ¼ ė©¤ė²„ ģ•ˆź²¹ģ¹˜ź²Œ 1ģ¼ 1ė©¤ė²„ ė•ģ§ˆģ¹“ė“œė„¼ [1ģ¼1ė©¤ė•]ģ„ ģ œėŖ©ģ— ģ““ ė‹¤ģŒ, ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Ø ģ»¤ė®¤ė‹ˆķ‹°ģ— ė°œķ–‰ķ•œė‹¤. ģ“ė²¤ķŠø źø°ź°„: 2019ė…„ 5ģ›” 6ģ¼ ģ›”ģš”ģ¼ - 2019ė…„ 5ģ›” 13ģ¼ ģ›”ģš”ģ¼ ģ“ė²¤ķŠø ģƒķ’ˆ: 1ė“± ) Map of the Soul : Persona ģ„øķŠø 1ź°œ (Version 1 - 4) ź³µė™ 2ė“± ) Map of the Soul: Persona Version 2 ėˆģ“ ģ—†ģ–“ģ„œ ģ•Øė²”ģ„ ėŖ»ģƒ€ė‹¤...ė‚˜ė„ ģ• ė“¤ ė•ģ§ˆķ•˜ź³  ģ‹¶ė‹¤ ķ•˜ģ‹œėŠ”ė¶„ė“¤!! ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆź°€ ķ¬ź²Œ ķ•œķ„± ģ˜ė‹ˆ ģ“ė²¤ķŠø ė§Žģ“ ė§Žģ“ ģ°øģ—¬ķ•˜ģ…”ģ„œ ģ•Øė²”ė„ ė°›ģ•„ź°€ź³  ė¹™źø€ģ—ģ„œė„ ė•ģ§ˆģ˜ ģƒˆė”œģš“ źµ­ė©“ģ„ ė§žģ“ķ•˜ė„ė” ķ•©ģ‹œė‹¤!! ģ–“ė µģ§€ ģ•Šģ€ ėÆøģ…˜ģ“ė‹ˆ ź¼­ ė„ģ „ķ•˜ź³ !! ė¹™źø€ģ“ėž‘ė„ ģ¹œķ•“ģ§€ź³ !! ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆķ•œķ…Œė„ ė„ģž„ķ•œė²ˆ ź¾ŗ ģ°ģ–“ė³“ģžźµ¬ģš§!!! ź·øėŸ¼ ė‹¤ģ‹œ ė¹Œė³“ė“œė”œ ėŒģ•„ź°€ė³“ģžź¾øė‚˜ ģ¶ģ¶... ģ§„ģ§œ ėÆøģ¹œ ė³“ė©“ģ„œė„ ģ•ˆėÆæź²Ø ģ• ė“¤ģ“ ė°›ģ•˜ė‹¤ėŠ”ź²Œ ģ§„ģ‹¬ ģ•ˆėÆæź²Ø ģ™€ģ•„ģ•„ģ•™ģ•„ģ•„ģ•… ģš°ė¦¬ ė©‹ģ§„ ė‚Øģ¤€ģ“ ģš°ė¦¬ģ˜ ģ˜ģ›ķ•œ ė¦¬ė” ģ•Œģ— ģ“ģ˜ ģˆ˜ģƒģ†Œź° ė³“ź³ ź°€ģ„øģš” ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ 慠慠慠 ģ“ėž¬ėŠ”ė° ė‚˜ ģ–“ģ¼€ ģ–˜ė„¤ ģ•ˆģ¢‹ģ•„ķ•“ģš” ģ—‰ģ–“ģ–“ģ–“ģ—‰ģ–“ģ–“慠慠慠慠慠 ģ• ė“¤ źø°ė»ķ•˜ėŠ”ź²ƒģ¢€ė“ 慠慠慠慠 ė‚“ź°€ źø°ė»ģ„œ ėˆˆė¬¼ģ“ ė‹¤ė‚˜ė ¤ź³  ķ•˜ė„¤ 慠慠慠慠慠慠慠ģœ¼ģ–“ķ— ģš°ė¦¬ ģ• ė“¤ ė¹Œė³“ė“œ 3ė²ˆģ§ø ģ°øģ„ģ“ė¼ź³  ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ė©‹ģžˆź²Œ ė ˆė“œģ¹“ķŽ« ģ‚¬ģ§„ė„ ģ°źµ¬ (ģ“ ķŒØģ…˜ģŠ¤ķƒ€ģ¼ ģ˜ģ›ķžˆ ė°•ģ œķ•“ģ£¼ģ„øģš” ģŠ¤ķƒ€ģ¼ė¦¬ģŠ¤ķŠøė‹˜....ķŠ¹ķžˆ ģ •źµ­ģ“ ģ € źø“ ķŠøė Œģ¹˜ģ½”ķŠø ģ–‘ė³µ...ģ ­ģ•Œ/.//.) ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ģ ķ”„ģƒ·ģ„ ģ°ģ–“ė„ źµ“ģš•ģƒ·ķ•˜ė‚˜ ģ—†ģ“ ģœ ģ¾Œķ•˜ź²Œ źø°ģžė¶„ė“¤ģ—ź²Œ ź°„ģ§€ė‚˜ėŠ” ģ‚¬ģ§„ ė˜ķ•œ ģ„ ė¬¼ķ•“ģ£¼ģ‹œź³ .... ź°™ģ“ ģ½œė¼ė³“ ė¬“ėŒ€ė„¼ ķ•œ ķ• ģ‹œėž‘ė„ ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ė©‹ģ§€ź²Œ ģ‚¬ģ§„ ģ°ź³  慠慠慠慠慠 ģ™€ģ•„ģ•„ģ•™ģ•„ģ•™ģ•„ģ•„ģ•™ć„± ģ—”ė”©ģš”ģ • ģ „ģ •źµ­ 慠慠慠慠慠慠慠 ģœ¼ģ•„ģ•™ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„ģ•… ėÆøģ³¤ģ–“ģš” ģ§„ģ§œ 