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The market is large enough

It does require knowledge, practice, and skill as with all other discipline, but now is easier to learn than Focus. It will outperform Focus in any content besides a finite number of Veteran and Master Mode operation fights which are not AOE friendly or fights with very frequent target swapping at here. Vigilance is roughly on par with Focus in terms of survivability and mobility.

The Vigilance Discipline will be the second of three available paths with the Jedi Guardian Class. It provides a combination of Burst and Damage Over Time (DOT) abilities for high single target and Area of Effect (AOE) damage featuring its DOT spreading effects. Offers great survivability for the DPS, and good crowd control (push, stun, and taunt) abilities. It is sufficiently strong enough to allow players with even virtually no experience to journey throughout the 75 quantities of story missions and other things on the side. At level 75, Vigilance would be the top Jedi Guardian discipline for both single target and AOE damage dealing.

Combine reselling along with your crew skills. Crew skills are crucial as well along with a good and steady method to make money. Always have your crew out getting stuff for you personally that you can sell, since you're already with the Trade Network.

Don’t undercut a lot of. This will just bring this market value down, there will be less cash to be made. Try just undercutting by 1 credit, of course, if someone undercuts you, just let it rest. The market is large enough and you might probably sell your items just like fast.

This is largely approximately personal preference. I personally prefer Death Knell, because it is a very large increase to DPS without much survivability. However, Efficient Termination remains very solid, mainly because it helps to mitigate some spike (pun unintended) damage. Efficient Termination is usually better suited for fights where you’re not planning to have numerous opportunities to deal damage.I recommend you pick-up both set bonuses and test what kind works out the very best for you at this site . Get your six-piece bonus for both, and acquire an Amplified Champion piece to your 7th armor piece.
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