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everyone dreams about this everyday
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@rinapodolska hahahahha i am sure we all have weird habits lol these days I am totally trying to cut down on my caffeine intake and rely on tea instead and yes juice when you are hungry I am with you for that one but you know a smoothie is def. more filling than juice hahaha
@ameliasantos10 yup dats me..weirdo..hahaha americano when I'm bored jasmine tea when I'm happy n juice when I'm hungry..I'm totally weirdo!!!! lol
@rinapodolska hahaha jasmine is nice too! the scent is very calming hahahaahhah drinking americano when you are bored? lol I rely on americano to live hahaha
@ameliasantos10 haha it's true!! well my fav tea is jsmine green tea n whenever I'm bored double americano will suit me better
@rinapodolska yes they are different but I am sure they all have the same calming effect haah what's your favourite tea? lol @cheerfulcallie green tea is amazing and did you know it helps with metabolism? hahaha