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Why was the special edition Orient 1010 released?

The special edition Orient 1010 watch will be officially sold in Vietnam market on December 14, 2019. However, many people still do not know the "birth" of the Orient 1010 watch this very special version. Let's find out with TopWatch through the article below.
1, Why was the special edition Orient 1010 released?
Reading the name Orient 1010 many people will probably find quite wondering why the company named this name. Official and accurate information from the company, is this special version is produced and designed specifically for the Vietnamese market. The reason is that on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi, King Ly Cong Uan moved the capital from Hoa Lu citadel to Thang Long - Hanoi today.
Recognizing this important historical event as well as appreciating the indomitable spirit of our nation, Orient Japanese watch brand has launched this special edition Orient 1010 watch this time. Let's recall that heroic moment through the translation of the Capital's Proposition of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences below:
“In the past, the Thuong Dynasty and Ban Canh dynasty moved the capital five times, the Zhou dynasty moved to Thanh Vuong three times to move the capital, and must the kings of the Three Great dynasty move by their own accord. In doing so, in order to have a great career, choose in the middle, make plans for the descendants of thousands of generations, on the heavenly destiny, under the will of the people, if there is a convenient place, they should change, so the country will move for long, customary prosperous. Yet the Dinh and Le dynasties, in their own opinion, disregarded the destiny of the sky, not following the old Thuong Chu's deeds, and remained in the capital here, so much so that the world was not long, their fortunes were short, hundreds of them were lost, everything does not match. I do my very painful, can not move.
The case of Dai La citadel, the former capital of Cao Vuong, was in the center of heaven and earth, dragged by a tiger, in the middle of the north, south, east, and west. This area is wide and flat, the earth is high and bright, the population is not low and dark, everything is very prosperous and prosperous. See all over Vietnam that is the place of victory, it is an important gathering place of the four directions.
I want to benefit from the advantages of locating, so what do you think? ”
Can feel the spirit as well as the will of the king and the army of our country through every word of the Royal Capital move. The special edition Orient 1010 watch collection has also been designed inspired by this. Admire the image of the Orient 1010 Special Edition below.
2, Pictures of Orient 1010 Special Edition watches
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