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The best way to put it is that you need to leave all your authentic Hawaiian shirts ( you know the grandpa style's Hawaiian shirt that could fit 2 people in it, or worst the one with lots of repetitive palm trees, tomato prints, pineapple prints) and only wear them in Hawaii!!!!! When you are not in Hawaii, do wear Hawaiian inspired shirts and prints instead. The silhouette of these new inspired Hawaiian shirts is more suitable to wear and walk around any city in the summer time without making you looking like some jack ass at the poker table in Las Vegas and trust me, these new Hawaiian shirts do fit you body better. This Springs and Summer 2014, many designers have embrace Hawaiian theme on their runways. So if you are in to this type of style, you are in luck. This season is your chance to get some really cool shirts. More update trends on Hawaiian shirts, how to wear them. Check out article and pics.
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Not sure if I go for any of these except for the first shirt