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Check out this new Mexican retro-chic cafe! The interior is a mixture of dark-toned woods, splashy contrasting turquoise and pink prints, with traditional tiles, and chaotic mix of fonts around the cafe. The result of this fusion design is a retro-chic aesthetic theme. When asked about the inspiration behind the design, Cielito’s designer Héctor Esrawe says, “is to reflect our reality as a Mexican culture and also as a Latin culture. There’s an order in this chaos."I must agree it does look a little chaotic but I really like how they use typography with vibrant colors creating high contrasts all over the cafe...
Colors, repetition & clashing of unexpected patterns made a huge impact here. The word "del Cielo" on the ceiling is a great touch.
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couldn't agree with you more.. glad you noticed it! @meninstyles
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