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Seinfeld is one of my fav shows besides Friends and this episode was too hilarious!!! Jerry is on a date with a girl and apparently she has Man Hands, hahahaha!!
i am on it..lets see
@neaa she is right, she being @cheerfulcallie lol the reason the show is so funny is bc the characters will develop and they will get more and more ridiculous as you go lol
hahaha..the pilot wasnt quite good..mainly bcz i am comparing it with lets see
@Goyo i agree with you and to me seinfeld is one of those shows that will always be a classic. i dont think any other shows has topped that for me. i enjoy friends too but its 2nd on my list, lolz...@neaa you will definitely enjoy this show and thank god for YT b/c they have the best clips of the funniest moments of seinfeld, (*_^)
@neaa some people say it is dry and by now outdated, but frankly I think it is pure gold lol If you love sarcasm no one better than Jerry Seinfeld. If you ever want to see the most genius liar in the world, then look no further than George Costanza lol
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