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Đào Tạo Seo Growth Hacking

Đào tạo seo growth hacking là một trong những khóa học seo nâng cao do Thậy Đặng Lê Nam hiện tại là CEO tại Công ty Giải Pháp Seo GPSC trực tiếp giảng dạy và đào tạo, các bạn sẽ được học những kiến thức seo thực chiến 100% mà thầy đã tích lũy được qua nhiều năm trải nghiệm, khóa học với nhiều kiến thức seo chuyên sâu không dành cho người mới bắt đầu, hứa hẹn sẽ làm mưa gió trên cộng đồng seo tại Việt Nam, Xem thêm: https://giaiphapseo.com/dao-tao-seo/
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MRW: Netflix Edition!
Thanks to the wacky winter weather that's been keeping me indoors, I've become more and more reliant on my Netflix account. I've marathoned all the seasons of Masterchef, heavily abused the international film section, and made quite the impressive queue of stand-up comedy specials I know I need to watch. As the resident 'Netflix nut', I've decided to post a My Reaction When card responding to all the major changes happening to Netflix in February - both the shows and movies we need to finish by the end of January and the ones I'm excited are coming in soon! THEY'RE GETTING RID OF DOCTOR WHO?! How could you do that to one of the largest fandoms in the world, Netflix? Y'all are some savages. Right, @arnelli? SAVAGES. HOLY CRAP. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER TEEN WITCH? You guys, 'Teen Witch' is by far the best after-school special movie of all time - and Netflix is adding it! If you haven't seen it, YOU MUST. @ButterflyBlu, BACK ME UP. 'Jesus Camp' was on Netflix this entire time? So, I guess if you want to watch a documentary where a director takes one religious subgroup of crazy and edits it in a way to make it look like everyone who follows that religion is crazy, you only have a little time left! Hooray! They're adding TALLADEGA NIGHTS!!! I feel like this is the only Will Ferrell movie I HAVEN'T seen, but all of my friends love quoting it ("Don't you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby!"), so finally FINALLY I can also be in the know. Has anyone else seen this? Netflix officially hates Pokémon. So apparently, on February 2nd, five Pokémon movies and two Pokémon TV shows are all being removed from the site. Damn, homies. I don't know about any of you, but if I were Pikachu, I'd be taking that ish PERSONALLY. The first season of Fuller House is here! Is anyone else just waiting for this to be the world's biggest TV disaster? I feel like it would be really, really difficult to bring a show back and have it be nearly as successful as it used to be. (However, that Boy Meets World reboot still exists, so I digress.) So there's my Netflix picks moving in or moving out in the next coming weeks. I hope you enjoyed my reactions, and if you agree or disagree, sound off in the comments below!
Jessica Jones and Relationship Violence
"All you gave me was shame!" [Content warning for discussion of rape and domestic violence]. [Not SPOILER free]. Jessica Jones has been getting a lot of (well-earned) acclaim for being gritty, well-designed, and compelling. Frankly, it's one of the best things Marvel has done. But this show deserves credit for something else. Honestly, I was nervous going in. I was familiar with the comics, and I knew that one of the crimes The Purple Man/Kilgrave committed was sexual assault. And unfortunately that's not a subject that our media handles well. We victim-blame. We sympathize with attackers. In the court of public opinion, we often absolve them of any crime. According to RAINN, only 3 out of every 100 rapists ever spend a day in prison. The majority still go unreported, and victims often state that they don't come forward because they're scared. They're shamed into silence. Or they're dismissed, told that they're wrong about what they experienced. Told they're lying, or blowing it out of proportion. Jessica Jones shut that right down. Just in case the images won't load, here's the text of that scene: Kilgrave: We used to do a lot more than just touch hands. Jessica: Yeah, it's called rape. Kilgrave: What? Which part of staying in five-star hotels, eating in all the best places, doing whatever the hell you wanted, is rape? Jessica: The part where I didn't want any of it! Not only did you physically rape me, but you violated every cell in my body and every thought in my goddamn head. Kilgrave: That is not what I was trying to do. Jessica: It doesn't matter what you were trying to do! You raped me. Again and again and again. Something horrific happened to this woman. Kilgrave used his powers to force her to do whatever he wanted. He brainwashed her, and while most abusers don't have powers, they often use manipulative tactics to force their victims to stay with them. Kilgrave is a monster and he used his powers to control her. And then he convinced himself that he was the victim, that he had done nothing wrong. Which is what makes him the villain of this story. And what's amazing is