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When it comes to minimalistic interior designing, geometrical shapes definitely play a big role. The Arthouse Cafe, located in Hangzhou, China was designed by Joey Ho and is based on a futuristic concept with the idea of moving triangles. He mainly uses three-dimensional triangle shapes with openings to create a dynamic environment around the cafe's seating area. The beautiful design brings people an inspiring artistic space for coffee through an entirely unique experience.
wow this place looks really cool and of course this is in China, they always have the most unique architectures/ interior design ahahahhaha
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@ameliasantos yes i do agree the design is pretty cool, but i personally prefer cozy cafe's with comfy chairs haha.. what about u ?
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it definitely depends on my mood and what I bring with me hahahah if I am trying to write then ofcourse a nice cozy cafe would be my destination but if I have my camera with me then a place with amazing design like this one can totally keep me there for hours
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@ameliasantos10 ah i get what you mean right there... hahah yeah these artistic spaces are great for finding design inspirations
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