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(Op-ed) The Mystery of Disappearing Youtube Views of BTS 'Boy with Luv' Music Video
It's still a mystery where the Youtube views have gone. On April 12th, BTS released the music video of 'Boy with Luv' -- the title track of their album 'Map of the Soul: Persona' -- on Youtube. Not to mention, fans had been so excited to enjoy the MV on the video platform. On top of that, ARMYs have also joined forces to stream the music video to show supports (and break records) on Youtube.  Unfortunately, several fans have found that the view counts of 'Boy with Luv' has "mysteriously" gone. ARMYs claimed that Youtube has deleted at least 10 million views from the video and even trended hashtag #YouTubeGiveUsOur10MillionBack worldwide. Some others believe that it's not 10 million but at least 22 million views disappeared in total.  So, did Youtube delete it? Let's see what's really going on. Fans have reached Youtube on Twitter and the video platform broke the silence with their statement, "We don't delete views! We do slow or freeze the view count for popular videos while we verify that views are real—that shows the system is working as intended. We still count every view. Once quality views are counted, view count updates more frequently." That's what they say.  According to Youtube, they slow or freeze because they want to make sure the views are real. Well, yes, it's totally logical since we all don't want to get fake numbers. Youtube views are frozen because they are going through it, making sure they are not from bots and they slowly add the checked ones. So, why does Youtube take some view counts that they have checked and submitted already? That's what we think.  Well, eventually, no one knows what really happened with the view counts -- only Youtube does. BUT. Thanks to ARMYs' loyal support to BTS, the music video has achieved three different Guinness World Records: 'Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours,' 'Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours,' 'Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group.' What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen? We hope there will be no more confusion about Youtube view counts in the future -- not only for BTS' videos but also for others'.  #BTS #BTSgiveaway #giveaway #BoyWithLuv #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_PERSONA #PERSONAWelcomeParty
Growing your youtube subscriber in the UK
You recognize the power of motion pictures for your enterprise and how instrumental they can be in drawing extra site visitors in your internet site. In case you want all of that, you want to boom your publicity and your target audience will comply with it. Youtube subscribers to grow your commercial enterprise Youtube subscribers are human beings who've willingly chosen to be a part of your target audience. They may be involved sufficient for your content material to want to look at your video and to preserve to look at your movies buy subscribers uk as you percentage them online. These are precisely the human beings whom you need following you around. In case your films are compelling and exciting sufficient, humans will not handiest want to observe them but they'll also be obsessed with sharing them with different human beings as well. They may also be inclined to leave remarks for you and thrilling discussions will turn up. In different phrases, with the proper fan, your videos can cross viral. There are many exclusive methods that you could grow your site visitors and online publicity and the following guidelines are a number of those: Consistency As is the case with all different sorts of on-line content material, it's miles the identical with videos. If you publish one video one time and that is the cease of it, you won't be allowing other people the possibility to form relationships with you. Consistency is fundamental. You want people to return to expect a certain level of quality from you as well as a certain extent at a sure time and on precise days (if possible). The greater regularly you percentage first-rate motion pictures together with your audience, the greater they may keep in mind you and the more they'll be encouraging you to maintain contributing for their viewing pleasure. It's far all a crucial part of constructing relationships. Make a contribution value If your motion pictures have no value, your audience members will no longer be inclined to come back to you time and time once more. You have to never scrimp when it comes to the best of your videos. In truth, if in any respect viable, you must continuously attempt to deliver higher-excellent content on every occasion. You need to constantly try to raise the bar. Submit first-rate content material Everyone loves to study new things all of the time. Suggestions and hints are usually very well received. Your content has to be expressed in an innovative, innovative, compelling, and academic manner in order that your audience walks away from your motion pictures with the feeling that their lives are at the least barely progressed over what they had been before viewing the video. Invite people to subscribe A quick and clean way to grow your audience is by using inviting them to subscribe right within the video. You shouldn't take it with no consideration that they'll subscribe just because they may be viewing your video. It isn't always necessarily sufficient. Make sure which you encompass some type of call-to-movement, which asks your audience to subscribe (it have to be within the shape of a "subscribe" button so that it is simple on your target market). The call-to-motion needs to inform your target audience contributors what to do, the way to do it and why to do it. It'll be crystal clear to them. Annotate Annotations are colored sticky notes that human beings are able to insert into their films for brought conversation. An annotation is perfect for a call-to-action. You could also upload a graphic image if you want to get the eye of your subscribers. The rule of thumb (on the subject of getting your target market members to do what you need them to do) is to make it as easy as viable for them. They don't have the time or staying power to waste time or electricity on something that may not paintings without difficulty for them. Upload a youtube widget for your weblog It's far an extremely good idea to allow your target market contributors to know approximately your youtube video to your blog or some other kind of content material that you are sharing. That is a wonderful manner to benefit elevated exposure and greater visitors. With the clicking of a button, you may potentially benefit lots of greater traffic. Form a strategic partnership Every other extraordinary way to increase your publicity and attain is by using forming a partnership with someone who may be proper on your business (and you, in flip, may be appropriate for his or hers). You may integrate your featured youtube channels and your audience numbers will grow exponentially. It is very exciting. Engage in a totally everyday foundation It is very critical to keep in mind that youtube is a social community, similar to FB, Linkedin, and Twitter. As soon as you have got put it into the right angle and also you have interaction with the alternative contributors of your circle the way you would with any other social media network, your outcomes will improve dramatically. Interacting with others additionally manner that you may proportion their films with other people just as you wish they will do with yours. Proportion your proper fortune As you preserve on the street to fulfillment, you must percentage your fine outcomes with different people. That is a top-notch manner to keep strengthening your relationships and as you maintain to connect to others, you will see that they will want that will help you in any way that they could. No longer most effective should you share other motion pictures that you are feeling are profitable but you have to additionally depart feedback as a way to begin thrilling discussions.