that he reads just like a textbook case of an abuser. He's self-centered, he's obsessed with her, stalks her, he's convinced that they're in love and "meant to be", so sure that he's in the right and that she's just "acting crazy", that they're in a "rough patch". And when he finally realizes she doesn't want him... "Or maybe I'll just kill her." For most victims of domestic violence, the times when they try to leave their partners are the most dangerous. Abusers adopt the mentality of "if I can't have her, no one can", the most extreme iteration of a repeating pattern of abuse: treating their partners like objects or possessions. Jessica Jones is a hero. And not just because she's powerful, or because she tracks down bad guys. It's because this show faced the horror of rape and relationship violence head on. Something that 1 in 3 American women face at one point in their lives. Jessica Jones stood up for all of those women and said no, this isn't love. This is torture. This is abuse. Her struggle to provide evidence in the courtroom, her own self-doubt and trauma, even her attempts to save him are all battles that victims often have to face. She faced the demons, and maybe someone else will see her and find the courage to do the same. "Abuse thrives only in silence." If you want more information on the subject, this TED talk by survivor Leslie Morgan Steiner is a little more grounded in reality. However, I've found that sometimes fiction can be just as effective. It can be easier to examine fictional villains to see patterns that can lead to violence, and it can be empowering to look up to fictional heroes when we need courage. Which is why Jessica Jones has my deepest gratitude.
Instant Solution to Fix SQL Server Database in Recovery Pending State
SQL is one of the best database management system that stores data and securely ensure data integrity. However, it is also true that there are many technical problems with the SQL Server database and one such is “SQL Server recovery pending status”. In this state, users cannot open and access database files. In today’s blog, we will discuss the best solution to fix SQL Server database in recovery pending state error and determine the causes of this error. Before proceeding to fix recovery pending state in SQL Server database, let’s understand the states of SQL. SQL Server Database States If multiple core SQL Server files are in an inconsistent state, the SQL should be damaged or corrupted, and the database will be marked with a different state depending on the damage level. 1. Online:- If a data file becomes corrupted during a query or other operation, the SQL database remains online and in the accessible state. 2. Suspect:- This occurs when the transaction log is corrupted or damaged, which prevents the transaction from running. 3. Recovery Pending:- If recovery is required and for some reason does not start, SQL Server will run in this state. Possible Reasons Behind SQL Server Database in Recovery Pending State There are multiple reasons that cause SQL Server recovery pending status error. Some of them are listed below: 1. MDF File Corruption. 2. Corruption in the log file. 3. Start the server without time gaps. 4. Power failure. 5. Hardware failure. 6. Sudden shutdown of SQL Server. 7. Not enough memory. User Query Hey everyone. I have an SQL cluster that ran out of disk recently. I threw a lot more floppy disk into the SAN. However, one of the databases came back with Recovery Pending and has been over 24 hours. I tried to backup the database to no avail. I don't have a clean backup from the day it occurred, so a lot of work would be missing. I have not tried a dbcc check with REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS as there seems to be a high risk of losing whatever was going on. Does anybody have an idea of how to bring database online from recovery pending in SQL Server 2012? Methods to Fix SQL Server Database in Recovery Pending State There are two manual methods you can use to resolve SQL Server recovery pending status. Before proceeding, make sure that you have a backup of the database. Method 1: Mark Database in Emergency Mode and Start the Forceful Repair 1. Run the below-mentioned SQL queries to resolve recovery pending state in SQL Server database error: ALTER DATABASE (Database Name) SET EMERGENCY; GO ALTER DATABASE (Database Name) set single_user GO DBCC CHECKDB ([Database Name], REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS) WITH ALL_ERRORMSGS; GO ALTER DATABASE (Database Name) set multi_user GO 2. The database is marked by READ_ONLY in emergency mode. Disable logging and only grant access to system administrators. 