慠慠慠 ź±°źø°ė‹¤ ķ• ģ‹œėž‘ ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ź°„ģ§€ė‚˜ź²Œ ė§ˆė¬“ė¦¬ķ•˜ė‹¤ė‹ˆ ģ§„ģ§œ ė„ˆė¬“ė„ˆė¬“ ė©‹ģžˆģž–ģ•„ ķ–‰ė³µķ•“ ė‚˜ ģ§„ģ§œė”œ ź·øė¦¬ź³  ė¬“ė ¤ ė„¤ģ“ė²„ ź²€ģƒ‰ģ°½ģ— ģ“ģ œ ė¹Œė³“ė“œė®¤ģ§ģ–“ģ›Œė“œ 2019 ź²€ģƒ‰ķ•˜ė©“ ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ ģˆ˜ģƒģžė”œ ė–”ķ•˜ė‹ˆ ė©”ģøķ™”ė©“ģ— ė‚˜ģ˜Øė‹µė‹ˆė‹¤.....ėŒ€ė°• ģ € ģ§„ģ§œ ė„ˆė¬“ ķ–‰ė³µķ•“ģ„œ ģ•„ķ”„ė˜ ķ—ˆė¦¬ė„ ė‹¤ė‚³ź³  ė¹™źø€ė„ ėŖ»ė“¤ģ–“ģ˜¤ź²Œ ķ–ˆė˜ ķ˜„ģƒģ“ ģš©ģ„œź°€ ėģŠµė‹ˆė‹¤.....ģ‚¬ėž‘ķ•“ģš” ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Ø....ģ‚¬ėž‘ķ•“ģš” BBMA.... 態態態態態態態態態態態態態態態態態 ģ“ ģ§¤ ģ§„ģ§œ ė„ˆė¬“ ģ›ƒź²¼ėŠ”ė° ė³“ė©“ģ„œ ģ• ė“¤ģ“ ģŠˆģŠ¤ź°€ ė˜ģ„œ ģ“ģ •ė„ ė†ė‹“ģ€ ė­ ģ“ģ   ģ•„ė¬“ė ‡ģ§€ ģ•Šģ€ ģ •ė„? (ķ›—) ģ§„ģ§œ ģ• ė“¤ ģ“ģ •ė„ ė†ė‹“ė„ ģ“ģ   ģ•„ė¬“ė ‡ģ§€ ģ•Šģ€ ėŒ€ģŠˆģŠ¤ź°€ ėė‹¤ėŠ”ź²Œ ģ•„ģ§ė„ ėÆæźø°ģ§€ź°€ ģ•Šģ•„ģš” 慠慠慠 ģ• ė“¤ģ“ ģ“ģ •ė„ź¹Œģ§€ ģ˜¬ė¼ģ˜¤źø° ģœ„ķ•“ ģ§€ė‚œ ė…øė „ķ–ˆė˜ ģ‹œź°„ė“¤ģ“ ģ“ģ œģ„œģ•¼ ė³“ģƒė°›ėŠ” ėŠė‚Œ 慠慠慠 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. ģ •ė§ 7ėŖ…ģ“ ģžˆģ—ˆźø°ģ— ģ—¬źø°ź¹Œģ§€ ģ˜¬ ģˆ˜ ģžˆģ—ˆź³ , ģš°ė¦¬ ėŖØė“  ģ•„ėÆøė“¤ģ—ź²Œė„ ķ° źø°ģØģ„ ģ¤€ź²ƒź°™ģ•„ģ„œ, ź·øė¦¬ź³  ģš°ė¦¬ģ˜ ģ§€ė‚œ ģ‹œź°„ė“¤ģ“ ė³“ģƒė°›ėŠ”ź²ƒź°™ģ•„ģ„œ ė„ˆė¬“ė‚˜ źø°ė»ģš” 慠慠慠 ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ ģ œ ķ—ˆė¦¬ź°€ ė‚³ģ•˜ė‹¤ė‹ˆź¹ģš”? Billboard Award goes to ARMY~~~~~~~~ ģ“ ėŖØė“  ģƒģ“ ģ•„ėÆøė”œė¶€ķ„° ģ™”ė‹¤ėŠ” ģ‚¬ģ‹¤ģ„ ģžŠģ§€ ģ•Šź³  6ė…„, 7ė…„ģ“ ģ§€ė‚œ ģ§€źøˆė„ ģ˜¤ė”œģ§€ ķŒ¬ė“¤ė§Œģ„ ė°”ė¼ė³“ė©“ģ„œ ė‹¬ė ¤ģ˜Ø ź·øė“¤ģ—ź²Œ ģ˜¤ėŠ˜ ėˆ„źµ¬ė³“ė‹¤ė„ ķ¬ź²Œ ė°•ģˆ˜ģ³ģ£¼ź³  ģ‹¶ģ–“ģš”!! ź·øė“¤ģ€ ģ €ģ—ź²Œ ķ–‰ė³µģ„ ģ¤€ ģ‚¬ėžŒė“¤ģ“ė‹ˆź¹ģš” 慠慠慠慠 ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Ø, ė„ˆķ¬ėŠ” ģ“ ģƒģ„, ģ“ ėŒ€ģš°ė„¼ ė°›ģ„ ģžź²©ģ“ ģ¶©ė¶„ķžˆ ė˜ėŠ” ģ‚¬ėžŒė“¤ģ“ģ•¼! ģš°ė¦¬ ź³ģ—ģ„œ ķ•­ģƒ ė…øėž˜ķ•˜ź³  ģš°ė¦¬ģ™€ ķ•Øź»˜ķ•“ģ¤˜ģ„œ ė„ˆė¬“ė‚˜ ź³ ė§ˆģ›Œģš”!! ė‚Øģ€ ģ¼ģ •ė„ ė¬“ė¦¬ķ•˜ģ§€ ė§ź³  ģ•ˆģ „ķ•˜ź²Œ ķ•œźµ­ģœ¼ė”œ ėŒģ•„ģ™€ģš”! ė³“ė¼ķ•©ė‹ˆė‹¤ šŸ’œšŸ’œ
ģŠ¤ķƒ€ė²…ģŠ¤ģ™€ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ ė§Œė‚œ ģ“ģœ ėŠ”?
