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WAIT. FINALLY. OVER! And I think worth it! :) Could this week’s episodes surpass the fabness of the previous ones? I think so … That kiss triggers Song Yi’s caring side, tending to Min Joon when he falls sick this week. Don’t tell me spit-swapping with an earthling really is bad for an alien? Meanwhile, there’s a lot of facing up to things and people, too, like Se Mi approaching Min Joon, psycho Jae Kyung throwing the gauntlet down at him, and Song Yi [maybe] realizing that he is her Superman. And now, we wait again … ;) Here's the Eng Sub ! SY: Do Min Joon-shi, Do Min Joon-shi.... Is he dead? Is this your first time (getting sick)? HK: why are you coming out of DMJ's house? Where is he? SM: what is the relationship between that guy (MJ) and SY? MJ: Who (are you)? SM: I'm Yoo Semi. SY: What is your ideal type? Me, I like someone who could be by my side for a very long time. Lawyer Jang: (too complicated for me sawrry anyway he seems to tell MJ that "it would hurt more if he'd leave right when their love deepens" something like that... JK: CSY, Song yi-ah... You're DMJ, right? You have it, don't you? The USB.
I can't wait to sit down and watch this!!!~ totally waiting to see what happens after the kiss
omoo...i cant wait for the nx episode...