3. Once these steps are done, file corruption will be fixed and the database will automatically be back online. Method 2: Mark Database in Emergency Mode, disconnect the main database and re-attach it 1. Execute the following queries to fix recovery pending in SQL Server error: ALTER DATABASE (Database Name) SET EMERGENCY; ALTER DATABASE (Database Name) set multi_user EXEC sp_detach_ db ‘(Database Name)’ EXEC sp_attach_single_file_db @Database Name = ‘(Database Name)’, @physname = N’(mdf path)’ 2. These commands will cause the server to remove the corrupted log and automatically create a new one. Instant and Better Way to Fix SQL Server Database in Recovery Pending State The Manual method is fine if you have strong technical knowledge. Otherwise, you may fail to resolve SQL Server recovery pending status. The manual approach is also very lengthy and time taking to fix recovery pending state in SQL Server Database. It is therefore recommended to carry out manual steps with a specialist or you can use the SysTools SQL Recovery Tool to repair corrupt MDF files and NDF files. It enables the user to recover SQL database with all objects and save data directly to the live SQL via login credentials. Following these steps to repair corrupted and bring database online from recovery pending in SQL Server error: https://youtu.be/_Dq4LWvtyzo Step 1. Download SQL Recovery software, install and launch it on the machine. Step 2. Click on Open option and select .mdf file. Step 3. Select Quick or Advance scan mode and then select the SQL .mdf file version. Step 4. The scanning will start, once it is completed, the software will display a preview of recovered data items. Click Export to restore SQL database file. Step 5. In the Export options window, select Export to SQL Database or SQL Compatible Scripts and fill all the required details below. Step 6. In the end, click the Export button to start this process. Conclusion In this blog, we have discussed the best approaches on how to fix SQL Server Database in Recovery Pending State. The manual process is quite lengthy and requires in-depth technical knowledge. To simplify this task, we also suggested a better approach to repair corrupt MDF file and resolve recovery pending state in SQL Server Database error.
Digital Marketing Trends That Have Assisted Businesses In Blossoming Through The Market
With the advent of digitalization in the market, businesses all around the globe shifted toward digital innovation, creating an online profile, and improving their marketing prospects. However, with such an immense flow of businesses in the digital market, brands needed to have continuous innovation in their marketing methods so that they can produce elements that would boost their progress. Here are some of the trends that are making their way in the list of being sufficiently adequate for boosting the digital profile for any brand: Content Marketing The foremost trend that is under focus from the beginning of the digital phenomena is content marketing. The reason why content is being focused so much is because of its application in the phase irrespective of the business size. Moreover, content is easier to implement according to the digital marketing strategies chosen by the business. In addition, content is one of those elements that are known to impact the flow of all marketing channels for the business. Hence choosing to innovate your content marketing needs to be the top priority for the business. This would also help in addressing the requirements for email and social media marketing campaigns of the business, and generate content that would possibly connect with the customers right away. AI & Machine Learning The exciting new entry in the marketing world, and possibly one of the most anticipated of the innovations are AI and machine learning. Marketers are continuously investing in ways to understand what the customers want, and how they can be engaged by the brands. The competitive element that AI brings is the understanding of the customer metrics, and to assemble a broader approach for the brands in terms of finalizing their marketing strategies. In addition, the tools related to AI marketing enable the marketers to engage with AI-generated content, offer smart content curation, voice search assistance, propensity modeling, and other competitive perks that can significantly improve their performance. Email Marketing Although it can still come under the niche of content marketing, yet marketers have long focused on email marketing alongside content marketing. Since conglomerates are now focusing on integrating AI marketing methods, smaller businesses focus on email marketing to produce results. A well-timed, themed, and interactive email marketing can bring significant progress in your marketing prospects, maybe swift than AI marketing, since it involves an in-depth assessment of whether the metrics the company wants under focused are being targeted or not. In addition, email marketing has effectiveness in communicating especially for B2C and B2B. Rule-based automation and personalization of the emails can significantly produce effective results. Big Data One factor that the marketers entering the digital realm need to evaluate is big data. The integration of digitalization with marketing has boosted the marketing progress of the