ģ²­ė…„ė“¤ģ˜ źæˆģ„ ģ‘ģ›ķ•˜źø° ģœ„ķ•“ ģ„øź³„ģ ģø ģ»¤ķ”¼ ėøŒėžœė“œ ģŠ¤ķƒ€ė²…ģŠ¤ģ™€ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ˜ ė§Œė‚Øģ“ ģ„±ģ‚¬ėė‹¤. ėŒ€ķ•œėƼźµ­ ģ²­ė…„ė“¤ģ˜ źæˆģ„ ģ‘ģ›ķ•˜ėŠ” ģŗ ķŽ˜ģøģ„ ģ „ź°œ, ź·ø ģ¼ķ™˜ģœ¼ė”œ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øź³¼ ķ˜‘ģ—…ķ•œ ģŒė£Œģ™€ MDė„¼ ģ„ ė³“ģø ź²ƒ. ā€˜ėø”ė£Øė° ķ¼ķ”Œ ė±…ģ‡¼ā€™. ā€˜ėø”ė£Øė² ė¦¬ ģŠ¤ķƒ€ ė§ˆģ¹“ė”±ā€™, ā€˜ķ¼ķ”Œ ė² ė¦¬ ģ¹˜ģ¦ˆ ģ¼€ģ“ķ¬ā€™, ā€˜ķ¼ķ”Œ ģŠ¤ķƒ€ ģ»µ ģ¼€ģ“ķ¬ā€™ ė“± ė°¤ķ•˜ėŠ˜ģ„ ķ˜•ģƒķ™”ķ•œ ė³“ė¼ģƒ‰ ģŒė£Œģ™€ ķ‘øė“œė„¼ ģƒˆė”­ź²Œ ģ¶œģ‹œķ•œė‹¤. ģ•„ģšøėŸ¬ ėØøź·øģ»µź³¼ źø€ė¼ģŠ¤, ķƒœėø”ė¦æPCģ™€ ė…øķŠøė¶ģ„ ė„£ģ„ ģˆ˜ ģžˆėŠ” ķŒŒģš°ģ¹˜, ķ‹“ ģ¼€ģ“ģŠ¤ģ— ė‹“źø“ ķ‚¤ ģ²“ģø ė“± ė‹¤ģ–‘ķ•œ ė¼ģøģ—…ģ„ ź°–ģ¶˜ MD ė˜ķ•œ ģ„ ė³“ģ¼ ģ˜ˆģ •ģ“ė¼ź³ . ģ‹œģ¦Œ źø°ź°„ ė™ģ•ˆ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ˜ ė…øėž˜ ā€˜Make It Rightā€™ģ“ ģ „źµ­ ģŠ¤ķƒ€ė²…ģŠ¤ ė§¤ģž„ģ— ķ”Œė ˆģ“ ėœė‹¤ź³  ķ•˜ė‹ˆ, ģ“ė“¤ģ“ ģ„ ė³“ģø ė‹¤ģ–‘ķ•œ ė©”ė‰“ģ™€ ķ•Øź»˜ ķ˜ėŸ¬ė‚˜ģ˜¤ėŠ” ģŒģ•…ģ„ ģ¦ź²Øė³“ėŠ”ź±“ ģ–“ė–Øģ§€. ķ•œķŽø, ā€œė„ˆėŠ” ź·ø ģžģ²“ė”œ ė¹›ė‚˜ėŠ” ė³„ā€ģ“ė¼ėŠ” ķ¬ė§ģ˜ ė©”ģ‹œģ§€ė„¼ ė‹“ź³  ģžˆėŠ” ģ“ė²ˆ ķ˜‘ģ—…ģ€ ģ˜¤ėŠ” 21ģ¼ė¶€ķ„° ė‚“ė‹¬ 2ģ›” 6ģ¼ź¹Œģ§€ ģ§„ķ–‰ė˜ė©°, ķŒė§¤ ģˆ˜ģµźøˆ ģ¼ė¶€ėŠ” ģ•„ė¦„ė‹¤ģš“ģž¬ė‹Øź³¼ ķ•Øź»˜ķ•˜ėŠ” ā€˜ģ²­ė…„ ģžė¦½ ķ”„ė”œģ ķŠøā€™ ķ›„ģ›ģ— ģ“°ģ¼ ģ˜ˆģ •ģ“ė‹¤. ė” ģžģ„øķ•œ ė‚“ģš©ģ€ <ģ•„ģ“ģ¦ˆė§¤ź±°ģ§„> ė§ķ¬ģ—ģ„œ
ķƒ„ģ“ ģ•„ė²„ė‹˜ģ“ ģ „ķ•˜ėŠ” ķƒ„ģ“ ģ„±ģž„źø° with ķŒ”ė¶ˆģ¶œ ģ‚¼ģ“Œ ģ¹Øģ¹Øģ‚¼ģ“Œ
ģ–“ģ œ ģƒˆė²½, ģ•„ė‹ˆ ģ˜¤ėŠ˜ ģƒˆė²½ģ“ė¼ź³  ķ•“ģ•¼ź² źµ¬ė‚˜... ź°‘ģžźø° ź¹œģ§ ėøŒģ“ė¼ģ“ėøŒė„¼ ģ¼  ķƒœķƒœ! ķŒ¬ģ¹“ķŽ˜ ģ •ķšŒģ› ė“±ģ—…ģ„ ģ•„ģ§ė„ ėŖ»ķ•œ ģ €ė”œģ„œėŠ”...ķƒœķ˜•ģ“ģ˜ ź¹œģ§ ė“±ģž„ģ“ ź°‘ģž‘ģŠ¤ėŸ¬ģ› ėŠ”ė°...ģ•Œź³ ė“¤ė”ė‹ˆ ķŒ¬ģ¹“ķŽ˜ģ—ģ„œ ģ˜¤ėŠ˜ ģ˜¬ź±°ė¼ź³  ģ˜ˆź³  ķ•˜ź³  ė¼ģ“ėøŒė„¼ ģ¼°ė”ė¼źµ¬ģš”! ė¼ģ“ėøŒė„¼ ķ‚¤ģ‹  ė™ģ‹œģ— ģš°ė¦¬ ėÆøėŖØ ģ²œģž¬ ķƒœķ˜•ģ“ėŠ”.... ė¹µė”°ė‹ˆė„¼ ģ‹¬ģæµģ‚¬ė”œ ź°€ź²Œ ķ• ė»”ķ•œ ź·€ģ—¬ģ›€ ģž„ģ°©ķ•œ...ģ—°ķƒ„ģ“ģ™€ ķ•Øź»˜ ģ¶œķ˜„ķ–ˆģŠµė‹ˆė‹¤...Ā āŠ™Ü«āŠ™Ā  ė¶„ėŖ… 1ė…„ ģ „ź¹Œģ§€ė§Œķ•“ė„ ģ €ė ‡ź²Œ ģŖ¼ź¼¬ėÆøģ˜€ė˜ ģ—°ķƒ„ģ“ģ—ˆėŠ”ė° ģ–“ė–»ź²Œ ģ €ė ‡ź²Œ ķ­ķ’ģ„±ģž„ģ„ ķ•  ģˆ˜ ģžˆėŠ”ź±°ģ£ ?? ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ģŖ¼ź¼¬ėÆøģ˜€ė˜ ģ—°ķƒ„ģ“ź°€ ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶„ 慠慠慠慠慠慠 ė¬“ė ¤ ģ €ė ‡ź²Œė‚˜ ź·€ģ—¼ė½€ģ§ķ•œ ģ•„ź°€ė”œ ķ­ķ’ģ„±ģž„ģ„ ķ•˜ģ˜€ė‹µė‹ˆė‹¤!! Ā įƒš(Ā“Ā ā„Ā `įƒš)Ā  ģ ģ  ģ•„ė²„ģ§€ ė‹®ģ•„ģ„œ ėˆˆģ“ ģ“ˆė”±ģ“ˆė”± ķ•“ģ§€ėŠ”ź²ƒ ź°™źø°ė‘ ķ•˜źµ¬ 慠慠慠慠 ėŖ°ė¼ ź·øėƒ„ ź·€ģ—½ė‹¤ ģ¹“ģ™€ģ“ķ•“... ķ•˜....ģ§„ģ§œ ź·€ģ—¬ģ›Œģ„œ ģ£½ģ„ź²ƒ ź°™ė‹¤ ė„ˆė¬“ė„ˆė¬“ ź·€ģ—½ė‹¤ ģœ¼ģœ½ ģžźø° ģžģ‹ ģ„ ź““ė”­ķžˆėŠ” ģ•„ė²„ģ§€ė„¼ ė¬“ģ‹œė„ ķ•“ė³“ź³ ...(ķƒ„ģ•„ ź·øėŸ¬ėŠ”ź±°ģ•„ė‹ˆģ•¼...ė„ˆķ¬ ģ•„ė²„ģ§€ėŠ” ė‚“ź°€ ź°™ģ€ ė•…ģ„ ė°Ÿź³ ė„ ģžˆģ§€ ėŖ»ķ•  ģ •ė„ė”œ ģŠˆģŠ¤ėž€ ė§ģ“ģ•¼...ė„ˆėŠ” ė§¤ģ¼ė“ģ„œ ėŖØė„¼ģˆ˜ė„ ģžˆėŠ”ė°...) ź·€ģ°®ģ§€ė§Œ...ģ•„ė²„ģ§€ģ˜ ģž„ė‹Øģ— ė†€ģ•„ė‚˜źø°ė„ ķ•“ė³“ź³ ...(ķƒ„ģ•„...ė‚œ ė„ˆķ¬ ģ•„ė²„ģ§€ģ˜ ģ € ė¶€ė¹„ė¶€ė¹„ė„¼ ė°›ģœ¼ė©“ ģ“ė²ˆ ģƒģ• ģ— ģ†Œģ›ģ“ ģ—†ģ„ ź²ƒ ź°™ģ€ė° ģ™œ ź·øėŸ°ķ‘œģ •ģ„ ķ•˜ź³  ģžˆėŠ”ź±°ģ•¼...) ķ¬ģ™€ģ•™ ķ•˜ė©“ģ„œ ģ•„ė²„ģ§€ģ˜ ķ„ėÆøė„¼ ė”ķ•“ė“œė¦¬źø°ė„ ķ•˜ź³ ...(ķƒ„ģ•„...ź·øė ‡ź²Œ ė„ˆģ˜ ģ•„ė²„ė‹˜ź³¼ ģ•„ģ“ģ»Øķƒķ•˜ź³  ģžˆėŠ” ė„ˆź°€ ė¶€ėŸ¬...ė²„ 慠慠慠慠慠慠) ģ¹Øģ¹Ø ģ‚¼ģ“Œģ˜ ź·€ģ—¬ģ›€ģ„ ė°›źø°ė„ ķ•˜ź³  慠慠慠慠慠 ģ§€ėƼģ•„ ķƒœķ˜•ģ•„ ė‚˜ė„ ė„ˆķ¬ėž‘ ģž˜ ė†€ģ•„ģ¤„ ģˆ˜ ģžˆź³  ė„ˆķ¬ź°€ ģ£¼ėŠ”ź±° ģ§„ģ§œ ģƒķ•œź±°ė¼ė„ ė°›ģ•„ėعģ„ ģˆ˜ ģžˆėŠ”ė° 慠慠慠慠 ė‚˜ė„ ź·øėŸ“ģˆ˜ģžˆėŠ”ė° 慠慠慠慠Ā ą¼¼Ā ą¼Žąŗ¶Ā ą·“Ā ą¼Žąŗ¶ą¼½Ā  ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ķƒ€ė‹ˆź°€ ģž¬ė”±ģ„ ķ”¼ģš°ź³  ķ•œź» ģš©ė§¹ķ•Ø (!) ģ„ ģ‹œģ „ķ•˜ź³  ģžˆģ„ ė•Œ ģ¦ˆģŒ... ģš°ė¦¬ źµ¬ģ˜¤ģ¦ˆ~ ė­ķ•˜ź³  ģžˆėŠ”ź³ ģ•¼~~? Ā Ā (Ā Ķ”Ā°ā„Ā ā„Ā Ķœā„Ā ā„Ź–ā„Ā ā„Ā Ķ”Ā°)Ā  ģ§„ģ§œ ģ €ė ‡ź²Œ ź½ėƒ„ź½ėƒ„ ķ•˜ź³  ģ—°ķƒ„ģ“ ģ•žģ—ģ„œ ź·øėŸ¬ė©“...ģ—°ķƒ„ģ“ė„ ė‚˜ė„ ė¶€ė„ėŸ¬ģ›Œ ģ£½ģ–“ģ–“ģ–“ Ā Ķ”Ā°Ā ĶœŹ–Ā Ķ”Ā°Ā  ķŒģ‚¬ė‹˜ė“¤, ģ €ėŠ” ģ•„ė¬“ź²ƒė„ ė³“ģ§€ ėŖ»ķ–ˆģŠµė‹ˆė‹¤...Ā Ķ”āš†Ā ĶœŹ–Ā Ķ”āš†Ā  Ā Ķ”āš†Ā ĶœŹ–Ā Ķ”āš†Ā  ģ˜¤ėŠ˜ ķƒœķƒœź°€ ģ˜¬ė¦° ģ˜ģƒ + ź·øė¦¬ź³  ķƒ€ė‹ˆģ™€ ķƒ€ė‹ˆ ģ•„ė¶€ģ§€ģ˜ ź°øģš°ėš± ģ˜ģƒ! 態態態態態ģžģ‹ģ“źø°ėŠ”ė¶€ėŖØ ģ—†ė‹¤ėŠ”ė° ķƒœķƒœ ė²ŒģØė¶€ķ„° 1ģ‚“ ģ—°ķƒ„ģ“ķ•œķ…Œ ģ§€ėŠ”ź±°ģ•¼?? ė‘˜ė‹¤ ź·€ģ—¬ģ›Œģ£½ź² ģ–“ ģ¦ė§ 慠慠慠慠 ź°øģš°ėš±ķ•˜ėŠ”ź²ƒė„ ģ ģ  ģ•„ė¶€ģ§€ ė‹®ģ•„ź°€ėŠ” ķƒ„ģ•„, ė”ė”ģš± ģ•„ė¹ ėž‘ ģ‚¼ģ“Œė“¤ ģ‚¬ėž‘ ė“¬ėæ ė°›ź³  ė”ė”ģš± ķ–‰ė³µķ•“ģ§€ėŠ” ėŒ•ėŒ•ģ“ ė˜ģž!! šŸÆ: ģ—¬ėŸ¬ė¶€ģš°ģš°ģš“!! KPMA ķˆ¬ķ‘œ ģžŠģ§€ ģ•Šģœ¼ģ…Øģ£ !!! ģ˜¬ė ˆ ķ‹°ė¹„ ģ•± ģ„¤ģ¹˜ķ•˜ź³  ė¬“ė£Œ ķˆ¬ķ‘œ 2ģž„ģ”© ė§¤ģ¼ ģ£¼ģ–“ģ§€ė‹ˆź¹Œ ģ•Øė²”ģƒ, ģŒģ›ģƒ, ź°€ģˆ˜ģƒ, ź·øė¦¬ź³  ģøźø°ģƒ ķˆ¬ķ‘œ ģžŠģ§€ ė§ģ•„ģ£¼ģ„øģš”!! ė§ˆė§ˆ ķˆ¬ķ‘œė„ ź°™ģ“ģš”!!
