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Hmm, no "activism," "human rights," or "charity" tags? Anyway, a well designed and interesting world map that displays refugees data. It's sad to see the pains of the world, but nice to see people utilize creative designs to build awareness. "Every day, all over the world, ordinary people must flee their homes for fear of death or persecution. Many leave without notice, taking only what they can carry. Many will never return. They cross oceans and minefields, they risk their lives and their futures. When they cross international borders they are called refugees. The Refugee Project is an interactive map of refugee migrations around the world in each year since 1975. UN data is complemented by original histories of the major refugee crises of the last four decades, situated in their individual contexts." - The Refugee Project
A quote from the site "we’ve used UN data to visualize refugee volumes over time and added a layer of historical content to help explain the events that caused some of the largest refugee movements of the last four decades." Also note "the map does not consider the large number of economic migrants and other undocumented populations, such the majority of the undocumented Mexican nationals in the United States; nor does it show the millions of internally displaced persons in troubled countries around the world. As a result, it is an image almost exclusively of social and political crises, rather than of natural disasters or economic turmoil (though these factors are often interrelated)."
interesting, but how do they define refugees?