companies. However, it also has given to large volumes of information comprising of patterns, trends, associations, etc. known as Big Data. Some of the prominent names in the domain such as CityLocal Pro, SEO Ashburn, LNI Digital Marketing, etc. are now focusing on the power of big data. This involves addressing the trends, evaluating them for predictive analysis, and then implementing the insights in the marketing strategies. The assessment with big data is although difficult since it involves a streamlined assessment of the factors and trends related to businesses and customer segments. However, significant progress in analysis can give positive results and immense benefit. Content Research Organization or CRO It seems that content still remains the centerpiece for improving digital marketing. From the adoption of data-driven marketing to improvising customer-oriented marketing strategies, companies need to make changes in their marketing styles to induce positive customer experience. This involves creating a content winning marketing strategy, customizing websites that is customer appealing, putting in content that is worth the read, etc. All these elements are highly necessary for any company to create substantial growth in the digital marketing realm. Moreover, user experience should be kept under focus, and companies should proceed in their marketing strategies with a motive to address customer facilitation. This would not only boost customer orientation but also give alignment to the current strategies accordingly. Focusing on the core factors, evaluating the current strategies, and changing them for the impending scenarios is the best way to have a steadfast growth in the marketing world that companies need to focus.
Import Contacts from Excel Sheet to Android Phone Instantly
In this digital world, cell phones are a basic human need for communication. Millions of users want to import contacts from Excel sheet to Android Phone, including Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Motorola, Asus and many more. If you are also looking for it, this blog will help you find the right answer to your query. Here we will explain the step-by-step method to import contacts from Excel to Android Phone directly. Excel is a well-known name from Microsoft that can be used to easily store large amounts of data such as financial data and to create mathematical models. It contains diagrams, mathematical functions and various other types of cell formatting. Data saved in Excel in XLS or XLSX file format. It is a secure platform for storing important information, so some people still save their contacts in Excel spreadsheets as it is easy to maintain. Contacts are important to everyone and now people are accessing contacts on their Android phones. In the following section, we have listed the steps to accomplish this task. User Query I want to export my contact such as phone number, name, email address from an Excel spreadsheet to my Samsung Android phone. However, there is no option on my phone to export Excel contacts to Android Phone. I don't know what's wrong. Can someone help me how can I do that? How to Import Contacts from Excel Sheet to Android? Before proceeding, you need to know that Excel stores data in .xls or .xlsx file format and Android phones only support the vCard (VCF) file format for accessing and importing contacts. So there is no direct solution to import contacts from Excel to Android Phone. We need to perform two phases to transfer Excel contacts to Android Phone: 1. Convert Excel contacts to vCard 2. Import the vCard file into Android vCard file is an electronic business card that contains contacts with all details such as first name, last name, email address, photograph, and much more. The vCard (VCF) file is used to exchange contacts and is used in Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, Android, iPhone, iCloud, and many email clients, email services, devices, email servers, etc. Method to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard (VCF) https://youtu.be/GsZNqP2qD1o Step 1. Download Excel to vCard Converter, install and launch it on your system. Step 2. Click on Browse and select the Excel .xls or .xlsx file. Step 3. Once you selected the excel file, the software will show the preview Excel file data. Step 4. Now, start mapping the Excel Fields with vCard Fields and then click Add button. Step 5. In the next section, select the required options and then choose vCard version 2.1, 3.0 or 4.0 Step 6. Click on Change to save output at the desired path and click the Convert button. You are done with this process. Now you have a vCard file that you can use to easily import contacts from Excel to Android Phone. Import Contacts from Excel Sheet to Android via vCard https://youtu.be/E05XWU69IbY 1. Connect your device with the system and configure your phone. Select all contacts VCF files and then right-click on it. Choose the Send to option and then select your device name from the list. 2. Now, disconnect the USB cable from your system and open contacts on your phone. Click Setting and select Manage Contacts option. 