V Saturdayā€™s! šŸ„°šŸ˜˜šŸŽ¼šŸ’œ
I know I know I did it again! šŸ˜­I was so busy yesterday I didnā€™t have time to post. But Iā€™m posting today and hopefully I can keep consistent with my cards! But anywho! As done in my previous card and the rest of the Bts team I will show you all my favorite songs and lyrics from bts and V! Again I have chosen 3 songs cause I couldnā€™t pick just one šŸ™ƒ The first song I chose is Boyz with Fun! This song is just a freakin BOP!! It makes you get up and dance to your heartā€™s content! The lyrics give me so much confidence to just go out in this world being myself and not care what anyone else thinks. And I feel like this song explains Bts so perfectly. They donā€™t care what others think of them while having a crazy fun time doing what they do! Also LOVE the choreograph when V leads the dance with his silly dance moves and the other members copy him šŸ˜‚ The second song I chose is Spring Day! The lyrics to this song especially Vā€™s parts hit right in my feels. I think I can speak for everyone that we all have a friendship that isnā€™t the same as it used to be. Unfortunately weā€™ve drifted apart from that person. That friend that we miss so much it hurts when you think of your time together but still have that hope of meeting up again. And the beauty of this song is that it doesnā€™t just have to be about a friend. It could be about a family member, maybe someone you loved once in your life, or even someone youā€™ve lost dearly to you. The third song I chose is Paradise! This song is my favorite out of the Tear album!! Itā€™s freakin amazing! The message behind it is so refreshing! I love how they reassure us that itā€™s okay to not know where we want to go in life. Itā€™s okay if we havenā€™t hit certain milestones. Itā€™s okay if we take it one step at a time. As long as we get to our goal while still staying true to ourselves is all that matters and what should make us happy at the end of the day. Whatā€™s your favorite song and lyrics?? Until next time peeps! āœŒļø Have a good night or day! The taglist is only for the "BTS ARMY TEAM" BTS ARMY TEAM: @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarza @cns1391 @jiminsnooder BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16Ā  @AngelaDarkness @animani @arihana @aRMy94 @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol297 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15 @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyunĀ  @ChristinaCovertĀ  @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie @Heol25 @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacungan @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94Ā  @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo @KeraDelatorre @KeraDelatorre @KpopMonster @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @lop0929 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuanĀ  @laurenkim3 @LostMage @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeartĀ  @MidajahRodrigue @nykechun @Nyxxonn @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @primolin123 @QueenPandaBunny @RKA916 @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @StefaniTre @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowit @Sugasadamsapple @SabaFishy @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 @Taetaeluvs @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 @warning @WinKonVIP @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearx @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @ynsamgwlk @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon @krissynormam @jiminiebae @Just2BLoved @Mochiroon @blessowmwago @echoxsoul @rodrickagardne @natsiepatsie23 @CrazyKitten
