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"By living simply as his main goal, web designer Alek Lisefski have created the Tiny Project, his very own mobile home measuring 8 feet by 20 feet. Having a full time job, Lisefski worked on this project mostly at night time and weekends. You can read much more about his work here. [http://www.tiny-project.com]" [via Wave Avenue]
cool !!! i will love to have smtg like that and live alone ......in nature perfect for me ... :)
this place looks so simple and plain and it looks really cozy and definitely agreeing with him with the simplicity point ^^
i like to live simple too but my problem is i come from a big family and having lots of friends.....i need more space b/c im always entertaining....maybe ill get something like this too when im.........retired?!?!....hahahaha!!!!
@MasriDaniela Small and simple, you said it sis. It's perfect for just one or two people. @ameliasantos10 Mhmm, most definitely. It'd be great to have such a small place to maintain. :P @cheerfulcallie Uh-uh, it's true. This would definitely not work for you at all. LOL!