3. Next, select the Import/Export option to transfer Excel contacts to Android phone. 4. Select the Import vCard files (VCF) from your phone option and click the Import button. 5. Select the location Internal Storage option to import contacts from Excel to Android. 6. Choose the VCF files and click the Done option. 7. Now, pick the Phone option to save VCF files and click the Import button. 8. You can now view the imported contacts into a contact list of your Android Device. This is the complete process to import contacts from Excel sheet to Android with all saved information. There is no direct way to export Excel contacts to Android Phone because Android devices don't support importing XLS or XLSX file formats. It is necessary to first convert Excel contacts to vCard. We have proposed the best Excel VCF converter for this. In the following section, we have listed some highlighted features of this tool so that you can learn more about them and use features that suit your needs. Highlighted Features of Excel to vCard Converter 1. Simple interface for novice users 2. Convert Excel XLS XLSX to vCard VCFwith all details 3. Supports all MS Excel and Windows OS versions 4. Import contacts from Excel to Android, iPhone, Whatsapp, etc. 5. The option of mapping Excel fields with vCard fields. 6. Able to convert multiple contacts from Excel to VCF file. Conclusion In this blog, we have described the best way to transfer Excel contacts to Android Phone without any hassle. We discussed that you first need to convert Excel contacts to vCard file to import contacts from Excel sheet to Android. I hope that after reading this blog you will get the right answers to your request.
Cardinal Theory Of Consumer Behavior?
Cardinal theory of consumer behavior is an economic concept that analysis consumer choices, based upon satisfaction gained from consumption. It is a utility-based theory that works on the assumption that satisfaction can perhaps be measured and based upon this quantum of satisfaction, buying decisions are taken. Util is the unit of measurement. Utility i.e. satisfaction from an item is naturally subjective. I might get more satisfied eating chocolate rather than consuming a fruit juice and thus allot chocolate higher value than the juice. However, for you juice might bring more satisfaction and thus would higher until points. It is thus a subjective analysis, varying as per individual choices. It is possible that with time preferences might change. For example, consider a case where you are happy with your slim-fit jeans today and attribute it a high standard when it comes to measuring satisfaction. However as trend changes and new fashion jeans are introduced in the market, your shopping preferences changed and you are no longer satisfied with slim fit jeans, as you once were. In fact, with every next unit of purchase, satisfaction decreases. For example, the first pair of jeans gets a high util score. The next pair of same jeans will get a low score and thus with every consecutive purchase, the score continues to diminish if you don't understand then you can get more knowledge about it on vumoo. Thus the theory rests upon consumer choices, which are prone to changes. Also for the theory to work, consumers must demonstrate rational behavior. For example, you cannot be taking on indefinite loans to meet expensive demands. Your satisfaction should come upon spending what you can rationally spare. Limited Resources Unlimited Wants As consumers, we have limited resources that can be used to satisfy various wants. However, call it good marketing or our unending craving; we constantly want more and more. It is not, however, possible to get as much and thus a choice must be made. When there is a question of selecting i.e. deciding, the cardinal theory of consumer behavior seeks respite from the satisfaction gained. As an illustration, take a situation where you are buying anything as simple as a ball pen to write. However when you reach the market, the shopkeeper shows you a new fountain pen which writes smoothly, you instead of a ball pen, buy this new one. The idea behind purchase – increased satisfaction. Criticism And Ordinal Theory Of Consumer Behavior Upon understanding the concept well it might occur to you that you deciding amongst two or more things of the same category say pens, not essentially by giving them a score of satisfaction. That is when you decide you tend to make a rank system, wherein the thing which satisfies most is ranked best, while another object which satisfies lesser is ranked below and so on so forth. Thus economists criticized the concept of cardinal theory of consumer behavior and instead propagated an alternate theory, the ordinal theory, which ranked different choices as per satisfaction attained. This change made it easier because anyway satisfaction cannot be quantified and thus ranking was much easier.