Jimin was talking about Tae releasing a song during his V Live today! He also posted on Twitter about it! I don't know exactly when he is going to. But we should all start preparing ourselves to be blown away by Tae! *credit to the owner (@cafe_army) for translating it* *eng translations of the tweet*ā¤µļø AHHHH!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! Tae responding to Jimin's tweet *credit to the owner (@cafe_army) for translating it* *English translationsā¤µļø* Jimin responding back to Tae *credit to the owner (@cafe_army) for translating it* *English translationsā¤µļø* I love themā¤ā¤ ā™”ā™”ā™”ā™”ā™”ā™”ā™” BTS ARMY TEAM: @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarza @Jiminsnooder BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16Ā  @AngelaDarkness @animani @arihana @aRMy94 @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol297 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15 @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyunĀ  @ChristinaCovertĀ  @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie @Heol25 @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacunganĀ  @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94Ā  @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo @KeraDelatorre @KeraDelatorre @KpopMonster @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @lop0929 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuanĀ  @laurenkim3 @LostMage @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeartĀ  @MidajahRodrigue @nykechun @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @primolin123 @QueenPandaBunny @RKA916 @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @StefaniTre @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowit @Sugasadamsapple @SabaFishy @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 @Taetaeluvs @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 @warning @WinKonVIP @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearx @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @ynsamgwlk @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon @krissynormam @jiminiebaeĀ  @Just2BLovedĀ  @Mochiroon @blessowmwago @echoxsoul @rodrickagardne @natsiepatsie23 @Nyxxonn *let me know if you want to be apart of the taglist* Kpop Council: @Halsyeon @WinKonVIP @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @kpopandkimchi Jungkookie Crew: @Yugykookie97 @Jiminsnooder @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarzaĀ  @VeronicaArtino @jungkookieeeee ~ā˜†JJP Shake it Crewā˜†~ @DefSoul1994 @Yugykookie97Ā @Just2BeLoved K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @Jiminsnooder @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTopĀ  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BTSMicDrop @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicacloveĀ  @olive07354Ā  @YungStatinĀ  @nickij @BTSLover14 @Mochiroon *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*
The Fairly Odd Parents!šŸ§šā€ā™‚ļøšŸ‘‘ Maknae Line (Bts) editionšŸ˜‚
