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How to Use an Air Purifier

How to use air purifier? An air purifier is a piece of technology to improve the living condition of our home, it is a device to purify the air in the room. Air purifier filters pollution, germs, viruses and many other allergens, especially if you have a pet like a dog or a cat that makes a lot of dust. An air purifier is wonderful and costly at the same time, so you have the Air purifier but don’t know how to use an air purifier? Or simply need more tips to maximize efficiency? We got you to cover and gather tips and tricks on How to use an air Purifier.

1. Placement
Purifier needs space to purify obviously, it needs at least free of obstruction in all of its side, and also above. Make sure your air purifier has also suited the room, a large room with a small air purifier is not as efficient as smaller ones, so make sure the air purifier is placed in the room its suits for.

2. Direction
the large room makes sure the air purifier faced in the most beneficial direction, such as pointed at your resting places like sofa or bed, while in a smaller room you can place it anywhere as long it’s not obstructed, the fresh air from air purifier mostly will circulate through the room.

3. Change Filter
Air Purifier had Change Filter Indicator to indicate the condition of the filter, the clogged filter makes the air purifier works harder and not as efficient doing its job, make sure the filer is cleaned according to manufacturer recommendation or the indicator.

Some people also do not how long the air purifier stays should on. We got you covered on how to use an air purifier. Preferably all the time, an air purifier is a filter and without the filter, the air surrounding your room will begin to contaminate all over again. The cost of running air purifier is about $2.88 for a month if the power consumption is 40W with the rate of electricity of 0.10 for 30 days, a great bargain if you ask me. You, of course, can choose the speed of the fan to minimize the sound os air purifier produces.

That means when you sleep you should turn on air purifier as well, while you sleep the air surrounding the room also should be conditioned to meet the best possible air condition for a good quality of sleep. Do not forget to close the window as Air Purifier having difficulty to neutralize outside air, to get rid of germs and other pollution.

Air Purifier need to do its job in a closed room so it can maximize its effort to clean the air in the room. So our advice, we hope you can maximize the efficiency of the air purifier and finally upgrade your living condition by getting rid of all those pollution and germ in the room and that it on How to Use an air purifier.
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