Playboy BANNING Nudity From Their Magazines?
The editors behind Playboy Magazine are making a bold step toward revamping its image - one that will require fans to truly only 'read it for the articles'. Playboy has decided to no longer feature the nude pictorials of models and female celebrities it has been famous for since its first publication in 1953 - instead focusing on more diverse articles and toned down 'provocative' photoshoots. That's right, Billy Madisons of the world. Your Nudie Magazine Day has been forever changed. But why? Editor Cory Jones (pictured above) has decided that the Internet porn industry has made the Playboy centerfold a bit redundant and that changing the way the magazine's direction will help them reach a newer demographic - the 'Vice Magazine' young urban male. "The difference between us and Vice is that we're going after the guy with a job." This move might be risky, but certainly one the magazine should make. At the height of Playboy's popularity, the magazine was read by 5.6 million, but currently only circulated to roughly 800,000. The Playboy website, for similar reasons, stopped publishing nudity in August 2014 and has since enjoyed an increase of four million unique visitor per month. So what will happen to the centerfolds that have developed Playboy's trademark culture? Well, nothing's been said thus far, but Cory has made a heavy implication that they, too, have seen their demise: "Don't get me wrong, 12-year-old me is very disappointed in current me, but it's the right thing to do. You're now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it's just passé at this juncture." So now I want to know: How do YOU feel about the new Playboy? Do you think the magazine will be able to change its image, or do you think it'll be a huge marketing flop in the making?
Graphic Design Tip: How to Brainstorm an Effective Logo
Before I started going to art school, my parents (as a lot of parents do) really overestimated my own abilities. During my high school years, they launched their own non-profit organization for breast cancer advocacy, where the entire group was essentially run out of a room of our house. My father was in charge of building the website and making sure that it ran smoothly. My mother was the spokesperson, often attending various conventions and symposiums to address those in the medical field about breast cancer and HER2+, a more aggressive expression. Launching the group was running quite smoothly until my parents approached me with a favor. They wanted me to design their logo. Andddd it didn't go so well. They gave up and found a professional. Fast forward to my life after art school, and I'm looking back at my high school years wishing I could have helped teenage me come up with a great logo design. While creating a logo is not as easy as it looks, it really is perhaps one of my favorite design challenges. There is a lot to consider when you're making a logo, and I've decided that it might be helpful to make a simplified list for all of you Vingle designers so that you can go out into the branding world and create beautiful things! 1. Keep it simple. As fun as it is to be given the opportunity to really utilize your creative side, it really isn't the appropriate time to start busting out all of those fancy and elaborate tricks you might have learned doing other projects. Creating a visually 'busy' logo is just not effective marketing. 2. Keep in mind that you're creating a symbol to represent a company. It can be pretty direct symbolism, ie: the apple logo for Apple or the red cross for American Red Cross, or it can be more abstract, similar to the Nike swoosh. Another popular logo option is to reduce down to a strictly typographic design. Disney or Kellogg's is a good example of effective typographic logos. Get creative, but keep it simple. My favorite example of balance between creativity and minimalism is the FedEx logo. Have you ever noticed there's an arrow between the E and the X? 3. Do your research. Before thumbnailing your own logo ideas, think of all of the logos you've seen that really caught your attention. Even try drawing them out freehand. Look up interviews with the advertising designers behind some of the world's most famous logos. I would recommend "To Inform and Delight", a documentary about Milton Glaser, the artist who designed the I♥NY logo. 4. When you're finally ready, begin making a list of all the descriptive words you associate with the company and how you want your audience to feel when looking at your logo, like 'friendly' or 'sophisticated'. Then think about your nouns. When you think about your company, what images come to mind? If you were creating a logo for Tropicana Orange Juice, for example, maybe the first thing you think of is a tree or an orange or a glass. Try to think of as many nouns as possible, as these will definitely help you when you start putting pencil to paper. 4. USE YOUR SKETCHBOOK. I can't stress the importance of this. I feel like a lot of artists go straight to their laptops and begin working on Photoshop or Illustrator over working on actual thumbnails first. Technology can really stifle the creative process that is so important in the early stages of design. Draw at least 100 thumbnails in your sketchbook. It will really help you push your own boundaries and give you a number of ideas to choose from. 5. When considering which thumbnail you want to use, think about the different ways your logo will be translated for pamphlets, packages, and other promotional materials. Does your logo translate well to color AND black and white? How does it look on a dark background versus a light background? How does the logo look with text and without text? Is it as visually effective when you adjust the scale? Manipulate your logo over and over, and if it is still recognizable, you probably have yourself a really iconic logo! I hope this can help some of you designers and marketers, especially those of you who might be in the middle of branding or rebranding a company. The logo is always the first start! Happy designing!
