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A rich look with bathroom tiles with marble look
What could be nicer than feeling completely at ease in your bathroom? A bathroom that gives you a feeling of well-being and relaxation, as if you were in a bath house? It can use through marble tiles in your bathroom as it gives a rich and luxurious look. The ancient Romans already recognized the beauty of this natural stone and an increasing number of households today too. Discover in this article what gives marble its charm and how you can give your bathroom the look you want with marble-look tiles. Quality Marble Exports is a leading supplier of marble. We deal in manufacturing and supply of granite, exotic stone, sandstone, slate, and stone handicrafts. What gives marble a luxurious look Marble is originally from the Mediterranean region. Greek and Roman sculptors used marble in their art. The beautiful look and qualities of marble go back a long time. We have always associated marble with luxury and style. Often the tiles are polished, which gives the distinctive shine and a royal feel. One of the main charms of marble is that it contains impressively beautiful veins and crystal structures and consists of beautiful colors such as black, gray, beige, white, brown and cream. Marble tiles are therefore unique. Each tile looks different, which makes marble extra special. Perhaps for this reason, marble tiles are mainly found in large office buildings, luxury hotels and spa resorts. And perhaps that's why we associate marble with exclusivity, wealth and abundance. How to choose marble look tiles for bathroom To choose the right tiles for your bathroom, it is important that you know what atmosphere you want to create. Then we can look at the right color, the right size, the finish, gloss and natural drawings. You can come and see the different types of alaska white granite tile looks in our showroom. We are happy to help you. Also take a look at this article about marble look tiles to learn more about how to use them in your home.
Top Benefits of Using Granite Countertops in the Kitchen
One of the most sought-after aspects of any modern kitchen is a granite kitchen worktop. This is applicable for every property, be it an apartment, a residential home, a doctor’s office, a break room inside a retail store, or suites in luxury rooms of upscale hotels. Addition of a granite kitchen worktop makes any property a more welcoming place for both family members and guests alike. There are a number of other benefits of adding a granite counter to the kitchen countertop, a few of which are listed below– Adds Value to the Kitchen Granite brings with it other elements to the house. It adds value to the house owing to its eco-friendly nature. It may or may not increase the monetary value of your real estate but it can surely be appealing and entice potential buyers for better sale. Provides More Durability Rarely can one find a more durable stone-based worktop for kitchens in Kent and surrounding areas. It is very tough and as result chipping or scratching the surface is close to impossible. In order to prolong the life of the granite countertops in kitchens, it is best to have a sealer applied on the top. Such sealers also help in preventing stains and thereby increasing their longevity. Eco-Friendly Material Not only is granite an eco-friendly material but it also retains its natural look. Consider the differences between a plain rock and one which has been polished to attain a high sheen which enhances its appeal as compared to quartz countertop. The same applies in case of kitchen countertops which can come in basic, speckled, or marbled patterns. Resistance to Dirt and Bacteria Granite kitchen worktops in Kent and other areas are sealed because of which things do not get soaked into it. As it is not porous, your kitchen is less likely to be affected by bacteria, dirt and other such grime which are usually found on countertops and kitchens. The seal makes the surface of granite smooth which makes it easier to clean up after any spills. Granite is Easier to Fix As mentioned earlier, granite is not easy to chip or scratch and even if it does, it can be easily repaired. In the highly unlikely scenario, something heavy, for instance, a piece of cast iron were to come crashing down on the countertop and leave a chip on it, a professional needs to be called. A putty which has been dyed to match the colour of the countertop will be used to reseal the stone and prevent it from causing any further spills in the future. Family Friendly Countertops If you live with your family, chances are you have kids as well as pets. Now kids are prone to spilling while elder family members can put hot utensils directly on the surface of the granite kitchen worktop. However, granite can absorb all these abuses and even the minor scratchings of a pet cat from time to time. Granite kitchen worktops is many types available for kitchen like as cosmic black granite worktop, emerald pearl granite worktop, ivory fantasy granite worktop, kashmir white granite worktops, steel grey granite worktop,etc.these all worktops is very unique from others and have different types of brightness. The prices of granite kitchen countertops are a bit more than other materials, but they prove their worth in the long run as they outlast all the rest. Thus, it offers the best return on investment.