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How to choose plastic windows for an apartment

A good plastic window protects against noise and drafts, does not leak, does not freeze, does not fog up. It’s not worthless to chase the number of cameras in the profile, a heavy structure will sag over time, you will have to adjust the sash. In the bedroom window, it is better to provide ventilation ducts so as not to suffer from stuffiness.

3 myths about plastic windows

Misconceptions come from a lack of information. In our articles, we are trying as best we can to fix this. Before proceeding with the selection of PVC windwos , let's get rid of the most common myths.

Myth number 1: plastic windows are one hundred percent heat and noise insulation
From a technical point of view, it is difficult to create a translucent, but at the same time 100% protection from the cold. Through the gaps between the glass and the seal, through the mounting seams, one way or another, cold air will penetrate.
Even if the sealant fits perfectly, and the installation work was carried out expertly, there are requirements for room ventilation. Air from the street must penetrate inside, otherwise it will be impossible to stay in the apartment because of stuffiness (as in a closed country greenhouse).
Soundproofing is also impossible to ensure at 100%. A plastic window (or euro windows) can be a salvation if there is a busy highway nearby or construction equipment is working in the yard. But in order to comply with ventilation standards, the room must be ventilated and, accordingly, “run” noise in the apartment.

Myth number 2: the more cameras in a profile and a double-glazed window, the better
A profile is a frame of a window inside which there are cavities (chambers), usually from 3 to 8. The most common profiles are 3-and 5-chamber. Profile cameras should not be confused with double-glazed cameras. A double-glazed window is a block of glasses, the space between them is the camera. 2-chamber double-glazed windows are the most common. There are also single-chamber (for example, for glazing a balcony), 3, 4-chamber double-glazed windows.
The number of chambers affects the heat and noise conductivity, while simultaneously making the design heavier and increasing the price. Therefore, choosing the number of cameras in the profile and double-glazed windows, you should proceed from practical considerations. Ask the manager of the company which option is the most suitable in your area. Do not overpay for excess material.

Myth No. 3: PVC material - non-environmental, fireproof, does not fit into the design
PVC is a synthetic material, but safe (food containers are made of it). PVC is a combustible material, but wooden windows in any case light up faster. PVC will begin to melt and release toxic substances, but carbon monoxide released during the combustion of wood is no less dangerous. As for the design, many do not suspect that plastic can be laminated or painted, both inside and outside. There are many colors, so the window can be fit into any interior.
By the way, to install plastic windows in winter is the most. There is no excitement, the order will be completed faster, perhaps more accurately. Many companies for the winter period give discounts. Stories about how the material somehow does not sit in the cold is a fallacy. No one will go to mount the window at minus 20-25º. Check, blowing the package, whether the windows can sweat immediately, "without departing from the cash register."

How to choose plastic windows so that it is warm and quiet, but not stuffy

Let us dwell on what affects thermal insulation:
profile thickness and the number of air chambers in it;
number of chambers in a double-glazed window, distance between glasses, type and thickness of glass;
tightness of fit of structural elements;
glazed area.

First of all, you need to evaluate how well the room in which you want to install a plastic window is heated, what are the climatic conditions in your area. If maintaining heat in winter is not critical, then a single-chamber double-glazed window is also suitable (for example, for technical rooms). For better thermal insulation, it is worth choosing a two-chamber double-glazed window with a 5-chamber profile.
Sound insulation is affected by:
glass thickness;
distance between glasses in double-glazed windows;
installation quality.

High-frequency noises are suppressed by the seals, as they penetrate through the cracks, and low-frequency noise penetrating through the glass, the thickness of the glass and the distance between them. For maximum protection against noise, a two-frame window with a thickened outer glass and a special noise-proof ventilation valve is suitable. But in the summer the room will still have to be aired

How to comply with ventilation requirements, to avoid stuffiness, condensation and freezing

To do this, you need:
ventilate the room by opening windows;
Provide supply valves.

In the kitchen and in the bathroom, ventilation usually provided by the design of the house usually works. The rooms where you are only in the afternoon (kitchen, living room) are enough to ventilate, opening the windows. But in the bedroom it is advisable to install supply air valves, since airing only in the daytime will not provide good circulation of fresh air.

Choosing window accessories correctly

If the glazing area is large, then the glass must be separated by imposts - strips that divide the window into parts for greater structural strength.
Low tide
Low tides play an important role in water diversion. The choice of material from which the tides are made depends on climatic conditions. The most resistant to aggressive effects are aluminum, but they are more expensive, polyester is cheaper, but this material is more delicate, plastic is ideal for those who need noise protection (raindrops do not knock so hard on plastic).
Window fittings
Accessories must be steel, properly fitted. If you care about security, you can choose a special anti-burglar fittings. If you have small children, you can provide various window locking systems (removable handles, push-button locks, rotary function stops, mortise and patch locks, etc.).
You should also pay attention to the material of the seals. The most inexpensive (and short-lived) option is rubber seals, which are more reliable made of rubber and silicone, they are used in windows more expensive.

All measurements should be carried out exclusively by a specialist, the installation company. Never take measurements yourself. The best quality measurement can be made after removing the old window. After that, sketches are agreed with the measurer, which in the future will not be possible to change.
When concluding a contract with the installation company, you should pay attention to whether the contract includes standards by which windows are made and all the technical characteristics of the window. Also, the contract should contain warnings about the possible negative consequences of installing plastic windows, coordination of possible deviations from the standards. You need to pay attention to the timing of the work and the cost (whether it includes delivery, garbage collection, mounting foam and other useful bonuses).
The correctness of manufacture and installation also needs to be checked: make sure that the opening is prepared qualitatively, check the level and horizontalness of the box with a level. There should not be chips, scratches, dents on the window, there should be no dirt and condensation between the glasses. The window should open and close freely. Do not forget about the passport with warranty.
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