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The world's largest coffee chain Starbucks has shed off it's usual classic franchise store design and has now dived into a contemporary and vibrant concept! The Starbucks Amsterdam Rembrandtplein is designed by Liz Muller & Starbucks Coffee. This new Starbucks coffee house in Amsterdam features a stunning ceiling constructed from 2000 cubed wooden blocks! Inside this beautiful cafe, you will find local arts, window seats, a wall covered with traditional Dutch cookie molds, and even a slow coffee station. I really love this new look for Starbucks... What do you guys think?
its awesome.. I'm so exited to move to Holland next year :D
This is awesome! Totally different atmosphere from normal Starbucks locations
@ameliasantos10 yes it really does! it now has a very warm, homey ambience to it..
wow!! this is so unlike Starbucks!~ usually they like to keep their spaces kind of darker and simple but I love this new starbucks too it seems to be a lot more brighter hahah