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Time to focus on Adam Levine's style. The lead singer of Maroon 5, a fashion business entrepreneur and a judge/mentor on NBC show "The Voice" got some cool styles. It might not be what you think one should be wearing when you are talking about a rock star. Let's take a look!
I must agree hahah yes the preppy looks that he pulls out sometimes hahaha i think Adam is def. unique in his own way because he has the rocker's look and yet he can soften it just with a cardigan too
Probably for me, it's the White T's and Jeans look. Rarely I see celebs wears it these days or looking great in them. Adam looks great wearing it. I also love when he brings out his knitted cardigans, It totally changes & soften the tough guy look, it's doing "preppy" Adam's way. I think it's cool. Thanks for "likes" btw ;)
@Meninstyles Adam Levine is probably the best dressed men out there I feel like he never let you down on his fashion hahaha I love it when he sports just a tee and jeans just a simple style but he pulls it off amazingly.. what about you? which styles do you like most? haha