I can't X'D This is the most cutest thing I have ever seenā¤ *credit to the owners of the pics* *credit to (@minimaochi) on twitter* *credit to the owner of the gif* Jungkookie Crew: @Yugykookie97Ā  @Jiminsnooder @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarzaĀ  @VeronicaArtino @jungkookieeeee Kookie Taglist: @StephaniePoore @MochiroonĀ  @StefaniTre @Just2BLoved @rhonwytewa1234Ā  @simpsonsamantha @arellanoĀ  @khrystelrĀ  @jeonraeyooĀ  @Got7lover0228Ā  @walkingintoyou *let me know if you want to be apart of the taglist* BTS ARMY TEAM: @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarza @Jiminsnooder BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16Ā  @AngelaDarkness @animani @arihana @aRMy94 @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol297 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15 @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyunĀ  @ChristinaCovertĀ  @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie @Heol25 @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacunganĀ  @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94Ā  @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo @KeraDelatorre @KeraDelatorre @KpopMonster @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @lop0929 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuanĀ  @laurenkim3 @LostMage @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeartĀ  @MidajahRodrigue @nykechun @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @primolin123 @QueenPandaBunny @RKA916 @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @StefaniTre @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowit @Sugasadamsapple @SabaFishy @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 @Taetaeluvs @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 @warning @WinKonVIP @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearx @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @ynsamgwlk @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon @krissynormam @jiminiebaeĀ  @Just2BLovedĀ  @Mochiroon @blessowmwago @echoxsoul @rodrickagardne @NyxxonnĀ  @kaylawalker929 @HomegirlG @herreraletecia *let me know if you want to be apart of the taglist* Kpop Council: @Halsyeon @WinKonVIP @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @kpopandkimchi ~ā˜†JJP Shake it Crewā˜†~ @DefSoul1994 @Yugykookie97Ā @Just2BeLoved K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @Jiminsnooder @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTopĀ  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BTSMicDrop @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicacloveĀ  @olive07354Ā  @YungStatinĀ  @nickij @BTSLover14Ā  @Mochiroon *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*
ķ˜„ėŒ€ėÆøģˆ ė”œ ģ„øź³„ 5ź°œ ė„ģ‹œė„¼ ģ—°ź²°ķ•˜ėŠ”, ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Ø <ģ»¤ė„„ķŠø, BTS>
ģ„œģšøģ€ 1ģ›” 28ģ¼ė¶€ķ„° ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ“ ģ‹ ė³“ [ė§µ ģ˜¤ėøŒ ė” ģ†” : 7(MAP OF THE SOUL :7)] ė°œė§¤ė„¼ ģ•žė‘ź³  ģ–øźø‰ķ•“ģ˜Ø <ģ»¤ė„„ķŠø, BTS>ģ˜ ģ‹¤ģ²“ź°€ ė“œėŸ¬ė‚¬ė‹¤. ė°”ė”œ ėŸ°ė˜Ā·ė² ė„¼ė¦°Ā·ė¶€ģ—ė…øģŠ¤ģ•„ģ“ė ˆģŠ¤Ā·ģ„œģšøĀ·ė‰“ģš•ģ˜ ģœ ģˆ˜ ėÆøģˆ ź“€ģ—ģ„œ ģ‹ ź°œė… ėÆøģˆ  ķ”„ė”œģ ķŠø ā€˜ģ»¤ė„„ķŠø,BTS'ź°€ ė™ģ‹œė‹¤ė°œģ ģœ¼ė”œ ģ—“ė¦¬ėŠ” ź²ƒ. ģ„øź³„ 5ź°œ ė„ģ‹œģ—ģ„œ ģ„ ė³“ģ“ėŠ” ģ“ė²ˆ ģ „ģ‹œėŠ” 22ģø ģ˜ˆģˆ ź°€ģ˜ ģž‘ķ’ˆģ„ ģ—°ź²°ķ•“ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Øģ˜ ģŒģ•…ģ  ģ² ķ•™ģ„ ķ˜„ėŒ€ėÆøģˆ  ģ–øģ–“ė”œ ģž¬źµ¬ķ˜„ķ•œ ģž‘ķ’ˆė“¤ģ„ ģ„ ė³“ģ¼ ģ˜ˆģ •ģ“ė‹¤. K-POPź³¼ ģˆœģˆ˜ ģ˜ˆģˆ ģ˜ ėŒ€ź·œėŖØ ķ˜‘ģ—…ģ“ė¼ėŠ” ģ ģ—ģ„œ ģ „ė”€ź°€ ė“œė¬ø źø°ķš. ģ²« ģŠ¤ķƒ€ķŠøė„¼ ėŠėŠ” ėŸ°ė˜ģ—ģ„œėŠ” ė“ė§ˆķ¬ ģ¶œģ‹  ėÆøė””ģ–“ ģ•„ķ‹°ģŠ¤ķŠø ģ œģ“ģ½„ ģŠ¤ķ‹“ģŠØģ“ ģ‹¤ģ œ ģ•¼ģƒģ˜ ģˆ²ģ† ķ’ź²½ģ„ 3Dė”œ ģŠ¤ģŗ”ķ•“ ģž¬źµ¬ģ„±ķ•œ ģž‘ķ’ˆ ā€™ģ¹“ķƒ€ė„“ģ‹œģŠ¤(Catharsis)'ģ“ ź³µź°œėœė‹¤. źµ­ģ , ģž„ė„“, ģ„øėŒ€ź°€ ė‹¤ė„ø ģž‘ź°€ė“¤ģ“ ķ•Øź¼ ķƒ„ģƒķ•œ <ģ»¤ė„„ķŠø, BTS>ģ— ėŒ€ķ•œ ė” ģžģ„øķ•œ ģ •ė³“ėŠ”ģ“ź³³ģ—ģ„œ ķ™•ģø ź°€ėŠ„ķ•˜ė©°, ķ•œķŽø ėŒ€ķ•œėƼźµ­ ģ„œģšøģ€ ģ˜¤ėŠ” 28ģ¼ ė™ėŒ€ė¬øė””ģžģøķ”Œė¼ģž(DDP)ģ—ģ„œ ź°•ģ“ģ—°ź³¼ ģ˜źµ­ ģž‘ź°€ ģ•¤ ė² ė”œė‹ˆģ¹“ ģ–€ģ„¼ģŠ¤ģ˜ ģž‘ķ’ˆė“¤ģ„ ė§Œė‚˜ė³¼ ģˆ˜ ģžˆė‹¤. ė˜ķ•œ ķ˜„ģž„ģ„ ė°©ė¬øķ•˜ė©“ ė°©ķƒ„ģ†Œė…„ė‹Ø ė©¤ė²„ė“¤ģ“ ė“±ģž„ķ•˜ėŠ” ė„ģŠØķŠøė„¼ ź²½ķ—˜ķ•  ģˆ˜ ģžˆģœ¼ė‹ˆ ģ°øź³ ķ•˜źøø. ā€œģŒģ•…ģ„ ķ†µķ•“ ź²½ź³„ ģ—†ėŠ” ģ†Œķ†µģ„ ķ•˜ė©° ģ˜ˆģˆ ź³¼ ķ¬ź²Œ ė‹¤ė„“ģ§€ ģ•Šė‹¤ź³  ģƒź°ķ–ˆėŠ”ė° ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ģ˜ˆģˆ ģ„ ķ†µķ•“ źøģ •ģ ģø ģ˜ķ–„ė „ģ„ ģ¤„ ģˆ˜ ģžˆė‹¤ėŠ” ģ ģ— ģ •ė§ ź°ģ‚¬ķ•˜ė‹¤.