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우주소녀 | [191205] [WJSN] 우주소녀와 함께하는 심야 아이돌❣ 잠시 후 11시‼ 네이버 앱 NOW 온에어를 통해 함께하실 수 있습니다 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️💞

네이버 - NAVER - Apps on Google Play
You will find neat, search-centered screen with organized contents, fun and trendy shopping, and our new feature 'Green Dot' which helps you find the information you want at all times. Download the New Naver app now to have brand new experiences in advance. ※ When updating, previous Naver screen will be provided by default. Select 'New Naver' from the Naver app settings to check out the changes in advance. 'New Naver' will be serviced as a default for new installs. 1) Search-centered home Home screen became lighter and neater, prioritizing on search window to help focus while searching. You can also easily access to other web pages by entering the URL in the search window. 2) News, Contents, and Trending Keywords on the right and Shopping on the left. Swipe your home screen to the left and right. On the right side of the home screen, you can easily view interesting topics just for you by adding 30 different subject editions/zones beside news. On the left, you will find trendy shopping items that are updated daily, and find your shopping status at a glance. We will keep working on offering new experimental contents for the left side of the home screen. Stay tuned for more updates! 3) Check out Trending Keywords in the Search Chart Check out more details on Trending Keywords, located on the right side of the Home. You can find different interests by age group and trending keywords up to 24 hours ago. 4) 'Green Dot,' a one stop button for various Search and Service Shortcuts Try search by image, voice, music, or even nearby stores by touching the 'Green Dot', green button located at the bottom of the home screen. Opening your favorite services or contents is also easier by using 'Green Dot'. ※ NOTE Please install Android OS 4.4 or above for a pleasant experience while using NAVER app. When encountering any problems while using, please send inquiry on Naver App's 'Setting – Customer Center.'
네이버 - NAVER - Apps on Google Play

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