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Judith my co-worker made this and it was sooo yummai!!!
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@curtis .....*grabs and shakes you*...whats the matter with you? are you not human?? how can you not like cream cheese???.....*sigh*....fine, fine, fine, honestly i can do cream cheese and butter cream but ill usually scrape it off and leave a thin layer b/c i dont like my desserts overly sweet....i prefer whip topping, now thats YUMMAI....dont tell me, you no like that either??
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this looks amazing and omg the cream chese :D *_*
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red velvet!!! my all time favorite... and wow cream cheese?? who could say no to this?!
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@ameliasantos10 and @studio23 im glad you ladies likes cream cheese, so do i (*_*)
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looks scrumptious♥♥
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