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●2020 Newcomer Friends Introduction.

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http://eiga.com/news/20151030/8/2/2/ http://www.fashion-press.net/news/19892 「シザーハンズ」 「ナイトメア・ビフォア・クリスマス」 「フランケンウィニー」 などを手がけたあの奇才のナプキンアートが発売になる。 常にペンを持ち歩き、インスピレーションやアイディアが浮かんだ時にすぐにナプキンに記録をするというティム・バートン、この画集を見れば彼の脳内を見ているような感覚を得ることであろう。 12/4からヴィレッジヴァンガードにて発売されるので要チェックだ。 【書籍情報】 画集『ナプキンアート・オブ・ティム・バートン』(The Napkin Art of Tim Burton) 発売日:2015年12月4日(金) ※10月30日(金)より、一部店舗およびオンラインストアにて予約受付がスタート 価格:3,000円(税込) 販売店舗:ヴィレッジ・ヴァンガード独占販売(オンライン&店舗) アートワーク:ティム・バートン デザイン:ホリー・ケンフ 編集:ホリー・ケンフ、リア・ガロ サイズ:15.24cm × 15.24cm ページ数:140ページ(2ページの折り込み) <予約受付店舗> ■宮城 仙台ロフト ■東京 立川ルミネ、ブルービート、上野マルイ、新宿マルイアネックス、高円寺、渋谷宇田川、三軒茶屋、高田馬場、町田路面、自由が丘、お茶の水 ■神奈川 横浜ルミネ ■大阪 阪急三番街、アメリカ村 ■京都 京都西院 ■兵庫 三宮 ■広島 広島サンモール、イオンモール広島府中、フジグラン神辺、広島段原SC、イオンモール広島祇園、フジグラン東広島、フジグラン緑井、リム・ふくやま、ゆめタウンみゆき、ゆめタウン大竹、ゆめタウン呉 ■愛知 名古屋中央、刈谷、岡崎、瀬戸、イースト、高蔵寺 ■三重 松阪 ■岡山 イオン津山、イオンモール倉敷 ■鳥取 イオン米子駅前、イオン日吉津、イオン鳥取北、ゆめタウン出雲、イオン松江 ■山口 239おのだサンパーク、ゆめタウン宇部、ゆめタウン南岩国、ゆめシティ下関、イオンタウン防府(ほうふ) ■香川 高松アッシュ、イオン高松、イオン綾川、ゆめタウン高松、ゆめタウン丸亀 ■愛媛 イオンモール新居浜、エミフルMASAKI、パルティフジ衣山、フジグラン重信、フジグラン今治、イオンモール高知、フジグラン高知 ■徳島 フジグラン石井、フジグラン北島、ゆめタウン徳島、徳島クレメントプラザ ■福岡 FREAKS福岡パルコ
See how an Italian missionary-turned-Chinese court painter.
Artist to Know: Giuseppe Castiglione An Italian teacher turned-Chinese court painter, Giuseppe Castiglione went through more than 50 years working with three distinct heads in the Chinese royal residence. Seven of Castiglione's canvases are coming to sell. Offered by Los Angeles-based sales management firm Pauling's, these compositions present an extraordinary chance to investigate the craftsman's work. Get familiar with Castiglione's life and heritage before the occasion, get updates and know the latest upcoming similar auctions at the auction calendar of auction daily. Brought into the world in 1688, Castiglione entered the Jesuit strict request at 19 years old. Taking note of his imaginative capacity, the request sent him to the Chinese majestic court in Beijing a couple of years after the fact. He before long expected the name Láng Shíning (郎世寧, Peace of the World) and started to deliver artworks for Emperor Kangxi. Giuseppe Castiglione Lang Shining, his quality in the court was a significant improvement for both diverse workmanship and strict resistance. As indicated by the Executive Intelligence Review, "Castiglione trusted in joining together and changing both Chinese and European societies through a quest for magnificence and greatness on the whole spaces of science, expressions of the human experience, and designing." Castiglione finished a more prominent number of artistic creations for Kangxi's child, Emperor Yongzheng. He made numerous investigations of scenes, creatures, and blossoms during this period, which are his most punctual enduring works. Today, the South China Morning Post gauges that somewhere in the range of 100 and 200 bits of craftsmanship from Castiglione remain. A considerable lot of these are housed in Beijing exhibition halls and private assortments. Nonetheless, it was during the rule of Emperor Qianlong that Castiglione finished most of his work. He made various representations of the ruler, sovereign, and different consorts. Until now, a portrayal of Qianlong's supported Consort Chunhui holds the most noteworthy closeout record for a Chinese royal fitting picture. It was sold in a 2015 Sotheby's deal for HKD 137.4 million (USD 17.7 million). Truly, Castiglione's compositions have aroused bidders' curiosity when coming to sell. Large numbers of his works of art stay in the ownership of Chinese and Taiwanese historical centers because of his imaginative importance. One can see such works of great artists in the auction previews of auction daily. Paragon International president Lu Qiulian noticed that Chinese gatherers are particularly intrigued by his work. The Hong Kong sales management firm expected a pony painting by Castiglione to bring HKD 100 million (USD 12.9 million) in 2016. Notwithstanding, it isn't openly known whether this gauge was reached. "The painter is exceptionally popular for being the principal European court painter for the ruler," Lu kept, "spearheading a style mixing Chinese and Western feel and procedures." Late years have shown expanded interest in the predetermined number of Castiglione works. A piece named Hundred Horses was sold at Sotheby's for USD 100,000 of every 2016 and another turn outsold for HKD 1 million soon thereafter. The forthcoming Pauling's deal incorporates gauges for Castiglione's compositions going from USD 1,200 to $12,200. Castiglione is especially appreciated for his association with Eastern and Western procedures. Adjusting viewpoint, chiaroscuro (light and shadow), and authenticity to Chinese tastes, a significant number of Castiglione's pieces offer a window into the creative inclinations of the heads. Qianlong respected the painter's style and utilized Castiglione's association with the Jesuit request to advance resistance and harmony inside his realm. Media Source: Auctiondaily