9 Advertisements Probably Made By 'Cool Dads'
Advertising is quite the competitive field. You've got to be a strong communicator, someone creative, someone who has their finger on the pulse of all the up-and-coming trends. But for every catchy jingle, winning slogan, or hilarious campaign, there's about a dozen horrible, cringe-worthy attempts at - frankly - trying to make 'fetch' happen. It's almost like the advertising world is overrun with 'cool Dads'. (No offense to Vingle dads, who are as cool as they come. Obviously.) To show you guys exactly what I mean, I've decided to share 9 different so-tryhard-it's-embarrassing advertisements. You homies better know what I'm sayin'. "It's the year 2015, guys. Let's update the name of our Meatlover's Pizza with something more current. You know, something that'll resonate with the kids today." "I know. How about... EPIC MEATZ?" "Okay, so, let's create a sign that tells people using our rec center where to put used towels. But in a way that, you know, really speaks to the kids." "I know! We'll use that song all the kids on Vine are twerking to these days." "The University of Cincinnati needs us, everyone. How do we get the kids off their Twitters and into their top-ranking business school?" "No one turns down the chance to be... MBAWESOME." "We've got a new client. Owns a taco shop. He's looking for a hashtag, wants to go viral. What do you think, Cool Dad?" "Uh... #TacosFTW. Obviously." I HAVE NO JOKE TO MAKE FOR THIS ONE. THE SECOND-HAND EMBARRASSMENT IS BURNING THROUGH MY RETINAS. "Cool Dad, Target is about to get a shipment of the 20th anniversary remaster of 'The Truth About Cats And Dogs'. How do we make Janeane Garofalo relevant again?" "Don't worry. I got this. LOL." "Alright, Smirnoff advertising team. We're losing the Millennial market to Ciroc. How do we show kids we can be cool too, but without breaking #NetflixAndChill's implied copyright?" "How's about a little #StreamAndHang, homie?" "Quick, Cool Dad. Taco Bell needs a hip and current package design that illustrates how delicious their chicken quesadillaz are." "TACO BELL. I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW." "So, Cool Dad, I'm sorry you've been demoted to Fortune Cookie writer, but we think you've got a skill, sir. You really know how to speak to the younger generation." [Insert Cool Dad being too busy writing EPIC FORTUNEZ to respond.] I hope all my bruhs here on Vingle found this card funny AF. Have you seen any epically dank advertisementz lately?
