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"Shin-ichiro Akasaka Atelier has designed the ‘Small Box House’ located in the western hillside of Mt. Moiwa. From the two-storey home, the residents are privileged with a scenic view overlooking the city of Sapporo. The high ceilings and huge windows let the natural lights brighten the whole place." [via Wave Avenue]
@ameliasantos10 Hahaha, speaking of plants, I've made sure that the few I keep are super hardy and can survive just about anything. I have a black thumb. Lol!
@yinofyang it's always nice to be able to absorb the light~!!! .. that sounded like i am some kind of plants hahaha but anyways i still love the design!
@studio23 @ameliasantos10 Me too, I wish I had such big windows. All that natural light is just beautiful and makes you feel a little more connected.
@studio23 me too the natural sunlight and the high ceiling!! I think I can live there without leaving the house = D
i love how the huge windows let in the natural sunlight