ā€ - ģŠˆź°€ ā€œź³µź³µ ģ˜ˆģˆ ģ€ ģ“ė ‡ź²Œ ķ•Øź»˜ ė‚˜ėˆ“ģ„ ė•Œ ź°€ģ¹˜ź°€ ė”ģš± ė¹›ė‚œė‹¤ź³  ģƒź°ķ•œė‹¤. ģ“ ķ”„ė”œģ ķŠøė”œ ė§Žģ€ ģ‘ģ›ź³¼ ģ‚¬ėž‘ģ„ ģ£¼ėŠ” ģ•„ėÆøė“¤ź³¼ ź“€ź°ė“¤ģ—ź²Œ ģš°ė¦¬ģ˜ ź°ģ‚¬ķ•œ ė§ˆģŒģ„ ė³“ė‹µķ•  źø°ķšŒź°€ ėģœ¼ė©“ ģ¢‹ź² ė‹¤.ā€ - ģ œģ“ķ™‰ <CONNECT, BTS> ėŸ°ė˜ 1ģ›” 14ģ¼ ā€“ 3ģ›” 6ģ¼ ė² ė„¼ė¦° 1ģ›” 15ģ¼ ā€“ 2ģ›” 2ģ¼ ė¶€ģ—ė…øģŠ¤ ģ•„ģ“ė ˆģŠ¤ 1ģ›” 21ģ¼ ā€“ 3ģ›” 22ģ¼ ģ„œģšø 1ģ›” 2ģ¼ ā€“ 3ģ›” 20ģ¼ ė‰“ģš• 2ģ›” 5ģ¼ ā€“ 3ģ›” 27 ģ¼ ė” ģžģ„øķ•œ ė‚“ģš©ģ€ <ģ•„ģ“ģ¦ˆė§¤ź±°ģ§„> ė§ķ¬ģ—ģ„œ
V Saturdayā€™s! šŸ¦ŠšŸŽ·ā™„ļøšŸ˜
Hello hello Armories! šŸ™ƒHow is everyone doing on this lovely second day of winter? šŸ˜¬ So Iā€™ve told you all my favorite hair color on J-Hope so now I will tell you my favorite color on V. And you probably already guessed it by the picture in the beginning. Itā€™s red!! Uggh itā€™s like perfect for him. And if you donā€™t agree well then take it from him as itā€™s also his favorite hair color šŸ˜‰ If you STILL donā€™t agree then maybe V can change your mind with these beautiful pictures and gifs. Ugh this color looks so amazing on him! Itā€™s like he changes into a different person with red. Also I love this color cause it makes him look a lot more like Nick from Zootopia. The resemblance is uncanny! I wanted to cry when I saw he dyed his hair again after so long!! šŸ˜­ I guess heā€™s heard my prayers or something! JUST LOOK AT HIM WALKING IN LIKE THE ETHEREAL PRINCE HE IS!! šŸ‘šŸ™Œ Seriously how is this man real?? šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜© *ALSO CREDIT TO THE OWNERS OF THE PHOTOS* The taglist is only for the "BTS ARMY TEAM" BTS ARMY TEAM: @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarza @cns1391 @jiminsnooder BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16 @AngelaDarkness @animani @arihana @aRMy94 @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol297 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15 @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyun @ChristinaCovert @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie @Heol25 @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacungan @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94 @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo @KeraDelatorre @KeraDelatorre @KpopMonster @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuan @laurenkim3 @LostMage @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeart @MidajahRodrigue @nykechun @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @primolin123 @QueenPandaBunny @RKA916 @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StefaniTre @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowit @Sugasadamsapple @SabaFishy @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 @Taetaeluvs @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 @warning @WinKonVIP @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearx @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @ynsamgwlk @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon @krissynormam @jiminiebae @Just2BLoved @Mochiroon
BTS From Nobodies To Legends!šŸ™ŒšŸ»šŸ’œšŸ˜­