Digital Marketing Company In Chandigarh, india
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Write Content That Your Potential Clients Are Looking For
Once upon a time, mass advertising was the way you found your leads. The key to that sentence is that YOU would find your leads. Now it’s all about the lead finding you. Search engines and social media have changed the way buyers research, compare and shop. Businesses have had to adapt in order to find and engage leads in today’s age of savvy buyers, that are tired of the hype and hit with “noise” and offers everywhere they go. Back in the day, leads expected and needed to be educated and handheld through the process. Today, leads are more educated, much more proactive and typically a lot further along in the process by the time they find you. The key to generating leads today is to ensure you are there when they go looking for you. Once they find you, your job is to build a relationship, nurture them and move them through your funnel. According to Forrester, buyers might be anywhere from 2/3 to 90% of the way through their buying process before they contact any vendor. If you are smart and strategic in your marketing, you can catch them in their education process and then you have a chance to influence their buying decision. How do you go about catching your ideal customer in their education, research and comparison phase? You need to be where they are looking. Simple enough, right? What that actually means is you need to be found in the search engines and you need to be found in social media. You need to join conversations that are already happening about your product or service. OK, sounds simple – what are the steps? If you can outline the buying cycle or buying process for your customers, you can create content that speaks to them at all the various points in the cycle and support your ultimate effort of getting a sale. While it typically the buying cycle boils down to 4 steps, there may be details that are part of the process in your industry that it would be helpful to identify. The average buying cycle has 4 stages: In step one, the prospect becomes aware they have a need and they develop an interest in your product or service as the solution. In step two, they are going to research various solutions (with your product or service being one of the options they are considering) In step three, they are going to compare the various options they identified in step two. They may decide based on price, special offers, company reputation, convenience and various other factors. In the fourth step, they decide who they are buying from and complete the purchase. As you can imagine, each step of the way the prospect is going to have questions and the more questions you can answer, the more likely they are to choose you. Start by listing each step and then brainstorm all the possible questions and objections your prospect has at each stage. Create content that directly addresses these questions and objections. Spend a lot of time on the brainstorming phase, since that will be the foundation of your content plan. The more questions and objections and concerns you can come up with, the more content you can create. Revisit the brainstorming phase often. Things are constantly evolving in the world and in most businesses, so new questions and concerns will continually pop up. Once you have this foundation in place, get a little creative and start considering what seasonal factors may impact the buying cycle. For example, do people need your product or service more or less at certain times of the year? Craft content that creates some urgency by offering an unexpected reason why they need your product or service now, even if it’s not normally the time of year they would buy from you. If you can calendar out the whole year, or even a quarter at a time, it will allow you to create content that applies to what is happening at the exact time your content is going to go live. Want more information on how to generate leads, nurture and convert them?
Website optimisation starts with a creative domain name
All businesses rely on domain names to establish presence and identity online. Often, business owners will select a domain name that is relevant to the niche their business is in and will purchase a domain name with relevant keywords. However, if the business owner is looking to promote different products in a specific market, it can get costly buying domain names for each product they are promoting. Hosting companies provide people with a large range of plans to fit their business growth needs. Although larger companies might need to host their site on a dedicated server, individuals and smaller businesses may make use of shared plans since the servers offer 99.9% uptime for just about every plan. While buying a hosting plan, choosing unlimited add-on domains, emails, sub-domains, and SQL or FTP databases are something to take care of. SEO services understand the relevance of attaining and also maintaining a multi-platform and also multi-faceted online existence as well as it is on the back of this comprehend that we provide an assurance to you to attain initial web page lists for your firm. You can choose your domain names creatively for different markets. Although you might question how a single domain name can be enough for a diverse market, by purchasing a domain name with a more broad or general term it allows you to promote many different products or services within the same market. Each hosting provider offers you the choice of hosting a sub-domain as your primary domain. Some providers like hostgator.com, even give you a free domain when you sign up. The provider will not charge you anything extra for the sub-domain since they just think of it as an additional folder in your primary domain; however, you can still create a new look and feel for each sub-domain. You can put your focus on smaller segments of the market and send your visitors to each of your sub-domains. Finally, another sneaky way of buying general term domain names is by searching for key phrases such as com-article[dot]info. While adding all your sub-domains to it, a domain name like this will make a great deal more sense to you. Plus, you are only paying for the single domain name but still have the advantage of unlimited domain names to send your traffic to. Website optimization