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I made this with a friend over the Christmas holiday. Its a very simple no bake recipe and idiot proof, you simply can't go wrong!!! Ingredients: 1 pack of Oreo cookies 1 pack of Philadelphia cream cheese or any brand you prefer 2 milk chocolate candy coated bars, 1 white chocolate candy coated bar Instructions: 1. Crush the oreo cookies into small fine pieces using a food processor. 2. Combine the crushed oreo's with the cream cheese but make sure its soften and at room temperature. 3. Once thoroughly mixed put it in the fridge to chill for 10 mins. 3. Once chilled, take small portions from the batter and roll them into smalls balls about an inch thick or to your preference. Return to the fridge for another 10 mins to chill. 4. To melt the chocolate bars I placed it in the microwave for about a min. Once melted coat each Oreo balls, then chill it for another 10 mins in the fridge to solidify the chocolate. 5. For the white chocolate I followed the same procedure to melt it but since we didn't have a piping bag we used a zip lock bag and cut a small opening at the bottom in order to decoratively drizzle white chocolate on top of it. Once completed chill the Oreo balls for another 10 mins.... Now you're done and enjoy!!!
@shubhi im glad my posting is inspiring you to make this and sadly the only thing i can tell you is if you dont have cream cheese, try using ricotta or cottage cheese, but make sure you stir it until its completely smooth before mixing it with the oreo cookies. i cant guarantee that it will work but you can try....yes, if i come across anything worthy, ill definitely share it with my fellow vinglers.
I've decided,my next project
@cheerfulcallie soon make me learn how to add cards calie so dat I can share indian food recipes with u people. .I l promise dat u will luv itt...:-):-)
@neaa omg ....neaa u r indian.??? u know malai n paneer,,,, nw I got it wots actually is cream cheese. ..thanxxx♥♥
@shubhi hey.. you'd easily find cream cheese .. its the same as used to make icings on cake... merely your malai and paneer grated and made into cream..easy weesy!!
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