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Season 3 of BBC Sherlock is now over... I am not sure how to cope with this situation haha we waited two years. Within a month it's all gone... I am speechless and yet i have so much to say. SO MUCH FEELS IN ME... and hey 'Did you miss me?' Credit:
i can't either..!! i hope they don't postpone it!
hahahahha molly with lestrade is kinda cute too and yes omg Tom~~ she always go for the sociopath LOL i can't wait until christmas erghhh
i ship Molly with Lestrade.. for some reason... and i sorta have this feeling that the Tom ex boyfriend of hers.. will be evil!
I agree haha and especially the last part about Benedict being nice to look at... that is a 100% true hahahha when he smiles~~~ I can't help but smile with him hahaha
i finished epi 1 and ill continue with the rest tonight. so far, i like it, its a good show and besides Benedict is quite nice to look at, lolz
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