Hello ARMY!šŸ¤— I came across this video on YouTube! I thought I would share it with you all! šŸ’œ ā¤ļø šŸ’œ Not gonna lie towards the end I started to tear up. BTS started as nobody. They didnā€™t have a lot of fans. Not a lot of people knew them! But look at them now! They are selling out stadiums with over 70,000 fans attending!šŸ™ŒšŸ»šŸ”„ They are dominating the world! They have accomplished so much! And I am proud to call myself an ARMY!šŸ’œļæ¼ļæ¼ I will always be here cheering them on no matter what!šŸ’œ *credit to the owner of the gif, video & pic* ā¤BANGTAN ARMY TEAMā¤: @Yugykookie97 @Mochiroon @QueenPandaBunny @MelissaGarza @kpopfan88 ā¤ARMY TAGLISTā¤: @amandamuskaĀ  @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoulĀ  @gabstar143Ā  @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraleteciaĀ  @HomegirlGĀ  @ifitnessvn @Ilovephases @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @JJiBin @jiminiebae @jkenshayla @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929Ā  @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @kpopfan88 @Kyla05 @MelissaGarza @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rebeccariley52 @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @soobak @Starbell808 @szewwy @TaekookimonsterĀ  @Tiffiedannie @wolfyplayzyv @yukigintokieĀ Ā Ā  *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist* K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTopĀ  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicacloveĀ  @olive07354Ā  @YungStatinĀ  @nickij @Mochiroon @LiyahBoon @BoyGroupKpop @blessowmwago @Lesha @jkenshayla @Kpoplover2016 *Let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged from the tag list*
V Saturdayā€™s!! šŸ˜˜šŸ’‹šŸ„€šŸŽ­
Hi hi ARMYS!! šŸ¤— So for those of you that donā€™t know, the Bts team are doing favorite solo songs of the members! Last time I told you my favorite for J-Hope. So today I will tell my favorite for V!! Annnnndd again I had a difficult time choosing šŸ˜©It was hard between ā€˜Stigmaā€™ and ā€˜Singularity.ā€™ They both have such unique sounds and are pretty similar to each other... so does that mean if I choose one.. Iā€™m really choosing the other?? šŸ¤”šŸ¤”hmm let that sink in. ANYWHO.. Iā€™m sure by the gifs you have figured out which song I chose. And that is SINGULARITY!! This song is like very rich, silky, dark chocolate slowly being poured over fresh juicy strawberries. And the visuals in the video are everything!! The taglist is only for the "BTS ARMY TEAM" BTS ARMY TEAM: @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarza @cns1391 @jiminsnooder BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16Ā  @AngelaDarkness @animani @arihana @aRMy94 @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol297 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15 @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyunĀ  @ChristinaCovertĀ  @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie @Heol25 @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacungan @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94Ā  @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo @KeraDelatorre @KeraDelatorre @KpopMonster @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @lop0929 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuanĀ  @laurenkim3 @LostMage @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeartĀ  @MidajahRodrigue @nykechun @Nyxxonn @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @primolin123 @QueenPandaBunny @RKA916 @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @StefaniTre @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowit @Sugasadamsapple @SabaFishy @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 @Taetaeluvs @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 @warning @WinKonVIP @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearx @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @ynsamgwlk @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon @krissynormam @jiminiebae @Just2BLoved @Mochiroon @blessowmwago @echoxsoul @rodrickagardne