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"By living simply as his main goal, web designer Alek Lisefski have created the Tiny Project, his very own mobile home measuring 8 feet by 20 feet. Having a full time job, Lisefski worked on this project mostly at night time and weekends. You can read much more about his work here. [http://www.tiny-project.com]" [via Wave Avenue]
@MasriDaniela Small and simple, you said it sis. It's perfect for just one or two people. @ameliasantos10 Mhmm, most definitely. It'd be great to have such a small place to maintain. :P @cheerfulcallie Uh-uh, it's true. This would definitely not work for you at all. LOL!
i like to live simple too but my problem is i come from a big family and having lots of friends.....i need more space b/c im always entertaining....maybe ill get something like this too when im.........retired?!?!....hahahaha!!!!
this place looks so simple and plain and it looks really cozy and definitely agreeing with him with the simplicity point ^^
cool !!! i will love to have smtg like that and live alone ......in nature perfect for me ... :)