4 years ago1,000+ Views Check out our blog for the make-up post of this season trend "radiant orchid" ^___^!
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@ameliasantos10 - I'm normally like that too but try it out, you might surprise yourself ^__^!
@SnowDrop maybe I should~ do you have any recommendation for "radiant orchid" lipstick? I have been getting into lipstick recently ahahah
@ameliasantos10 - same, I've only started wearing lipsticks regularly coz I use to hate the feeling of anything other than vaseline on my lips. I've started out with trying mum's lol. I'll ask my make-up expert friend who wrote this article for recommendation for you ^_^! Btw, which country are you from?
@ameliasantos10 - which skin tone or complexion do you have? My make-up friend said it'll be better to give you recomendation by matching the skin tone ^__^
@SnowDrop ahahha me too I used to use chapstick and just a light tint but now I bought my own lipstick ahahah well i guess my skin is kind of tan hahaha so that's why I think orchid might make my face a bit dark T_T